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    Received the book in a Giveaway RATINGS 4.7You know the feeling of reading a book, fully engrossed and yet puzzled by it even in the end not knowing what it was that just clicked for you and made you feel deeply connected to every single person in it Well, I just experienced it, and frankly, find it quite baffling myself A novel where not much seems to happen, but a lot happens, that s what it feels like.The story resolves around Fraterhouse, a place of learning in the capital of India, Delhi, and the people who belong to it Told from a wide range of perspectives, it enfolds readers into the world of the ancient college, one where a lot many things happen in the background along with its highly acclaimed education A of a central figure in these events is our main protagonist, Nirmal, who is quite the charming enigma till the end, but one who is also at war with himself Focused around the time of change, the author has produced quite a beautiful piece, bringing the characters to life in magnificent ways.In all, a wonderful read, for old and young a book which provides a perspective that s quite intriguing by far.

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FRATERHOUSE download FRATERHOUSE , read online FRATERHOUSE , kindle ebook FRATERHOUSE , FRATERHOUSE 6bf3e2f57046 Fraterhouse, A College Originally For Men But Now Co Educational, Was Founded In The S By A Group Of Scholars From A Monastic Order Based In Oxford In Independent India The Links With Oxford Inevitably Grew Tenuous Those Among The Teachers Who Were English Left The Links With Oxford Were Not, However, Severed A Trust Set Up By A Former Banker Who Had Worked In India , The Nicholls Trust, Regularly Sent Out Two Lecturers From Oxford For Terms That Could Last Four YearsThe Story Is Mainly Of Nirmal Hazra A Distinguished Product Of The College, Of His Disastrous Involvement, In His First Years As A Teacher, With Aishani Mitra, A Student Of His Growing Interest In Emily Desanges, One Of The Nicholls Trust Scholars Of James Ellis, The Other Nicholls Scholar, Deeply Interested In Sanskrit Literature, Who Falls In Love With Amanda Murray, A Diplomat In The UK High CommissionAs The Seasons That Make Up A Year Change, So Do The Stories Of The Persons Linked To Fraterhouse Some End, But Are Renewed In Other Forms, Like The Seasons Only The College Endures