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Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre chapter 1 Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, meaning Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, genre Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, book cover Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, flies Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre ec96cf1b8c66e We Re Hammered, We Re Slammed, We Re Out Of Control Happiness Is On The Decline In The Most Affluent Country In The World, And Americans Are Troubled By The Destructiveness Of A Lifestyle Devoted To Money And Status Yet No One Seems To Have A Clue How To Exit From The Fast Lane Slow Is Beautiful Analyzes The Subtle Consumer And Political And Corporate Forces Stamping The Joy From Our Existence And Provides A Vision Of A Fulfilling Life Through The Rediscovery Of Caring Community, Unhurried Leisure, And Life Affirming Joie De Vivre The Book Discusses The Frantic Time Poverty Plaguing Everyone A Poverty That Is Being Challenged By The Growing Slow Life Movement Whose Message Is Reverberating Around The World The Need To Build A Culture Of Connection With Both People And The Planet By Challenging The Consumer Society And Re Creating Vibrant Life In Our Local Communities The Creation Of A Different Experience Of Time Where We Live Life In Slower, Reflective Ways, Savoring Our Lives And Recapturing Exuberance And Laughter Offering Inspiration And Concrete Ideas, Slow Is Beautiful Will Appeal To A Broad Audience Of Baby Boomers Nearing Retirement, Harried Professionals With A Social Conscience, The One Time Middle Class, And Twenty To Thirty Somethings Who Are Now Facing The Sobering Realities Of Constricted Choices

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    This is an opinionated musing on what is wrong with America in the author s eyes She strongly conveys her concern over our time starved lifestyle and urges us all to slow way down to create meaning, health, and community Mostly this is good advice and it is hard to argue with most of the content However, she also strongly points to government policies and the religious right as being the cause of all our angst and this seems a bit unfair She is a protestor and she doth protest loudly here Seems like it would have a bit authenticity if she urged people to go inward to slow down and simplify.

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    Slow Is Beautiful is a comprehensive follow up to Cecile Andrews 1988 book The Circle of Simplicity Andrews has long been a strong and determined voice in the voluntary simplicity movement, advocating for an alternative to the consumerist lifestyle that drives our modern lives socially and politically Published in 2006, Slow Is Beautiful may be even relevant today than it was 12 years ago, and Andrews discusses in great detail the social, personal, political and environmental aspects and implications of our hectic, materialistic ways of living Beyond this, she also lays out detailed suggestions and examples of ways she has found to slow down, connect with others, build community and find simple, sustainable pleasures, and that offer real tried and true alternatives to the rat race existence so many of us are living Andrews may seem a bit preachy at times, but as someone who clearly walks her own talk, her books are authentic, inspiring and well worth reading.

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    This sounds like a lovely book, but then you begin to read it and realize the author cannot stop ranting about how conservatives have caused every problem in this world I m very liberal, but her bashing bored me after awhile it took the place of substance I wanted to read a book about slowing down and learning how to enjoy my life at a slower pace What I got was a political book that was really shrill in tone If I want to read about conservatism and it s faults, there are better books out there I can t tell you how disappointed I was in this I cannot recommend it.

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    I enjoyed reading this book It is not a how to kind of book in this world of minimalism, decluttering books, but a why Why slowing down life is or can be a good thing Andrews has done a great deal of research on happiness, consumerism and all the accompanying tendencies She cites studies and other books and has a rather lengthy bibliography She does through in politics now and again, having written the book in 2006 and having strong feelings about the Bush white house, but it s mostly as asides It s a thoughtful and thought provoking book.

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    This was an interesting read I have always been interested in the voluntary simplicity movement and she is definitely one of the pioneers This book is less a how to manual and a collection of thoughts on the way we are living our lives, especially in the United States I agree with pretty much all she has to say, though she is quite outspoken about her opinions and seems to have lost the quality of having an open mind Two concepts really struck a chord with me The first is the idea of a third place being important A place that isn t work, and isn t home, but someplace you go and feel part of a group The second goes along with it, the idea of community She started a community group in her area I think that would be an interesting endeavor.

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    After taking a look at the first two reviews below I realize I don t have time for this Enticing title though

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    good message, boring and pedantic writing.

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    So much ranting I really wanted to push through it, but I stopped about 20 pages short when she suggested placed the blame for a school shooting on a student prayer groups who were the target.Slow is, indeed, beautiful But don t read this book if you want to know why.

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    Finished Slow is Beautiful New visions of community, leisure, and joie de vivre by Cecile Andrews In this book Andrews motivates the idea of the slow life and discusses some way of slowing down your own life.The central claim of this book is that the fast life does not lead to happiness The constant chase after money, status, and stuff decreases happiness rather than increases it Some people find the fast life satisfying, but it is increasingly clear that the universal emphasis on the fast life is harmful to individuals and communities.Andrews supports this claim with an overview of some of the recent research on happiness This research supports the conclusion that the things that make us happy are the things that we have less time for in our overworked, over scheduled lives For most people happiness comes from spending time with people they care about, participating in activities where they can achieve a state of flow, and having enough free time to do these things.Andrews concludes that we need to slow down our lives to make room for the things that make us happy She gives a number of tips for this, but she also emphasizes the importance of social change to allow people to choose to slow down their lives Andrews realizes something that much of the happiness literature misses in American society today, slowing down your life is a privilege that few can take advantage of Even those financially able to work part time have a hard time doing so in the career of their choice because many careers do not offer part time opportunities part time software engineers are few and far between I have heard stories of lawyers who were asked to leave their practice when they asked for a part time 40 hour week Those who can find part time work that they find interesting usually have to sacrifice health care Andrews recognizes that slowing down society or at least giving all of its members the choice to slow down will than individual life changes.Despite all the good things about this book, I can only give it a middling recommendation overall The parts that were on topic were quite good However, Andrews would occassionally go off into a political rant that was, as often as not, only tangentially related to the topic at hand These political rants rarely added to the discussion Even reading this in April of 2009, the frequent criticisms of George W Bush seemed dated Sadly, these digressions were frequent enough to seriously detract from the quality of the book.This book is a valuable read, but you have to be willing to leave behind the dirt and take home the gems.

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    This book had a really interesting discussion of the research about happiness, and the message about dropping out of the consumerist, materialistic, work driven society resonates with me I liked that about it, if for no other reason than it was preaching to my choir I m not very into New Age type stuff, so the discussion of the universe was vaguely annoying, but not awful I think one can promote the idea of slowing down from a purely pragmatic perspective, without having to discuss being one with the universe and whatnot The last chapter, however, was problematic for me.The last chapter discussing Slow Life as a counterculture, and what a slow life included, were turn offs to me The rundown of what someone who lives the slow life looks like was awfully hippy ish and New Agey Again, not necessarily a bad thing Some of her ideal life aspects were things that have nothing to do with living a slow life, and their inclusion felt wrong Prioritizing personal experience over data to me doesn t have anything to do with living a slow life, nor does preferring alternative medicine over conventional medicine She lost me with the counterculture business I don t buy the idea that alternative medicine by definition slow or that personal experience as a better thing than data slow And so she lost me with that turn into woo ville For a book that resonated so much with what I believe in the first chapters, the end chapter is the one that is staying with me, which is unfortunate.

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