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    A book about an aspect of World War II that I knew little about the opposition of certain elements in Vichy to the Allies, and the fighting between Vichy and the Allies This is of a political book in that the fighting is dealt with adequately, but not in great detail, but I did learn about the goings on at Dakar and in Syria than I knew before Reasonably written, the author tends to foreshadow things too much so after repeatedly telling you that a major figure is assassinated, it has no shock factor, which it would have done at the time.

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    Brilliant book on the little written about conflict between Britain and Vichy France.

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The Reluctant Enemies download The Reluctant Enemies, read online The Reluctant Enemies, kindle ebook The Reluctant Enemies, The Reluctant Enemies e74db6608037 This Book Tells For The First Time The Full Story Of One Of The Most Tragic, Yet One Of The Least Remembered Conflicts Of The Second World War After The Fall Of France, Britain Was Effectively At War With Her Great European Ally, Beside Whom She Had Until Very Recently Been Fighting And With Whom She Still She Believed Shared A Common Purpose This Book Illuminates The Dilemma In Which The Ministers Of The Vichy French Government Found Themselves Duty Impelled Their Loyalty To A Sham Government, Common Sense Told Them Or Should Have Told Them Otherwise So One Of Its Themes Is The Desperate No Man S Land Between Necessary Collaboration And True Betrayal, A Policy Which Some Members Of The Vichy Governments, Believing As They Did That The Allies Were Doomed, Did Not Hesitate To Follow Warren Tute Entered The Navy In And Served On HMS Ajax And On The Staffs Of General Eisenhower And Lord Mountbatten, And Who Was Present At Some Of The Events Which He Describes In This Book The Narrative Is Peopled With Sketches Of The Main Participants, And Communicates The Authentic Flavour Of The Tragic Confrontation Of Erstwhile Allies Was It All The Result Of An Accidental Arrangement Of Historical Circumstances Or Was It, In Some Mysterious Way, A Final Conflict With Our Historic Enemy Across The Channel, The Last Armed Clash Between The Gallic And The Anglo Saxon Temperaments Everyone Who Reads This Book Will Be Able To Make Up His Or Her Own Mind, And Will Leave It With A Reinforced Impression Of The Responsibilities And Decisions Decisions To Which There May Be No Right Answers Which Are Forced On Individuals In Time Of War