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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSo, my current TBR clearing project is to get through all of the Jennifer Blake books on my Kindle because I think it s so awesome how often she makes her books free, and I think the temptation with free books is to set them aside and focus your attention on the books you spent actual money on I do that However, I also think it s really important to encourage and support the authors who are so generous, which is why I m trying to read and review her books.When it comes to her books, I think I mostly prefer her bodice rippers just because she can actually write good smut and her heroes seem to be of the cool and icy variety, which I prefer Her Gothic romances are hit or miss, and sometimes appear under the name Patricia Maxwell instead of Jennifer Blake BRIDE OF A STRANGER is one of her better Gothic romances, probably because the other two I read felt kind of like carbon copies of one another, with the heroine appearing by carriage on the porch steps of an imposing Southern Gothic manor with nowhere else to go but to rely on the mercy of distance and cruel, and mysterious relatives who might or might not want to kill her.In BRIDE OF A STRANGER, Claire is on the verge of announcing her betrothal to her milquetoast cousin, Jean Claude, when she locks eyes with a stranger at a crowded ballroom That stranger is Justin Leroux, who takes enough of a fancy to her that he threatens to call out her cousin if she refuses to marry him instead Justin happens to be an especially trained and ruthless swordsman, and her cousin is not, so her aunt decides that she doesn t really care for Claire all that much and basically leaves her at the mercy of this possible madman, because not her boy, her precious boy Justin takes Claire to his estate, Sans Songe, which is populated with people who are obviously freed slaves and there are some antiquated and un PC references to black people that may offend, but seem to fit the era More offensive probably are the voodoo stereotypes, which are lavishly sensational, and involve a woman dancing naked before ritualistically sacrificing a chicken Voodoo plays a pretty heavy role in this book, as it becomes clear upon Claire s arrival that someone wants her dead, and she keeps finding evil voodoo charms in her belongings, poison in her food, and at one point, imprisoned and seemingly left for harm.There are many culprits to choose from, from the jealous multiracial ex mistress and voodoo priestess , to the suspicious and sinister relatives, who are much disturbing than they appear one even has a Miss Havishamesque shrine to her late husband, including but not limited to a death mask All the while, Claire nurses suspicion and resentment against her husband, who might also be a killer himself, even if it isn t clear whether he s the only person who might be able to keep her alive.The WTFery was off the charts with this one, which I appreciated, because I think a lot of Gothic novels are far too lacking to their detriment Jennifer Blake is also an excellent writer and her descriptions of food, clothing, and architecture are enough to make a writer cry I tell you this with great certainty, being a writer myself I desperately want to be as good as Jennifer Blake when I grow up I don t think her books are for everyone because they are un PC, but I m also very glad that she doesn t appear to be self censoring her work the way many other historical romance authors from back in the day are when republishing her books on Kindle, as the past wasn t PC, and there was a certain romance novel aesthetic in the 60s 80s that has a certain tawdry charm from its utter lack of f cks when it comes to caring about what might or might not offend the readers.P.S There s a certain scene in here that might make you bite your nails Don t worry, the cat doesn t die.3.5 stars

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    This was definitely one of the better gothic romances I ve read I think I ll venture far enough to say the best pulpy gothic, as a matter of fact It was very well written and atmospheric, and for once the heroine wasn t a completely simpering idiot There were some nice twists, particularly regarding view spoiler the hero He starts out kind of dark and asshole ish, using forceful means to persuade the heroine s family to let her marry him I guess because he s too proud and ashamed of his facial scar to do it properly He s pretty respectful of the heroine, except for saying a few mean things because of his own hurt feelings, and those firm kisses forced on the her to make her swoon and prove he affects her classic gothic hero tactic However, he isn t totally a bad guy, because he hasn t done the bad things everyone believed he did Oh, and he put aside his mistress, so you know he s upstanding and faithful hide spoiler

