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    As translator writes in his introduction In an age when general texts on the spiritual life are increasingly inchoate and superficial, it is a pleasure to see the kind of orderly, trenchant treatment of the Orthodox notion of holiness accorded by Dr Cavarnos book, deeply rooted, as it is, in the Patristic witness I couldn t agree Yet it is telling that this book, originally given as a lecture at St Tihkon s Seminary in English but later translated and expanded in Greek, was published by an incredibly obscure religious press There is nothing fashionable, trendy, or provocative about its packaging or content no gimmicks or buzz words are employed It is a humble book And humility doesn t market well these days, I suppose Although it is certainly orderly, trenchant, and deeply rooted in the Patristic witness, it is not a difficult or academic book All Christians, no matter their education, could get something out of it it would make a great book to read in a catechism class It starts with an introduction to the concept of the Saint, its biblical origin, and patristic definitions, as well as the most important virtues faith, patience, humility, chastity, and spiritual love The main text which comprised the original lecture describes the main types of Saints known to the Orthodox Apostles, Martyrs, Prophets, Hierarchs, Monastics, and the Righteous , paying particular attention to the Righteous that is, normal laypeople living in the world who attained sanctity He then describes the important spiritual practices such as repentance, meditation, and prayer and physical practices such as fast and making prostrations which the saints have employed to become holy All these are illustrated with sayings from both Patristic writers such as St John Cassian and St Maximos the Confessor, as well as modern Saints and theologians such as St Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain The text concludes with two brief essays A Discourse on Monasticism and A Discourse for Those Living in the World I am going to add this to my list of books which I try to read at least once a year.

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    A wonderful work It is my hope that this book, despite it s thoroughness, will inspire those who read it to dig further A person could take individual points of discussion for example, physical practices , and begin looking at the writings of the Church Fathers for deeper discussion.Two points which I truly appreciated 1 A very clear statement by Dr Cavarnos that, although much of the writings of the early Church Fathers focus on ascetic practice for monastics, there is clearly a path for those who are not not monastics, and remain in the world.2 Dr Cavarnos makes it clear that those seeking to consider and or employ these principles and practices are best to do this with the help of a guide Spiritual Father No great athlete begins their career without much coaching and learning.

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Paths and Means to Holiness download Paths and Means to Holiness, read online Paths and Means to Holiness, kindle ebook Paths and Means to Holiness, Paths and Means to Holiness b753dca11456 An Insightful Discussion Of Bodily And Spiritual Practices Or Work Dr Cavarnos Argues That Holiness Is The Highest Object Of The Soul S Quest, Because Only Through Holiness Does Man Approach God And Achieve Theosis Also Included Are Two Essays A Discourse On Monasticism And A Discourse For Those Living In The World