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Sweet Home Summer explained Sweet Home Summer , review Sweet Home Summer , trailer Sweet Home Summer , box office Sweet Home Summer , analysis Sweet Home Summer , Sweet Home Summer f155 Sometimes, Home Really Is Where The Heart Is Leaving Behind Her Hi Flying Career In London, Isla Brookes Has Had Enough Burnt Out And Tired Of An Unfulfilling Profession And Lousy Boyfriends, It S Time For Her To Go HomeArriving Back In Cosy Bibury To Stay With Her Grandmother, Bridget, Everything Is Charmingly Familiar Even Her Childhood Sweetheart, Ben, Is As Handsome As She Remembered And When She Discovers A Stack Of Long Forgotten Valentine S Day Cards, Isla, With The Help Of Ben, Begins To Realise Exactly What Is Most Important In Life

  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Sweet Home Summer
  • Michelle Vernal
  • 10 January 2017

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    4 Sweet Home Stars This book left me with a smile on my face and an urge to go visit New Zealand this is a book about going home, new beginnings, second chances, friendship, romance, and family all set in the quaint and charming small town of Bibury, New Zealand.Isla has returned home after living for 10 years in London she moves in with her grandmother Bridget who has a past that Isla knows nothing about. The majority of the book is set in present time following Isla as she builds a new life in her hometown and possibly rekindles an old romance or not We also got little snippets of Bridget s life in her late teens in the late 50s grandmother and granddaughter have in common than they ever knew..This was such an enjoyable read filled with such lovely characters characters you would want to become friends with sometimes it is nice just to read a peaceful book and enjoy the characters and the setting although there was even a bit of a twist at the end of this book and it worked nicely and it didn t alter my perception of the book or the characters.This is a perfect summer beach read although I spent half the time needing to remind myself that New Zealand s summer is our winter I have such a hard time correlating Christmas with summer and I live in California so no snow..Strongly recommend when you are in the mood for that fun beach read, with fabulous characters, and a lovely setting thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book

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    3.5 A Feel Good Romance Rounded up to 4 for Goodreads and Sweet Home Summer is a feel good read, that warmed my heart.I enjoyed reading this delightful book but I just felt it took a long time to get into the storyline.I couldn t connect to the characters straight away there was a fair amount of swapping and changing between time lines which I do enjoy.However there was a lot going on and the characters kept being introduced throughout the time lines I got a little confused.I found the flash backs for the grandmother Bridget made the story for me.I found myself drifting off to memories that my nan shared with me For example the dances My nan used to go dancing and jitter bugging with the soldiers.I enjoyed discovering Bridget s past.Bridget is a big character and by far my favourite She leads a busy lifestyle with playing Bowls, bingo etc. I hope i have her energy and zest for life when I m her age Bridget had me laughing out loud on many occasions throughout the book with her witty sense of humour and her fun personality.I think Bridget could have a story just on her own she was such a strong character.Overall this is a light hearted read that takes a fair while to get your hooks into.It s about family, drama, relationships, love, romance, new beginnings, humour.If you enjoy multiple time lines, chick lit reads, a slower paced read that comes into its own the you read.Then this is Definetly the book for you.Plus the cover for Sweet Home Summer is gorgeous I was instantly drawn to it.Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my blog website

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    Having read and devoured The Traveller s Daughter by Michelle Vernal last year, I jumped at the chance to read Sweet Home Summer Now first off, I have to mention that gorgeous cover, it s absolutely stunning It s so summery and just what I needed after the miserable UK winter Isla Brookes is in London working when she realises she has had enough She heads to a retreat in Los Angeles to chill out before returning to her home town of Bibury in New Zealand Isla moves back in with her grandmother Bridget and she tries to figure out what to do with her life.I absolutely adored this book, I found a lot of myself in Isla and I could relate to her so much I recently returned home from a few years in Australia and I fully understood some of the feelings and emotions you feel when coming back to your home country Nothing changes yet you are completely different after spending time on the other side of the world Even though I lived in Australia, I knew a lot of people from NZ so some of the terms and phrases Michelle uses I understood It was such a joy to read a book that is set in NZ, I don t think I ve read one yet Isla was someone who I felt I could be friends with and I was jealous of the friendship she made with Annie All of the characters I loved, Bridget was lovely and I loved some of the conversations she has with Isla and Mary I must admit I did fall for Ben, the handsome mechanic, I always do love a man who works with his hands ahem, carry on I loved the humour that was present throughout the book, at several times I was laughing out loud especially about Mary and her bronzer The town of Bibury itself was brilliant, it felt like it s own character at times and I could really picture what it was like there The way Michelle described Christchurch as well when Isla first visits as she hasn t been since that awful earthquake that happened was beautiful.Anyone who knows me will know I am a sucker for a split timeline story and I was so pleased that Michelle managed to slip in some split timeline It really added to the plot and explained a few things that happened in Bridget s past and to an extent explains why she is the way she is.I really hope we get to visit Bibury again in the future, I adored it and it was just a fabulous joy to be there If you re feeling a bit down with this miserable grey hue the UK has during winter, pick up this book and escape to NZ Absolutely stunning read.

