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    I couldn t put this book down I finished this at 2am this morning having started it at 10.Kit is an editor at New Yorks most exclusive Wedding Magazine and Mark is the groom she is supposed to be covering I truly enjoyed watching their romance blossom under the eyes of his fianc and the New York elite Mark belongs to A truly enjoyable read I look forward to finding books in this series.

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    Short and sweet This book was so cute It was face paced, romantic and had a wonderful ending I definitely recommend this book

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    A good development of the story and the characters Easy to read and enjoy in a short period of time Summer is the best time to read this little story Have fun.

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    2.5 starsI really wanted to love this Sadly I was immediately thrown off in the first few pages It is not terribly well written That is not to say that I didn t enjoy it It was a light and fluffy read Not entirely unbelievable Coincidences were all over the place, but I know that not everything is a coincidence, so I wasn t bothered by them The romance was sweet Inopportune, for sure, but not in a negative way Sometimes things like what happened are not what we want to read, but the author was able to pull it off.

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    I liked the idea of this book but unfortunately I was disappointed with it I didn t warm to the characters and I didn t feel any connection between Kit and Mark and definitely not Mark and Ruby I disliked her intensely, to the point that I have no desire to read her story in the next instalment of this series The whole thing was just poor.

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    Bu ok g zeldi Kit, bedava d n kazanan Mark ile ni anl s d n n tasarlamakla g revlidir Ve Mark la birbirine a k olurlar ama Mark da 2 hafta sonra evlenecektir Ni anl s da zaten filmlerdeki k t karakterler gibiydi ve Kit le s rekli at yorlard Bence bunun ok g zel filmi ekilebilir romantik komedi olarak D

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    I was looking for some light hearted night time reading and saw this tweeted It works It was certainly a story that made me want to read to the end, with twists and turns along the way A bit too repetitive at times but otherwise it was fun, with believable characters.I enjoyed the final turn in the tale when you saw a romantic, human side to the CEO who was otherwise a bit of a dragon

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    Okay this book seriously took one day to read It was cute and fast and romantic, but seemed a bit forced The ending could be seen from the beginning, and the characters weren t overly developed, but it was a fun, clean romantic read.

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    an ok book

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    It wasn t my favorite, but it was a cute book.

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The Write Match download The Write Match , read online The Write Match , kindle ebook The Write Match , The Write Match 742187f1b0eb Kit McCabe May Be A Newly Minted Associate Editor At New York S Most Exclusive Bridal Magazine, But Her Personal Life Owes To Bad Karma Than To Romance That Is Until She Falls Into A Cab With Wall Street Player Mark Dawson III, Who Is Gorgeous, Funnyand Engaged To Be MarriedMark Dawson S Work May Be Risky Business, But His Loyalty To Friends And Family Runs Deep He Knows The Wedding Is A Mistake, But It Would Be Damaging To His Fianc E And Her Career To Call It Off Now To Make Matters Worse, Kit Is Covering Their Nuptials For Her Magazine And He Can T Seem To Take His Eyes Off The Lovely EditorWith The Big Day Less Than Two Weeks Away, Kit And Mark Struggle To Hide Their Growing Attraction To Each Other From Everyone, Including Themselves