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The Darkest Evening of the Year pdf The Darkest Evening of the Year, ebook The Darkest Evening of the Year, epub The Darkest Evening of the Year, doc The Darkest Evening of the Year, e-pub The Darkest Evening of the Year, The Darkest Evening of the Year 1033c667201 With Each Of His New York Times Bestsellers, Dean Koontz Has Displayed An Unparalleled Ability To Entertain And Enlighten Readers With Novels That Capture The Essence Of Our Times Even As They Bring Us To The Edge Of Our Seats Now He Delivers A Heart Gripping Tour De Force He S Been Waiting Years To Write, At Once A Love Story, A Thrilling Adventure, And A Masterwork Of Suspense That Redefines The Boundaries Of Primal Fear And Of Enduring Devotion Amy Redwing Has Dedicated Her Life To The Southern California Organization She Founded To Rescue Abandoned And Endangered Golden Retrievers Among Dog Lovers, She S A Legend For The Risks She Ll Take To Save An Animal From Abuse Among Her Friends, Amy S Heedless Devotion Is Often Cause For Concern To Widower Brian McCarthy, Whose Commitment She Can T Allow Herself To Return, Amy S Behavior Is Far Puzzling And Hides A Shattering Secret No One Is Surprised When Amy Risks Her Life To Save Nickie, Nor When She Takes The Female Golden Into Her Home The Bond Between Amy And Nickie Is Immediate And Uncanny Even Her Two Other Goldens, Fred And Ethel, Recognize Nickie As Special, A Natural Alpha But The Instant Joy Nickie Brings Is Shadowed By A Series Of Eerie Incidents An Ominous Stranger A Mysterious Home Invasion And The Unmistakable Sense That Someone Is Watching Amy S Every Move And That, Whoever It Is, He S Not Alone Someone Has Come Back To Turn Amy Into The Desperate, Hunted Creature She S Always Been There To Save But Now There S No One To Save Amy And Those She Loves From Its Breathtaking Opening Scene To Its Shocking Climax, The Darkest Evening Of The Year Is Dean Koontz At His Finest, A Transcendent Thriller Certain To Have Readers Turning Pages Until Dawn

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    I wish I could say I liked this novel I mean, there were a lot of murderers and anarchists, there was the healing power of a golden retriever, and there was a mentally handicapped kiddo and some genuinely nice people who were our heroes.Unfortunately, it just doesn t stand out that much from any of Koontz s other novels No breakaway gimmick, no over the top message beyond treating dogs well Kids are a lesser priority, but let s face it, dogs are cuter It was almost as if I ve read this novel before Several times By the same author.I mean, there s absolutely no relationship between this and Watchers, right There isn t a dog in every single one of his novels, right There aren t psychos and anarchists and just plain murderers abounding in any of his other novels, right There aren t slightly flawed heroes and heroines suddenly propelled into situations way out of their league, right Sorry This one was pretty much straight Koontz formula Good for what it is, decent if you ve never read his stuff before, but don t expect to be blown away if you ve already been a fan.

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    HORRIBLE.This is an example of a writer writing simply to meet the deadline A mish mash of various things done previously bakes into a cake of laughable, eye rolling nonsense The characters are paper thin, the story reaches the level of low mediocrity at best, all of this is decorated in pseudo profundity and revealed truths coming both from good and bad characters dogs are better than people existence has no meaning etc etc etc.Dogs in this novellet s just say that the main character refers to her retriever as girl and thinks of her as her daughter, and at one point says that she couldn t love a child than a dog.The ending is the worst I ever read in a Koontz book, rivaled only by the one in The Eyes of Darkness The level of absurdity piled in this novel finally goes over the top, and the ship sinks to the bottom.I can t believe this comes from a man who wrote books like Intensity , Dragon Tears or The Face The Darkest Evening of The Year an uninspired romp, hack, whatever.If any writer other than DK tried to publish this, he would be turned down And rightfully so this is crap If you want a DK book with a dog, read Watchers compared to this it s a masterpiece.Avoid at all costs If you love Golden Retrievers, take one for a walk or donate some dollars to the pound instead of spending your money and time on this.

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    This was possibly not the best Dean Koontz book I have ever read but it was still very good Although it was not especially horrific I enjoyed the supernatural bits and managed to skim over the parts between Vanessa and her daughter which were just plain disturbing The story was excellent and fast paced and I loved all of the dogs This is an author whose books I always know I am going to enjoy and he has written so many I still have a lot of enjoyment to look forward to

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    This book made me wonder why Dean Koontz is a bestselling author The language is elementary and his overuse of metaphors I am talking about 1 2 in a paragraph made me feel insulted that I was reading a book that a 10 year old could understand It just shows the general intelligence of the American people isn t at an all time high I bought this book because the subject of dogs and animal shelters played a big role in the plot This subject interests me intensly, but even with that it was difficult for me not to throw the book in the corner and dive into something with context If you like Dean Koontz novels, then you will probably like this one as well However I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who wants to feel that their reading skills are being insulted and put to shame.

