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Joey chapter 1 Joey , meaning Joey , genre Joey , book cover Joey , flies Joey , Joey 5ae5cdf491af0 A Touching Tale Kirkus ReviewsThe Heartwarming True Story Of A Blind Horse Named JoeyAt The Height Of His Show Career, This Beautiful Appaloosa S Majestic Stature, Strength, And Willingness To Work Made Him The Perfect Partner But When An Injury Cost Joey His Show Career, He Moved From One Owner To The Next, Ultimately Experiencing Severe Abuse And Neglect A Rescue Group Found Joey Nearly Dead From Starvation And BlindThen He Came To Hope Reins A Ranch Dedicated To Helping Hurting Kids Who Had Been Abused, Emotionally Wounded, Or Unwanted By Teaching These Children To Care For Rescued Animals, The Hope Reins Staff Were Convinced They Could Reach Kids With Love And Hope And Show Them That We Are Never Forgotten By GodBut Could The Financially Struggling Ranch Afford To Take Care Of A Blind Horse That No One Else Wanted Could Joey Somehow Learn To Trust People Even Though The World Had Hurt Him So Badly And What Would Happen To Joey, The Kids, And Hope Reins If They Failed A True Story Of Friendship Destined To Become A Classic, Joey Will Touch Your Heart And Reveal The Power Of Finding Light In The Darkness

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    This is a beautiful true story about how the lives of beautiful, broken people, and beautiful broken horses come together to heal each other And it is very well done I can t imagine anyone reading this and NOT becoming emotionally invested in each of the characters BUT There s so much to Joey than a good story As someone who has recently endured a profound loss, and as someone who has recently formed a deep bond with an unusually difficult animal from whom has come a great deal of personal growth and healing , this book hits very close to home There are many stories presented of pain and grief And through them are born redemption, and the truest and most genuine love Joey reads like a parable on finding beauty from loss It is clear that the author is not only talented at conveying an engaging story, but she is also gifted in helping others navigate grief and loss I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone, but with a asterisk behind the names of those of us who need a little help finding the hope and purpose behind our suffering A great read, indeed I am truly delighted to have received an advanced reader copy from the publisher.

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    I like to balance my reading diet with several non fiction books I didn t know anything about the horse, Joey, when I picked this book to review But by the time I finished the book, Joey was definitely no stranger The book takes you along the journey of how Kim Tschirret began her horse ministry, Hope Reins The first few chapters are about Kim and Hope Reins than it is about Joey in particular Then, there is a portion dedicated to Joey s stable pal, Speckles I d say or less, the latter half is exclusively about Joey and his trainers , though For me, none of this was a problem I enjoyed learning about Hope Reins and grew attached to Speckles.Being that Hope Reins is a ministry for broken children, I was gearing myself up for some content that I would shudder at, but there wasn t anything that would keep me from handing this book to a conservative teen There was one mention of sexual abuse and the words were used, that was the extent of the mention , but otherwise, the book focused on where the children were at the point that they met Joey, and how he helped them in various ways That was super sweet and amazing If you re one who cries easily, then this book will definitely have you in tears.There was definitely spiritual content in this book I m not going to say that I agree 100% with everything, but there wasn t anything doctrinally that concerned me in this book It was of a testimony book than a preaching book And I was very interested to see how different people were affected by the ministry at Hope Reins.I definitely recommend this book and found it easy to read for a non fiction I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers and happily provided my honest review

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    Joey How a Blind Rescue Horse Helped Others Learn to See is such an inspiring read Since my daughter is a horse lover and wants to rescue horses when she is older, I was excited to read Joey s story It was heart breaking to see how this poor beautiful horse could be neglected and treated so horribly until he was rescued by the Hope Reins ranch This facility displays such a true testament to what unconditional love leads to Though the family struggled, they continue to have faith and not give up Joey is just a beautiful and heartwarming story that many readers will lead to be inspired and have trust in God It is a perfect example why to never lose hope It is most definitely a must read and I would give it 100 stars if I could I will be placing this book on my keeper shelf.Highly recommended I received this book from the publisher This review was 100% my own honest opinion.

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    Wow Once I started this book, I could not stop reading it I loved it What a special person Kim is to have the faith to do what God asked her to do and open Hope Reins And what a special horse God provided to help make Hope Reins so successful in its mission I wish I could meet Joey The book so wonderfully tells of the story of Joey, as well as the vision that Kim had to start this wonderful ministry and how God opened doors to make that ministry possible Joey teaches us all that if we put our faith in God, he will provide a place for us It may not be an easy life but there will be many blessings along the way What an inspiring story about how much we can learn that when God gives us a job to do, He will provide everything we need to complete that job maybe even our own horse named Joey I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher.

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    I started reading Joey at midnight last night as I thought it might help me go to sleep I ended up reading half the book before I finally, reluctantly decided to get some sleep I ended up waking up earlier than I normally do I could not wait to read the rest of the story I finished it that morning I could not put it down I have never cried so much during a story I had to get up several times to get a tissue and calm down so as not to wake up my husband and 8 children I was literally sobbing during some parts of the story It has been a very long time since any book has caused me to have such an emotional response to it As a mother, I could relate to the parents in the book seeking out ways to help their children in any way they could find Having a niece who is autistic, I know that she has a love of animals and could see how the children responded to the horses As a Christian, the lessons about trusting the Lord to provide our every need hit very close to home It was a very well written story that was very easy to read The characters were developed well and the way Jennifer wrote about the horses made you fall in love with them Living in the Raleigh area it was fun to read about a place that I drive past all the time I will be recommending this book to as many friends and family as I can Read it but make sure that you have tissues handy.

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    This is a wonderful book about love, second chances, following God s lead and letting Him do what needs to be done if you love horses, children, real people, or just a great story, you will love this book It is a true story that takes place at a beautiful ranch where I have volunteered for several years I received a preview copy from the publisher.

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    Joey is a deeply moving, powerful and true story of hope sprung from the ashes I have the great privilege of knowing Joey and Speckles, and my own life has been profoundly shaped by the lessons they taught me, the people they connected me to, and the path of healing we journeyed down sometimes stumbling, sometimes weeping, sometimes leaping for joy but always together This story, told gracefully and with great care and reverence by its author, holds all the magic of the mysterious bond between human and animal In its pages we peek behind the curtain to understand just how connecting to another at our mutual places of deep pain, limitedness or fear can in fact open up the way to comfort, to rest, to change To true hope and real healing I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher.

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    Jennifer Bleakley did a fabulous job of capturing the essence of who Joey was and how he touched each and every person he met Even though I personally lived through knowing Joey and being a friend to him, I couldn t put this book down It is all the BEST things you want in a classic.a great story line, courage, overcoming, compassion, faith, and folks committed to making a difference in this world Thanks Jen for your tenacity and talent that you lended to Hope Reins and specifically to Joey On behalf of the kids and families and volunteers at Hope ReinsThank you I recommend this book to everyone who believes in second chances I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher.

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    An amazing story of a woman s dream to help abused children using rescued horses and relying on God to provide all the resources needed many times overwhelming to accomplish what God put in her heart The people, the children, and the horses especially Joey will absolutely touch your heart and make you realize with God you can do all things.

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    This book Where to even start It was amazing I was moved to tears by chapter 6 and everything from there was such a beautiful story of healing This book really captures the heart of Hope Reins I received an advanced readers copy from the author.

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