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    I read this for the Southern Gothic square for Halloween Bingo It s a death gris gris, and as its counterpart in the hands of the Voodooienne is unwrapped slowly, day by day, it is supposed to cause the cursed one to sicken and die by degrees This started off with so much promise but ultimately didn t deliver on delicious Gothic feel We started off with a sheltered, innocent heroine who is swept away by a dark scarred hero to his on the edge of the bayou plantation There we meet his at odds with mother, still wearing black for the death of his years long dead uncle, his maybe jealous vengeful cousin, a possible voodoo using maybe ex mistress, a creepy overseer, a parental but maybe shady housekeeper, and a paralyzed unable to speak father The red herrings are all over the place.The atmosphere was set nicely with descriptions of the bayou, heat, bugs, and general out in the middle of nowhere There was a voodoo scene with the slaves performing a ritual that was kind of creepy but other than that, there wasn t enough played around with to make you wonder if the heroine was losing her mind or if the voodoo was real The heroine and hero basically spend no time together, which I thought was kind of odd, so you re not reading this for the romance aspect There wasn t enough creepy, spooky feel for a Gothic either the mystery has the heroine in bed for most of the book Helene, that arrogant, time ravaged beauty, had been in love with her husband s brother, so in love that ten years later she could still weep her heart out over a mask of his dead face Her husband s brother, a married man with a son, a man who was shot to death in a duel with his nephew, Helene s one son I kind of got the feeling the author was going for a nothing proves terrifying than family dynamics I can t really dispute that The mystery could have been better if the heroine would have been able to move around and the characters given depth, basically this needed a higher page count as the basic storyline and atmospheric writing was there The ending gave us a villain info dump as to why and how that gave it super flop feel and red herring characters simply deflated like balloons I can t really recommend this one because the Gothic mystery and the romance was severely lacking, maybe if you like your heroines reclining in bed because of bruised ribs and possible poisonings and or voodoo curses I almost forgot to mention the jaguar Yes, there is a jaguar that lurks around, two or three mentions but it is there, lol.

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    Bride of a Stranger by Jennifer Blake was originally published in 1990 This book is now available in digital format and is published by Steel Magnolia Press LLC.This book is part of the Gothic Classics Collection.Living in New Orleans, Claire has her life planned Although there has been no formal announcement, it is common knowledge that she will marry her cousin, eventually.However, when a dark, disfigured man of wealth and mystery sees Claire at a gathering, he makes Claire s aunt an offer she can t refuse Claire now has no other choice but to marry Justin.Justin was scarred as a child by a cousin, leaving him with a C shaped scar on his face But, Justin runs a plantation and is wealthy and powerful with a sinister reputation When he sees Claire, he knows instantly that he must have her.Claire moves to Justin s plantation home, leaving behind New Orleans Before they arrive however, there is a near fatal accident and Claire spends her first months in bed recovering from her injuries But, she is also ill and can t see to gain strength Voodoo and Justin s strange family relations, keeps Claire in a nervous state, believing that someone is poisoning her and she believes her new husband is also a murderer.Determined to keep Justin at arms length, Claire refused to accept her attraction to this man that forced her into marriage.Written in true southern Gothic style, Jennifer Blake combines the traditional Gothic elements with the cultural history of Louisiana Voodoo, magic, quadroon mistresses, arranged marriages, family secrets, and large plantations create the backdrop of mystery and romance.Anyone that knows me, will tell you that if a novel has the word Gothic attached to it in any way, I m all over it.Jennifer Blake is a favorite author of mine, but I had no idea this book was out there Thankfully, Steel Magnolia Press has re released a sizable backlist of these books in digital format.The modern reader may not appreciate this type of novel, having completely missed out on the Gothic mystery romance rage so very popular in the 1960 s and 70 s Blake puts her own stamp on the genre by using the Gothic rules , but instead of a creepy castle or mansion, the setting is in the south on a large plantation home But, the sinister occupants of the house with their many secrets and hidden resentfulness and motives, on top of the accurate depictions of voodoo rituals and beliefs make this take on the Gothic novel really unique I m really glad I was able to get this one for my kindle I don t know if you can still get the old paperback version anywhere, so thankfully we can still read these classics.Overall this one gets an A.http smarturl.it smp for great novels from Steel Magnolia Press.