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    So far, I love this book The writing is so lyrical, so tight It s exactly how I want my writing to sound.Well, I finished the book, and I feel cheated by several things First, I read sometime ago that Dean Koontz doesn t consider himself to be a horror writer I ve read some of his other stuff, and it s sci fi creepy, but not horror This book contains some of the most gruesome things I ve ever read Okay, I don t read lots of horror, so maybe I don t even know what gruesome is The description of the crazy woman hobbling the writer in Stephen King s Misery was pretty gruesome to me This book contains a description of a character watching two people trapped in a burning house which this character set on fire as they succumb to the smoke and flames It s horrible This character also verbally abuses a Down Syndrome child, which I found to be disturbing The main character in this book rescues dogs from abusive situations, so I guess readers are supposed to see the connection between her rescuing the dogs and her eventual desire to rescue the child, but I expected this story to be heart warming, maybe, or at least not horrible I thought this book would be on my favorites list, but I can t say that now.Second, the ending seemed like a big cheat The entire book leads up to the confrontation between the character who rescues dogs and the character who burns people alive You know something horrible is going to happen, but suddenly there s some kind of angelic transformation on the part of the dog, which I realize now was foreshadowed, but still it caught me off guard, and I didn t seem like a realistic ending for the events in this novel All in all, I was disappointed I ll read another Koontz book to see if I m as disappointed with the plot Still, his writing is very lyrical and enjoyable.

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    Group Read June 2017 Notes Simple start for Dean s love of Golden Retrivers Carl Brockman crazy threatens his family Janet wife, Jimmy Theresa with a tire iron Amy Redwing Brian McCarthy enter to save them Amy is the hero with her love for Golden Retrievers, convinces Carl to sell his Golden Retriever, Nickie for 2,000 Outside, she calls 911, Brian s arrested, she takes Janet family to her neighbor s house Amy s Fred Ethel, become immediate friends with Nickie Brian McCarthy, an architect Amy are happy in love view spoiler Since college, Vanessa, alias Moongirl threaten Brian with 10 years of computer blackmails of their past love affair their Down syndrome daughter, Hope Brian s struggles failed Amy Brian help each other to get her back.Michael Cogland needed a wife baby to inherit family money Amy when 18 gave birth to their daughter, Nicole, and was able to run from her rich husband.Michael hired private investigators to track Amy She was an orphan adopted as Amy Harkinson, married as his wife, escaped changed her name to Amy Redwing Next, Billy Pilgrim is hired to clean Vanessa email trails to Brian that may expose a link between Amy Brian Finally, Billy, Michael Vennessa s hunt for Amy Brian ends With Amy Brian able to get married hide spoiler

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    Dogs, lives are short, too short, but you know that going in You know the pain is coming, you re going to lose a dog, and there s going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can t support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion There s such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price Maybe loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and the mistakes we make because of those illusions Dean Koontz, The Darkest Evening of the Year I know I knowthis is probably the most quoted portion of this book ever And I just did it too Well, there is a reason for that In those few sentences, Mr Koontz has summed up our love for dogs and their place in our hearts and homes I have never had someone speak my heart so well Now, the book A love story is at work here Amy rescues Golden Retrievers Brian is than a little in love with Amy But closely held secrets in both of their hearts are hindering their relationship from moving forward Enter Nickie, the latest of Amy s rescues Immediately it is clear that she is not just any dog Woman,man and dog embark on a quest that both cements their relationship and tests it to the limit As is typical of Koontz, both heroes and villains are larger than life Our heroes are ordinary people blessed with extraordinary abilities And the horrible villains are truly beyond the pale.I was horrified and disgusted by the depravity and touched to the depths of my soul by the innocence and love displayed Why then does this terrific work just get 4 stars Because I was cheated of the showdown between good and evil There was such build up to the the confrontation and then pff I went from heart pounding OMG to deflated huh Lastly, I listened to the audio version of this The narrator did a magnificent job giving voice to the many characters and I will look for her when shopping for my next audio book.

