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Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction files Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction , read online Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction , free Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction , free Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction , Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction 85f47acd0 If You Like Your Fiction Entwined With Fact Faction , This Second Collection Of Flash Fiction Less Than Words Per Story Is For You Some Of The Stories Featured Here Were Award Winning Entries In The Weekly Flash Fiction Challenges Sponsored By The Website Indies Unlimited Other Tales Were Inspired By Or Drawn From The Short Stories Found In Cohen S The Road Less Taken A Collection Of Unusual Short Stories, Books And , Or From Some Of His Mystery Thrillers Even Were Inspired By Interesting Or Unusual Photographs Found On The Internet In Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction, Flash Fiction Anthology Book , You Ll Find A Tale About World War II That May Make You Wonder Whether Or Not What You Are Reading Is Fiction The Lowdown On The First Selfie Ever Taken An Intellectual Conversation At The Shore Between A Dog And An Elephant While They Observe A Formation Of Canadian Geese And A Story About A Tarot Card Reading That Comes To A Troubling Conclusion In Short Pun Intended , There Is Something In This Book For Almost Every Genre And Taste

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    Seventy three pictures in Ted Cohen s capable hands leads to hours of entertainment They are diverse provocative, poignant, or hilarious Each story is a riot of feelings, small stories that tug alternately at your heart or your funny bone Sometimes they contain famous people like Einstein, Sinatra, or Capone, other times, it the everyday people, the ones stranded in the dust bowl or with the enemy on the other side of the hedge No matter, each is a careful slice of life to be savored in the richness of Cohen s prose and enjoyed over and over again.

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    Wide Variety of People, Time Periods, Cultures, Events, Vehicles, and Buildings All Ending with ZingersThese are multigenre fiction nonfiction based on true events and photos, with witticisms, clever wordplay, puns, and sudden changes of perspective It is full of surprises This is such a fun read, especially when you get to the endnotes and learn even about the background of many of the stories Blues Radio and Jim Crow situation, Paris 1806, a crowd of paroled prisoners come to an untimely end, changing oil, never seeing a sweetheart after graduation, Alice in Wonderland, famous quotes woven into some of the stories, the Titanic, orchestra music, Al Capone, child chimney sweeps, bowling shoes, a French roadster for 2850, and an adorable baby fairy I want to adopt There is even , and it is like comedy but includes higher level thinking Highly recommend

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    Theodore Jerome Cohen 60, MS 61, PhD 66AuthorFrom the author If you like your fiction entwined with fact faction , this collection of flash fiction less than 250 words per story is for you Theodore Jerome Cohen is an award winning author who has published than ten novels all but one of them mystery thrillers two short story anthologies, and one Young Adult YA mystery thriller written under the pen name Alyssa Devine During his 45 year career he has worked as an engineer, scientist, CBS Radio Station News Service RSNS commentator, private investigator, and Antarctic explorer What he s been able to do with his background is mix fiction with reality in ways even his family and friends have been unable to unravel A few of the stories featured here, in Book 2 of the series Flash Fiction Anthologies, were award winning entries in the weekly Flash Fiction Challenges sponsored by the Website Indies Unlimited Others are based on or inspired by Cohen s fictionalized autobiography, Full Circle, and his Det Louis Martelli, NYPD, series of mystery thrillers Most, however, are the product of his creative mind, prompted by an endless stream of provocative photographs of people, animals, buildings, and landscapes found on a variety of Internet sites Specifically, in this volume, you ll find a tale about World War II that may make you wonder whether or not what you are reading is fiction the lowdown on the first selfie ever taken an intellectual conversation at the shore between a dog and an elephant while they observe a formation of Canadian geese and a story about a tarot card reading that comes to a troubling conclusion In short pun intended , there is something in this book for almost every genre and taste.

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