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    I m glad to see so many of Jennifer Blake s titles available as e books, particularly the kindle bundles which package the books by themes Louisiana History, Classic Gothics, Louisiana Plantation, Love and Adventure, etc Her southern historical romances are well written with careful attention to historical details Bride of a Stranger is a fairly predictable mystery set at a remote Louisiana plantation owned by the dark and secretive master, Justin Leroux He brings his reluctant city bred bride into a frightening world of swamps and family secrets, ancient rituals, vodoo queens, and murder Very little romance to speak of here, but those looking for the hard to find southern romance gothic will find this a satisfactory read.

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    This was another Kindle freebie There s a lot of gratuitous French and a dead rooster and stuff about how her feeble strength was no match for the iron bands of his arms Which makes it sound like this book was far racier than it actually was When it fact, it wasn t racy at all the hero spent a lot of time plundering her soft mouth, and then letting her go What, I ask you, is the point of that I think setting romance novels in the antebellum south is just a bad idea because you can either write characters who are improbably ahead of their time and not racist or you can write characters who are believable products of their time, and then the reader is pretty much going to hate them These are equally bad options JB went with the latter, so there s lots of stuff from the main characters about how the faithful house slave is devoted to his master and savage voodoo drums.

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    Claire de Hauterive is all set to marry her cousin until a scar faced, yet still attractive stranger, Justin Leroux, blackmails her into marrying him At Sans Songe, his plantation near the bayou outside of New Orleans, a suspicious accident leaves behind death before Claire even enters the house for the first time Among the deep, dark forest snakes, alligators, prowling panthers and other predators, both human and animal, surround Claire Who can she trust Shocking family secrets lurk behind each bedroom door at Sans Songe While forbidden loves, old and new, linger inside the house, outside a powerful voodoo priestess and a jealous mistress of Justin s vow revenge Yet, someone else harbors even stronger hate while deceiving the new BRIDE OF A STRANGER.Characters in this classic gothic romance are interesting and unique, their motivations strong, their passions entwined in a riveting plot of mysterious magic, love, hate and intrigue Jennifer Blake s classic gothic, BRIDE OF A STRANGER, is masterfully written and kept me guessing clear to the end who the devious villain is I hated to leave Sans Songe when I came to the last page.

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    This was really of a mystery than a romance It was dark and sometimes just down right creepy The family dynamics of Justin s family had my head spinning.strange bunch of people and how they re really connected to one another At least Justin and Claire will get their HEA

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    Jennifer Blake does the claustrophobic atmosphere of the bayou so well There are secrets going back years which pose a threat to the bride in question, and she must find some gumption to help reveal them.

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    This has a little everything in it, romance, trust issues, family issue that go way back, lots of secrets, voodoo New Orleans , wealth, Alpha male type loves a strong women.

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Bride of a Stranger download Bride of a Stranger, read online Bride of a Stranger, kindle ebook Bride of a Stranger, Bride of a Stranger fe6dd08686b2 Claire Is Too Innocent To Suspect That Her Marriage Is A Cruel Farce, Believing Instead That The Dangerous Accidents That Keep Appearing In Her Path Are Just That AccidentsShe Wedded Justin Leroux Suddenly And Silently He Was The Tall Dark Stranger Of Her Girlhood Dreams, And Had Finally Come To Take Her Away She Returns With Him To Sans Songe, The Leroux Family Plantation In Louisiana A Near Fatal Accident On The Road To The Plantation Does Not Bode Well For Her Future There And Indeed, Many Nasty Surprises Await Her At The Plantation Itself Voodoo Magic, Poisoned Food, And A Murder Mystery Force Claire Into A Stalemate She Is Helpless Within The Bosom Of Her Frigid And Isolating New Family, While Her Husband Has Yet To Come To Her Bed He May Even Be Hoping For Her Destruction, As She Is Drawn Into An Ever Tangled Web Of Passion And Intrigue