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    This story did take me a while to get into, I got confused over where the character was as she seemed to flit all over the world as the locations changed leaving it feeling a little disjointed, but then it settled just as Isla did and I started to get a feel of what the book was about and where it was heading.There are a few characters in this book and I loved Bridget and she is such a wonderful sounding woman who made me chuckle on so many occasions There is a time slip element to this story as Bridget tells Isla of her life and some of the memories of the 1950 s You really get a good story from Bridget s perspective about the time, history of the town and life.Once the plot started to make itself known you begin to get an idea of what it is all about The community makes itself known in various ways as new plans and the way in which it rallies comes into play I did kind of know where the story was going before I got there but sometimes it s about the journey and I was taken through some really heartwarming moments as family truths and secrets were revealed Sometimes the past is best left there, other times it really does need to be confronted and accepted.This is a heartwarming and enjoyable read that takes you through the lives of two women and is a story I would recommend.

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    Sweet home summer by Michelle vernal.Isla brooms has had enough She is leaving london to stay with her grandmother in bibury This was a lovely feel good read I loved the story and the characters Couldn t put it down A must read 5

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    I can t put my finger on it, but I just didn t gel with this book at all I found it took over half the story before I actually started enjoying it, and from there on was where for me it became a good story I think part of it is there are a lot of characters, as there is a focus on Isla and her friends, Bridget her grandmother and her friends, and also the flash backs to Bridgets past with even characters introduced, plus of course the rest of their family too So the elements of the story I did enjoy I can t really specify as they are far enough in that it would be considered spoilers, but I did like the various relationships and the potential relationships that were in the small town of Bibury The story that Bridget tells about her past is ultimately tragic but still shocks too, and I did feel for her a bit For me though the best character was Carl who just added an extra dimension to any chapter he was in, His friendship with Isla and Annie meant there was a friendship group of six that had a great dynamic to it, and I enjoyed that element of the story I really had no idea what to expect from this story, and I can see that there are plenty of people that will love this, especially the look at small town life in New Zealand in the 1950s, with the mining communities , but I think I just read this over a few days where I perhaps was in the mood for something different Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Impulse for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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    love the cover for this book, it drew me in and the blurb sounded really good too I enjoyed the story but I did find it a little bit confusing at the outset as there were so many characters in the book but the I read and the further I got in to the story it all clicked for me and started to make sense and it became a really enjoyable book for me.It is a light hearted read and I have given it four stars an enjoyable read

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this Kiwi based story by Michelle Vernal, an author who seems to have a lovely knack for storytelling This is the second book by this author I have read and I am looking forward to reading novels by her Isla left small town New Zealand life behind her and escaped to the very big smoke of London, 10 years ago In the process she left all of her family and friends behind, including her first love, Ben After so long though, she is burnt out and escapes to California to find herself She then makes her way back to Bibury and back to the people who love her If I say any , I am worried that I am going to give away the whole plot.so I will stop here Needless to say, this is a clever and charming book This is truly a delightful story which so many people can no doubt relate to The fact that it is set in New Zealand, one of my favourite places in the world, adds to its charms So many threads in this family and community and one by one, the author ties them up in a really clever and lovely way This is a 4.5 star book Highly recommended

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    I read Michelle s previous book The Travellers Daughter and thoroughly enjoyed it, so was looking forward to reading her new one and I have to say it didn t disappoint I loved Islas story and couldn t wait to get home from work and carry on reading to find out what happened next Five stars.

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    A lovely feel good book This is the first book I ve read by this author and I loved her writing style.After a long term relationship ends and a short therapy retreat in L.A Isla leaves London and heads back home to a small rural town in New Zealand.Isla stays with her grandmother and she tries to restart her life again Meeting up with old friends and making new friends helps Isla to start making new plans.A chance discovery in her grandmother s house of old Valentine s cards and love letters, she decides to hatch a plan to bring couples together a matchmaker arrives at her door.Will she find a new love interest Her childhood sweetheart Ben has moved on but Isla still has regrets.Will everyone live happily ever after A great and easy book to read.

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