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TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history pdf TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history, ebook TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history, epub TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history, doc TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history, e-pub TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history, TO PIXAR AND BEYOND. My unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history ecc08a9cadf Pixar , Pixar , Pixar,

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    I don t really read business books, but I loved this Levy s story is a really well told personal narrative about bridging the gap between art and commerce, and anyone who s seen a Pixar movie in the last twenty years will find something of value here Now if you ll excuse me, I have some borderline miraculous movies to go re watch.

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    Siempre he cre do que Pixar trajo una alegr a especial al mundo a trav s de su capacidad de conectarse con la audiencia Aciertos como Toy Story y Bichos una aventura en miniatura fueron pilares de mi infancia y me llevaron a creer en un mundo nuevo en el que todo es posible Lawrence Levy toma la magia de Pixar y muestra los detr s de escena de su xito Su emocionante historia captura el ciclo de vida de Pixar, ya que va desde una empresa al borde del fracaso hasta la mejor compa a de animaci n del mundo Escribe sobre sus experiencias con Steve Jobs, pero no desde el lente tradicional que hemos visto en los ltimos a os El papel de Levy en Pixar lo coloca en una posici n en la que necesita encontrar un equilibrio entre los deseos de Steve y lo que cree que es mejor para la empresa y sus empleados.Captura la transici n de la compa a con la elegancia de las pel culas de Pixar Encontr el equilibrio perfecto de los antecedentes comerciales y una historia cautivadora Una cosa que respeto mucho sobre el libro es su capacidad de relaci n con todos Para aquellos que no tienen una base de conocimiento empresarial, Levy cre la historia con desgloses de algunos de los temas comerciales m s importantes Pixar tiene una historia incre ble que el mundo necesita escuchar, y Levy hace eso.

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    I don t typically read business books, but Lawrence Levy s book, To Pixar and Beyond isn t a typical business book There s a warm, lovable fuzziness to it that is, in my mind, antithetical to the typical business ethos It s a jarring cognitive dissonance, for me, at least.It may help to explain my hatred of the business world I believe that the MBAification of the world started about fifty years ago when colleges and universities across the country started downplaying humanities and started emphasizing pro capitalist pro big business agendas and curriculum The Arts were quickly being replaced with the Art of the Deal.Subsequently, a business model began being applied to fields to which such models had previously never been applied nor should have been applied education, health care, church administration Arguably, this has destroyed the very foundation of these fields and has created many problems than it has solved.It has created an education system that is floundering miserably in this country, as a strong anti public education campaign led by conservative politicians has led to entire school systems failing kids in droves while diverting federal funds from public schools to private and charter schools, which have repeatedly been proven by study after study to be completely ineffectual and or detrimental to student learning.It has created a health care system run not by doctors and health care workers but by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies a system that only the wealthy or those willing and able to pay enormous premiums can afford to use while those with no insurance or limited insurance are literally dying because of their lack of access.It has created megachurches who feed off the weak minded, allowing some pastors to bring in incomes rivalling CEOs of small companies, while cutting ministries and programs that have historically helped the community by offering food aid, clothing, and shelter to the homeless and the poor Business has created a country ruled by politicians ruled by money, who worship at the feet of Mammon, who care nothing for the people beneath them.Business has created a society guided by greed, where compassion and empathy are signs of weakness, where helping the environment and saving people s lives are not cost effective, and where bullying is a legitimate tactic to get ahead in the workplace, in classrooms, in relationships, in politics.Business enabled Trump to become our president elect So, yeah, I basically hate the business world, and I pretty much have no respect for people with MBAs I truly believe that they are ruining the world.Then I read To Pixar and Beyond about a company owned by one of the most famous business assholes in the world Steve Jobs who calls in a gasp corporate lawyer to save this company, which by all rights should have folded years ago, and take it public.And I enjoyed it A business book A book chock full of ridiculous business terms like stock options and IPOs and profit motive A book in which the narrator is a stinkin corporate lawyer.Damn you, Levy, for making me like you And making me kind of like Steve Jobs And for educating me on how start up companies work And for saving Pixar No, seriously, thanks a hella ton for that last point I love Pixar My wife and I own every single Disney Pixar movie ever made, on VHS, DVD, and blu ray My three year old daughter has grown up loving the Toy Story movies and the Cars movies and Finding Nemo and Finding Dory and Brave and, well, all of them.Pixar is one of the only Hollywood studios doing anything even remotely original and unique While Hollywood churns out sequel after sequel or remake after remake or some obscure comic book adaptation of a superhero nobody has ever heard of or a big budget epic film based on a video game, Pixar actually makes movies in which story and character development actually matter.Which is why Levy s story is so fascinating and, well, almost suspenseful, because the little computer animation company that could was almost the little computer animation company that never was.Levy starts the book with the phone call in 1994 that changed his life, literally Jobs had acquired Pixar in the late 80s from George Lucas s Lucasfilm He had hoped to turn it into a revolutionary imaging computer and software company, but it had gone nowhere When Levy was asked by Jobs to join the Pixar team as the chief financial officer, he found a company on the brink of going under Any other CEO would have pulled the plug years before, but Jobs saw something special in Pixar Over a short amount of time, Levy did as well.Pixar had everything riding on the success of their first full length computer animated motion picture, Toy Story , which was a few storyboards and about 20 minutes of a very early stages scene when Levy joined.Jobs and Levy had extraordinary confidence and faith in the brilliance and creativity of the Pixar team, led by John Lasseter.Unfortunately, the company needed funding, and the best way to do that was to go public.There was also the issue of a convoluted contractual agreement worked out between Pixar and Disney s then CEO, Michael Eisner, who was notorious for his lackluster and some would say disastrous mismanagement of Disney To Pixar and Beyond should not be a book that I found fascinating or endearing in any way, but I did, and I m glad I read it.It gave me faith and hope that not all businesses are bad, that not all business people are assholes and not all companies are evil, soul sucking monstrosities bent on world domination and or destruction.I still think the majority of them are, though Just sayin

