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    I flew to the States to attend MAGWEST and the Crunchyroll Expo was next door While I m not into anime or manga much, I love graphic novels and comics and was blown away by the indie selection in the merch section.I bought this one volume purely based on the cover, and now I wish I d bought the complete collection This Sydney gal will be finding out how to get them shipped soon The graphics are wonderful and the story is fun something like Bone meets Saga.

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    Okay, I m going to be up front here I am horribly biased about this book. Smudge is my roommate, and has been a very good friend of mine for yeesh, that long now This is a collection of short stories that form a series that is published in the furry anthology Furrlough It started as a one off project, and you can see the transition from just a simple little story to the bigger story of the entire series in the nineteen stories herein What starts as a little moral tale on romance expands into a wide ranging tale of medieval rabbit politics with magical duels, plotting churchrats, and a conquering empire.Sadly, there is a misprint that was detected too late where a page got duplicated over another page If you get a hold of this book in a bookstore, please contact Backbreaker.com, and we ll be glad to get you a replacement page Lastly, there is a wonderful introduction provided by Batton Lash of Supernatural Law.

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Ebin And May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile download Ebin And May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile, read online Ebin And May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile, kindle ebook Ebin And May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile, Ebin And May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile 7ddad2ce294d Prince Ebin Thought He Had Finally Put His Life Back Together After The Loss Of Both His Kingdom And His Royal Family To Emperor Houman Of The Felious Empire He Feels At Peace In His Adopted Kingdom Of Sirius, But Houmann Has Finally Turned His Eyes On Ebin S New Homeland