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    Not as good as the first of Caroline Fyffe s Colorado Hearts series This was a nice listen and I enjoyed the characters and seeing the sisters become closer to fulfilling their dreams and falling for handsome men to boot.This was an enjoyable listen for me and I look forward to the next in the series A new reader to Ms Fyffe s novels, I won t hesitate to continue to support this author.3 Stars

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    True Hearts Desire Colorado Hearts Book 2 is by Caroline Fyffe This series of three books centers around the Brinkman sisters of Eden, Colorado Their Father had run the ranch along with Blake Harding for many years while his wife had taken the girls back east where it was safer for them Unscrupulous friends had taken the girls in but intercepted his letters and payments and convinced the girls that he had wanted nothing to do with an of them Upon his death, the girls were notified they had to come to Eden to sign the paperwork This gave them of the estate and Blake the other The girls had to stay on the land for 6 months before it was clear Or, they could choose to take money for their share and the ranch belonged to Blake They chose to stay on the ranch In addition, they were each given a business in town to run Lavinia was very upset She had hurt her eye and was unable to attend Belle and Blake s wedding Just as Karen, who helped at the hotel, came to tell h er she was leaving for the wedding, Karen noticed a man getting out of the stage She was delighted that the new doctor had come in time If he could ease the pain and get her ready, she would be able to do her bridesmaid s job She was so delighted she kept introducing him to the townspeople but she was not quite right, he was not the doctor Rhett Laughlin had come to Eden to open a caf His brother Shawn had wanted to do that before his death Shawn had read three articles in the newspaper about the Brinkman girls and thought they would bring life into the town However, these articles told lots of minute details about the girls, including some that were embarrassing Rhett showed these to the sheriff and he and the girls lawyer began an investigation as to who had given that information to the press Would the rest of the girls find happiness in Eden as Belle did Was there a man for each of them

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    Another fun escape into the old American west Ms Fyffe has created such a lovely family of sisters with a creatively delightful twist Lavinia s character was a bit hard for me to like at times with her dog headed determination to leave even when everything screams for her to stay and Rhett s reasons and attempts at becoming a restaurant owner landed way outside the common sense fence but it was still an absolutely delightful read as we watched these two work their way from embarrassed and uncomfortable acquaintances to the heart warming couple they became.

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    This is the second book in Colorado Hearts series and it definitely is best if its read as a series While the second book does go over why the five sisters have all come to Colorado, I felt this book was all the richer for having read the first book Caroline Fyffe does a wonderful job recreating the American West and writing a story that you just can t help to get involved with This book mainly focuses on Lavinia but there is some progress on each of the sister s stories as well Not exactly sure who the focus of the next book will be but I m definitely looking forward to stories set in Eden..

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    I enjoyed the story of these 5 sisters making a way for themselves and their loved ones In the beginning I was having a hard time keeping all the of sisters straight There was so much information As I got further along I was able to piece things together Maybe I should have read book 1 first and that would have helped me to keep in line I especially liked the story of Rhett and Lavinia.

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    LIFE IN EDEN WAS AN ADVENTUREOnce again, Ms Caroline Fyffe has taken her readers on a roller coaster ride in this emotional journey of family, loss, secrets, new beginnings and love The story has brought the five Brinkman sisters back to Eden, Colorado, where they were born, from their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania They must all agree to spend six months in Eden to inherit according to the will left by their father, John Brinkman.The story will start with the wedding of Belle Brinkman to Five Sisters ranch foreman, Blake Harding But a problem has happened as Lavinia was placing flowers, a piece of one will hit her in her eye Now Lavinia is at the hotel in pain, and it s time for the wedding The stagecoach arrives, and it is thought that the new town doctor is on it Rhett Laughlin has moved to Eden, Colorado to open a restaurant and to try and fulfill his late brother, Shawn, dream What a shock to be pulled in the hotel, and up the stairs to try and remove something from a ladies eye She keeps referring to him as the doctor and insistent on his help, and not allowing him to clarify who he really is It s time to make some changes His own future had yet to be determined The plot of the story will be riddled with embarrassment, mystery, suspense, danger, secrets, dreams, and romance Once the truth about who Rhett Laughlin is, Lavinia is mortified at what happened Then to learn that a newspaper in San Francisco has been running weekly tell all features about the Brinkman sisters has the girls upset, but the one person that they trust like a sister may be the source That will lead to accusations, hurt feelings, and a riff in a lifelong friendship Keep in mind, though everyone has a skeleton or two in their closets The town of Eden is seeing an influx of new arrivals, and some overheard conversations lead to danger Lavinia will risk safety to learn and then find herself lost in a heavily wooded area She is lucky that Rhett noticed her heading to the meadow where she gathers flowers But what she tells him will have him and the town leaders on alert Some things are powerful than fear Lavinia s plans were placed on hold when she and her sister went to Eden, and now that the six month time period is nearly up, she has the opportunity to return to Philadephia and apprentice under a famous millinery Her heart and mind are pulling her in two directions, one to pursue her dream, the other to remain near her sisters and the town she loves Will a harrowing experience and rescue change her mind or maybe a letter be the eye opener she needs While the story has all five sisters and other key people in the town, this one mainly focuses on nineteen year old Lavinia and the friendship she develops with Rhett Together, they have a way of bringing out the best in each other without judgment, and along the journey, they are falling in love I think she would have made her father very proud The greatest legacy she can leave is to continue in the direction she is going I ve never been surer of anything in my life You make my heart sing Why would I ever want to be anywhere else But the watcher knows Our life is only beginning.

