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    I ended up really getting into and enjoying this story, quite unexpectedly In the beginning the characters are pretty bland but about a third of the way in I was hooked This was a very solid story, surprisingly realistic in the way things play out.One question thoughwhy is there no magic in this MTG book

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    Really interesting in the context of the mtg universe

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    I always hesitate to re read a book I loved as a kid, out of fear that it won t stand up to an adult s consumption and retroactively diminish my childhood enjoyment But I remembered a few odd things about the book and wanted to re visit it I still love it This is, hands down, the best Magic novel It isn t as blatantly Magic as, say, Arena is Not that Arena is bad, it is also the best Magic novel in its own way There s maybe one paragraph that references specific cards explicitly aside from Hurloon minotaur.A bit of the plot view spoiler Ayesh is the last survivor of a country culture that was destroyed by goblin hordes Upon realizing that despite her best efforts, time will distort the knowledge of her people, she goes from depressed to suicidal, and goes off into the countryside to die fighting goblins Instead, she is captured by minotaurs to be used in a scientific and political battle Conservative minotaurs wish to follow a strict literal interpretation of their scripture and continue warring with the goblins Liberal minotaurs wish to try to essentially Uplift the goblins to the point where war is no longer inevitable and thus, violate scripture that pronounces goblins as vermin and infidels Ayesh s part in this is to help the uplift process by training the goblins in the ways of her people, a mix of meditation and martial arts hide spoiler

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    Reading this book was about nostalgia for me than anything else I played Magic a lot in the 90s, and this is one of the earliest Magic novels I d read many of those some pretty decent, most pretty bad , but never this one My coming across this copy is itself is a neat story.I stumbled upon this book while visiting my hometown and showing my wife around She s a librarian, so of course we had to see our local library They were having a book sale naturally , and this is where I found Ashes of the Sun Cool, I thought, brings back memories But I wasn t swayed to actually buy it until I saw that the half title page is signed by the author with a personal message For Marsha, if you re out there That made the book neat enough for me to take a real big shine to it.And so I read it, and it was a pretty decent story interesting, good action, all of that It does have some holes, though well, maybe just this one copy does, because pages 87 through 118 are replaced with a repeat of pages 55 through 86 This binding error, the signed nature of this copy, and the fact that there are numerous typos but only on the back cover blurb proper names misspelled, but consistently all make me wonder if this is in fact an author advance copy That s the kind of quirk that gives this book a special place in my heart.Though, if I ever met Marsha, I would gladly return the book to her if she desired And if I ever meet Hanovi Braddock pseudonym for Bruce Holland Rogers , I will kindly ask for a summary of chapters 10 through 14.

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    Ashes of the Sun is another quick and fun early MTG novel Hanovi Braddock s novel takes place in a land of Minotaurs and Goblins and Humans, where each race believes itself superior and none understand the others The story has a pretty good plot with danger and excitment and as with nearly every fantasy book plenty of fighting The characters in this book are what really stand out though Not your typical heroes here, but characters with their own unique personalities and flaws Ayesh is a stubborn human who knows that she is right about everything in the world and will not back down from anyone Tlik is an educated goblin who sees falt in everyone but himself Zhanrax is a powerful minotaur who could never accept equality with others races or creatures Throughout the story, these characters make decisions and act in very believable and realistic ways By creating these characters, Braddock has made a point about real life human behavior and politics that will make you laugh and cringe.

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