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The Debutante's Wager txt The Debutante's Wager, text ebook The Debutante's Wager, adobe reader The Debutante's Wager, chapter 2 The Debutante's Wager, The Debutante's Wager d83534 All Of London Knows Lord Travender S Heart Is A Prize That Cannot Be Won An Inveterate Gambler, He S Willing To Risk Everything On The Turn Of A Card Or Prime Racing Stock, Yet Never On The Unpredictability Of Love Until A Bit Of Quick Wit And Risqu Banter Sends His Heart GallopingOne Minute He S Warning Miss Arrington He Ll Break Her Heart, And The Next, He S Agreeing To A Wager Who Will Fall In Love First The Game Seems Simple Tess Arrington Wishes To Regain A Beloved Painting Her Scapegrace Brother Lost To Lord Travender For Her Part, She Gambles Her Renowned French Chef But The Stakes Are Continually Raised As Each Employ Ever Delightful, Inventive, And Intimate Methods Of PersuasionIf Love Is The Ultimate Gamble, Will They Dare To Risk It All

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    The Debutante s Wager was filled with witty banter, fun characters and some situations that made me laugh out loud.

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    Light and entertaining, as always it seems with Donna Cummings When you want a feel good book, pick one of hers, you can t go wrong

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    Laugh out loud regency romance It will make your face ache from smiling.

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    The last of the cousins has had his turn arrive Cupid s arrow, Aphrodite s curse or whatever you d like to call it, is about to get fulfilled yet again Or will it Lord Travender, Tony, the final nephew of Lady Aurore meets his match in his aunt s latest ball Or is it his sister in law s Nevermind.Naturally, prone to casual encounters, he s shying away from all matchmaking occurrences, but when he stumbles upon Tess Arrington, a special bond forms The two start an odd banter like wager, where each of them must make the other fall under the other s spell in order to win In Tess s case she ll also get her grandfather s beloved painting which was lost to Tess s exiled brother years before.Excited to hear Tony make a fool of himself in Hyde Park, singing her praises, she ll do everything in her power to win But Tony, while into the wager for the fun of it than anything else, is doing his best to win while falling slowly in love with her.He doesn t know it of course, but the events coming together one after the other are sweet and funny to read.I think I enjoyed the first couple of stories in this little series better, but this one did the job just fine.I ll take Donna Cummings humor with my coffee any day

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