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    Oh my gosh I ve been waiting for this book, since I read in one of Beverley Oakley Eikli s blogs that she was going to follow up the wonderful Miss Brightwell s series with a story about young Katherine and Jack I just LOVE this series The women are a deliciously scandalous and the men well just plain delicious And The Accidental Elopement certainly delivers on that promise Katherine is a wonderful, strong and vibrant and desperate to explode onto the London scene to find the perfect husband, until she realises that perfect husband is Jack, the foundling boy who she s had at her beck and call for as long as she s memories But he s grown into a man of courage and conviction and Katherine s timing is terrible as fate seems tipped to keep these two apart Seven years later, they have a second chance but it seems like everything is stacked against the star crossed lovers this book kept me hanging until the very last page but the agony of not knowing the twists and turns until they were on me made it the most splendid adventure.

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    This is one of the BEST books that I have read in quite some time.I had to force myself to put it down at 2 30 this morning and, I finished it about an hour and a half ago.This book is full of deception, heartbreak, greed and, a conquering love I highly recommend it to any historical romance enthusiast.

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    Years after Devil s Run we learn how things turned out for foundling Jack and his childhood friend Katherine Katherine is still a bit impetuous Little George still behaves as a spoiled child From the writing the reader can sense something is going to go wrong Oh If only the characters would have the guts to honestly admit their feelings Recommend

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    A Second Chance RomanceJack and Katherine are in love, but due to a tragedy of errors, Katherine marries the wrong man After seven years in the West Indies, Jack returns Katherine is widowed, but Jack promised to marry another woman Does their love stand a chance Read the book and find out what happens.

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    Rating the seriesIt s an entertaining read with the characters crossing over between books I did notice quite a few typographic errors in all the books which made it a little confusing at times with who and where the characters were in relationship to others.

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    LoveThis book was fantastic Couldn t put it down Love wins in the end Childhood sweethearts that make it through twists and turns as they grow older and in love.

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    Book 4Have enjoyed this series Great plot and characters which will keep you turning pages Hope there are to come.

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