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    Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by NetgalleyReview originally posted at Romancing the Book True Heart s Desire picks up where Heart of Eden, the first book in the Colorado Hearts series, leaves off We are again in Eden, Colorado in the late 1800 s with the Brinkman sisters, Blake who is their brother in law and Belle s husband and others we ve met before along with some newcomers This time Lavinia is front and center and keeps us on our toes She first meets Rhett when her sister drags him to her hotel room thinking he s the new doctor in town He plays along so Lavinia can attend her oldest sister s wedding after he flushes out her eye and reduces the pain but lies of omission are still lies especially considering how she acted and what she was wearing It only got interesting from there.The story flowed smoothly between the town, the woods, forest, meadow, ranch and all the characters There were a few stories being told and they tied in nicely The characters had a depth to them especially those who had secrets to hide As the story unfolds we are reminded of the primitiveness of the times and also the lawlessness The sister s lives and those of the ranch hands, the sheriff, the lawyer and others are intertwined and many go back to the relationship with the sisters deceased father, whom they were estranged from through no fault of his or theirs They all have their hopes and dreams, most tied in with their inheritances of businesses previously owned by their father, but others not Lavinia is torn since she feels a connection with Rhett but also a pull back to Philadelphia where they were raised.There were emotional moments I laughed and cried and couldn t wait to see what would happen next The pages turned quickly far into the night There were family and friends, reminisces, hurt, sorrow, lies, anger, sadness, illegal activities, accidents, horses, Rhett s dog, dreams fulfilled, love and affection and confidences along with a few twists and turns The descriptions of the land, the food, the water, the meadow and the mountains made me feel like I was there It was nice how their father was woven throughout the story even though he had died There is a happily ever after or two in the offing but I can t wait to be back in Eden once again.True Heart s Desire is another five star read from Fyffe I can t wait to read in this series as well as some of her other historical romances.Favorite Quote Crossing the meadow to the stand of rainbow colored grand buckwheat, as well as the plentiful supply o f alyssum, she began to carefully snap off stems of both Within the forest, a ray of sun glimmered on a deer trail she d not noticed before Blake had talked about hidden falls somewhere up this way, and how much their father had loved spending time there, thinking about his girls, praying they d return.

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    This book is the second in the Colorado Hearts series about Five sisters which return from Philadelphia to their birth place in Colorado after their father dies.I would recommend that the books be read in order of the series as it would be a little difficult to really get a good understanding of what has happened leading up to the second book.I do enjoy the writings of Caroline Fyffe as they are good clean fun and the characters are fun and exciting to follow

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    The story of Lavinia Brinkman, one of the five sisters, and Rhett Laughlin from San Francisco, California and his faithful companion Dallas This book gives you so much laugher, some tears, and lots of smiles Rhett wants to open a restaurant in the town of Eden Can he do it Rhett has a lot of sadness in his heart, decisions to be made and details to work out As soon as he gets off the stagecoach he is whisked away to help a lady in distress Lavinia In the days to follow, because of a circumstances and misunderstandings, Lavinia is embarrassed, angry and hurt Of course, she also can t stop thinking of the handsome Rhett.Lavinia loves creating beautiful ladies hats and she manages and runs the hotel and its restaurant She loves to pick flowers in the meadow and Rhett loves the peacefulness of the meadow Lavinia has falling in love with Rhett s dog Dallas and so did I Will they admit their feelings for one another The town is growing and a lot of great things will come out of this, but will trouble also follow Will Rhett be able to let go of his sadness and live for the future and still have room for Lavinia Can Lavinia stay out of trouble Will Rhett be able to keep Lavinia safe I highly recommend this Second Book in the Colorado Hearts Series Caroline Fyffe has never disappointment me in her writings, and I personally cannot wait for Book Three Remember, we have three sisters to read about Come join us by enjoying True Heart s Desire You wont regret it

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    Read my review on Romancing the Book.com by clicking on the link below

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True Hearts Desire (Colorado Hearts, #2) download True Hearts Desire (Colorado Hearts, #2) , read online True Hearts Desire (Colorado Hearts, #2) , kindle ebook True Hearts Desire (Colorado Hearts, #2) , True Hearts Desire (Colorado Hearts, #2) 23c2bcfecabf USA Today Bestselling Author Caroline Fyffe Invites You Back To Eden, Colorado, Where Five Sisters Have Inherited The Town And Are Winning Over Men S Hearts One By OneSince Their Father S Death Summoned Lavinia Brinkman And Her Four Sisters To Eden, Colorado, Lavinia Has Been Content With Her New Life Well, Almost Lavinia S Heart S Desire Creating The Elaborate Hats She Loves Doesn T Belong In This Small Town How Can She Choose Between The Life She Has And The Life She Wants Especially When She S So Utterly Vexed By The Handsome Scoundrel Who S Just Arrived In EdenRhett Laughlin Intends To Fulfill A Dream And Open A Profitable Restaurant In The Growing Town Instead, He S Marched Right Into Trouble With One Of Eden S Most Eligible Bachelorettes But As Much As Lavinia Brinkman Is Making Things Difficult, Rhett Can T Keep Himself From Thinking About HerWith Every Spirited Encounter, The Animosity Between Rhett And Lavinia Is Starting To Look A Lot Like Attraction And The Town Of Eden Is About To Discover What Happens When These Rivals Find What Truly Lies In Their Hearts