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    I love all of Dean Koontz s books But I especially love the ones with dogs in them Watchers remains my favorite of all his books, and Einstein is the reason we got a golden retriever The Darkest Evening of the Year involves a woman who rescues goldens and rehabilitates them, then finds new homes for them She has a dark secret in her past that she doesn t want to let into the light of day, not even to her closest friend and lover He has secrets of his own to protect.When they discover they re being followed, their apartments searched, the past comes back to bite them Together with three noble dogs, they must solve the mystery of who s after them, and what it has to do with one dog in particular, Nickie.Dean Koontz has the ability to hold you riveted to the page, never wanting to put the book down until it s done He weaves a gossamer spell with his words, so soft and silky you don t know you re trapped until you look at the clock and realize it s three a.m For anyone who hasn t yet read a Koontz book shame on you This is a great one to start with And after you read this one, go back and read Watchers I promise you ll be glad you did

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    Opening Line Behind the wheel of the Ford Expedition, Amy Redwing drove as if she were immortal and therefore safe at any speed I read THE DARKEST EVENING OF THE YEAR for a book club challenge although admittedly it had been sitting on my TBR shelf for a couple of years I was happy to finally find a reason to stop passing it over in favour of vampire romance and testosterone filled Navy Seals and get into a good horror novel Unfortunately I now wished I d left it sitting on the shelf because this was not in any way an enjoyable read and ultimately a real struggle to finish.To start with I didn t enjoy Koontz s style of writing, he seemed to take f o r e v e r and a whole lot of adjectives to get across what he was trying to say and I found myself skimming almost immediately just to get on with the story The pleasantly warm morning was freshened by a breeze as light as a caress, and the feathery fronds of queen palms cast shadows that resembled the plumed tails of the Golden s Um, yeah.For something in the horror genre I also found this to be very un scary, the plot revolving around reincarnation and weird feelings then anything truly horrifying Thankfully the chapters were short containing several alternating POV s, mostly involving hit men who all appeared to all be trying to kill each other The main antagonist, Moongirl was a nasty piece of work and our hero Amy Redwing had an interesting past that slowly got revealed however I never really got a feel for her either So I kept plugging along thinking this has to improve, Koontz is hugely popular, what am I missing Well upon completion I came away rather underwhelmed and realized I wasn t missing anything The only good thing in this story would have to be the Golden Retrievers which Koontz knows well and obviously loves His dog descriptions and mannerisms of the breed were spot on However I couldn t in good conscience even recommend this book to dog lovers, because the story was so convoluted and just plain painful to read Koontz also tended to get a little preachy when it came to describing abused dogs, euthanasia and puppy mills I m a dog owner and lover That s originally why I bought the book, for the dog on the cover And I understood the message he was trying to get across but I didn t need these facts thrown in my face every couple of chapters I get it, puppy mills bad, adopt from the pound, move on I also didn t appreciate the storyline involving a 10 year old girl with Down syndrome who s abused, called Piggy and threatened with being lit on fire That was WAY out of my comfort zone Although maybe meant to be the horror aspect I kept waiting for In the end I just wanted this to be over.

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    2007 Thoughts Enjoyed the book very much This book was very personal for Koontz as his Golden Retriever, Trixie passed away and the novel features a Golden Retriever hero named Nickie Koontz had his usual disability representative this time a little girl called Hope who has Downs Syndrome A great story in Koontz s trademark style of good vs evil and profound thoughts on life Better than The Good Guy great ending, beginning and everything in between 4 stars.2012 Thoughts The Darkest Evening of the Year, in which we worship the Golden Retriever I was getting really sick of this story but luckily it picked up about mid way, still TDEOTY does not rank among my favorites 3 stars.2017 Thoughts I think it s good to revisit a book once in a while It s interesting to see how perspectives change based on different situations that the reader finds their self in Aside from the obvious focus on Golden Retrievers and child abuse, I noticed the emphasize on pasts, patterns, eyes and lighthouses Yes, I admit this is among the weakest of Dean s novels and the ending was certainly fast and crazy My favorite quotes For some, the past is a chain, each day a link, raveling backward to one ringbolt or another, in one dark place or another, and tomorrow is a slave to yesterday. Opening page Maybe I ve got a secret admirer Has someone been sending you candy and flowers anonymously Secret admirers don t do that any, Renata These days, they kidnap you, rape you, and kill you with power tools Ending to Chapter 15 In the clockworks of Amy s heart, the key of terror wound the mainspring past the snapping point, and the scream that came from her was silent, silent, her lungs suddenly as airless as the world around her seemed to be, a vacuum in a vacuum. Chapter 57 Bad people succeed and good people fail, but that s not the end of the story Miracles happen that nobody sees, and among us walk heroes who are never recognized, and people live in loneliness because they cannot believe they are loved. Ending lines of the bookWorst passages upon completion of her business, the dog went directly to the back porch, up the steps, and to the door Chapter 8 Each time Amy dropped the leashes to blue bag the poop, Nickie respected a sit and stay command as reliably as did Fred and Ethel. Chapter 15

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