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  • Hardcover
  • 322 pages
  • Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics)
  • Michael Burns
  • English
  • 11 December 2019
  • 9780304350520

10 thoughts on “Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics)

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    This book was rather to technical and tactical for me I was hoping for something biographical in terms of character and personality beyond the flying ace.In the extensive descriptions of air battles I found it quite hard to visualise what was going on and getting a bit frustrated with it this is probably my own fault and if I had stuck with it, I am sure I would have learned but eventually I started to skip fairly large chunks of the book at which point it seems better to give it up and find another book that gives me what I am looking for.

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    A brilliant biography about an exceptional human being Exciting close up and personal views of the fighter plane action in great detail plus the inevitable politics of war Bader is a real boys own hero, you could not really make him up as a fictional character, he would not have been credible, but it is that in essence that makes him an outstanding figure of the air war The man with no legs that led the Battle of Britain and determines air fighter tactics for the RAF If there is a criticism to be made, the book is a little too well researched and comprehensive in its detail to be the great story it could be Nonetheless I am proud to have read of this man and his achievements and his mistakes.

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    I enjoyed most of the book Some parts were even exciting, as you d expect of stories of air battles etc However, I found the frequent use of acronyms and other labels made many paragraphs unintelligble, or at least difficult to read In a sense, it made for speed reading because I skipped an awful lot of unneeded information.Still, the author does reveal much of Bader s personality and his strengths weaknesses, as well as his successes and those of his men.

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    Lots of good information, but not well written overall I felt like I was reading an official after action report for long segments at a time.

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Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics)characters Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics), audiobook Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics), files book Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics), today Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics), Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics) d3742 This Fine Example Of Painstaking Research, Insight And Highly Readable Narrative Was First Published Four Years Ago To Much Critical Acclaim Newly Available In Paperback, It Offers A Detailed Reappraisal Of The Wartime Career And Tactical Legacy Of The Legendary Douglas BaderBader S Early Years At Cranwell And The Crash That Left Him Crippled Are Well Known, And Only Part Of This Study The Author Concentrates On How Bader Turned A Battle Weary Canadian Hurricane Squadron Into An Elite Unit That Became The Focus Of The Big Wing , And The Narrative Fully Covers This Ongoing Controversy Bader Criticized Existing Battle Of Britain Tactics Believing A Better Result Would Be Possible By Concentrating A Large Force Before Meeting Luftwaffe Attacks These Theories Are Here Firmly Placed In The Perspective Of RAF Fighter And Wing Practices More Important Is How Bader Used The Tactical Insight Of The Wing, Transformed RAF Fighter Tactics And Instructed His Men In The New Art Of Air FightingThis Book Shows How They Benefitted From Bader S Teaching And Developed As Outstanding Leaders And Tacticians In Combat Environments, And Is An Interesting Contribution To The History Of Air History

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