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    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book I am not typically interested in business or finance at all, but the writing was high quality and the mix of story levels was just enough Not too much business stuff to bog down but enough that I could understand and follow along It was also a really nice mix of personal and big picture, so that I felt like I was getting to know the people involved without being invasive or snooping My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is the last few chapters Part IV I completely understand why they were included, and I don t have a complaint about the theoretical reason for doing so, but, mostly because of the drastic change in tone and seeming need to get through that section quickly, for me the story ended with the sale of Pixar, and I didn t really gain anything from following the author s journey after that point It may have been the why of writing the book, but it was both not deep enough to be truly meaningful and too deep to appeal to the same audience as the rest of the book Part IV gets a poor rating as a result it just wasn t as developed as the rest of the book and felt disconnected Part I through III were, on the other hand, addictive and very much worth reading.

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    4 stars for the first three parts 2 stars for the last part.

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    In my eyes, Pixar brought joy to the world through their ability to connect with the audience Moves such as Toy Story and A Bug s Life were pillars of my childhood, pulling me into a new world where anything is possible Lawrence Levy takes the same magic of Pixar and shows you the behind the scenes of its success His thrilling story captures Pixar s lifecycle as it goes from a company on the brink of failure to arguably the best animation company in the world He writes of his experiences with Steve Jobs, but not from the traditional lens that we have seen in the last few years Levy s role at Pixar without giving anything away puts him in a position where he needs to find a balance between Steve s desires and what he believes is best for the company and its employees.He captures the transition of the company with the elegance of Pixar movies themselves It struck the perfect balance of business background and a captivating story One thing I highly respect about the book is its relatability for everyone I come from a business background, and bonded with the twists of the IPO For those who don t have a business knowledge base, Levy crafted the story with breakdowns of some of the larger business topics Pixar has an amazing story the world needs to hear, and Levy does just that Steve Jobs brings a unique lens to the book, but it really is the whole experience of his journey that makes the it great, from the battle of the IPO, to his transition into the world buddhist meditation at Juniper, and The Middle Way.Pixar captures the essence of storytelling for everyone to understand, bond and connect with In the same Pixar fashion, Levy has created something that will leave you with moments of pure joy, frustration, sorrow, and excitement If you are on the edge of buying To Pixar and Beyond , take the leap Buy it, read it, fall in love with the company, and be prepared to watch Toy Story when you finish, trust me, you ll thank me later.

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    I read a lot of business books and I often walk away from the book feeling like the business leader was kind of stupid You won t feel like that with this book He is the smartest person in the room, but has a gift for explaining complex issues with clarity and understanding that many issues are complicated and not easily wrapped in tidy bows He is a good writer, it s a great story and the only reason it doesn t get five stars is the end of the book, where it gets too new age for me Don t let that stop you its a great read.

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    Levy has a very unique experience with Pixar so of course I wanted to read this But this is an extremely individualized account and mainly speaks of the finances and the business aspects of Pixar I am interested in the creative movie creation aspect so this bored me a little.If you want to read an all encompassing book about EVERYTHING Pixar, I recommend The Pixar Touch the making of a company I appreciate this man s experience but the book bored me.

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    3.5 stars If Ed Catmull s Creativity Inc was the heart story of Pixar, this is the head story A fast paced, nuts and bolts business story about how CFO Lawrence Levy signed on to a company struggling to find its way to infinity and beyond.Oh, and there s some rather reasonable Steve Jobs in here.

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    , , a bug s life 1998 .

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