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    i first encountered this book at a friends house in about 1974 it was a book you flicked through whilst waiting for someone to skin up a joint it was widely available i found it in other friends houses too i would always flick through find something interesting thought provoking it is a book to stimulate thinking although it was usually in the possession of people who liked to toke it was a different time than is now it would be beyond the reach of the average modern day english toker they have their brains addled by an inferior product so understanding or contemplating the possibilities in this catalogue would be most likely out of the question except perhaps amongst the psytrance fraternityi recently managed to get a copy on ebay re reading section now as a non toker it is just as thought provoking mind expanding as it was when i was a teenager i shall keep dipping in outi shall leave you with the concepts of panspermia directed panspermia

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