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    Alright, before I started this book, I had high hopes for it The second I had read the summary, I was hooked I really love thrillers, but they are often all the same and rather involves police research than the actual murders, or the murderers themselves Further, I have been disappointed by this type of books before, because most of the time, they are very serious , adult books and it is usually heavy and dull, as if a book could not be realistic AND interesting at the same time.But this one, God, did I get slapped in the face, swallowed whole and spat out again This book is a wild ride from beginning to end It is quite long in its 436 pages, and I was a little afraid the plot would linger endlessly like it does in so many other thrillers, but it was not the case, not even a single time The pace is incredibly fast, packed with action, simply breathtaking I found myself flipping the pages so fast I felt like in a trance The story is just mesmerizing it is incredibly dark and violent and twisted, but it is so thrilling too And it is not only entertaining, it exposes a cruel truth, of child abuse, of people covering shameful events.As I said, I read many thrillers and most of the time, you follow the story from the police s eyes and the killer is often that vague, ominious figure always standing in the shadows, out of reach Perhaps it is realistic and really represents how an investigation feels, but it was simply so refreshing to be in the killer s point of view too The author s writing is insane, so fast and powerful in the span of a few, simple words, he just grips your guts and twists them around with bloody details and dark, swirling thoughts I was completely hypnotized by the story, and I m not exaggerating And Charlie is just so interesting as a character Now, don t get me wrong, he is a bit of an asshole, but you just can t help but find yourself praying he doesn t get caught, always looking out for him in a way.This book was also interesting in the way that it wasn t just the killer is bad, the police is good and that s all It really showed how a situation can be in a grey zone after all, didn t the church elder abuse a child Doesn t he deserve a punishment, as well with the people who helped him hide his crimes The ending was really amazing for this dilemna, I really, really, REALLY liked it Fletcher our main character is my man, I really loved his character throughout the entire book.And for the last thing I wanted to discuss, this book mentally threw me accross the room with the twist that occured roughly halfway It was already amazing since the beginning, but suddenly everything changed and added a dash of supernatural in it, making this book simply UNIQUE It was exactly what I wanted to read for years, and I m not disappointed I picked this book up It s a masterpiece of the genre, and I would die for it.

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    I loved the cover I thought it was very eye catching What I liked about the cover is it looked a murderer on the loose with a rifle You could tell instantly it s going to be one of those gruesome stories Once I received my book looking at it closely, I could see a church and wondered what the connection was So apart from the cover that grabbed my attention, the next thing that I particularly liked was the church theme as my daughter goes to church every Sunday So I m very familiar with the elders from church In the story A Murder of Saints Damien Smith was the much loved and respected church elder with a secret lust for the unmentionable Things about him are hushed up by the church I ve never read such an intense suspense thriller with gruesome scenes of type of horrors that it freshly different With the church scenes about an elder I do wonder if the author Chris Miller attends church in Texas where he lives I m always very interested in what gave the author the idea to write their novel.

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    2.5 Stars This was an incredibly dark thriller that addressed classic themes of revenge and human sin Told from multiple perspectives, the narrative moved along quite quickly At first, this story read like a traditional thriller, but readers should be aware that there were some supernatural horror elements in the later half of the narrative This story certainly contained some dark subject matter I felt that the topic of sexual abuse was sensitively handled in a way that tried to minimize the details of the sister s backstory in order to minimize the potentially triggering material Yet, at the same time, the book did not shy away from the darker sides of murder Filled with gruesome detail, the was some wonderfully morbid scenes in this story that appealed to the horror reader in me While this was a decent thriller, I felt that it was a story that I have read many times before The supernatural aspects increased my enjoyment of the book, but they weren t enough to make the story feel fresh The book itself was fairly well written, yet I found the characters and plot to be just average Admittedly, I may have become fatigued by the thriller genre and am finding myself overly critical of books that do not break the mold and surprise me.I received a copy from the author

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    I love first novels and this one didn t disappoint

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    This is my review of the audio version as posted on Audible Spoiler alert Well, first of all, it s really 3.5 stars overall.I have ambiguous feelings towards the book On the one hand, it has a really involving and somehow emotionally moving criminal plot the revenge of a man on people responsible for his sister s suicide and the moral dillemmas the investigation into the killings poses for the leading detective On the other hand well, that s just it, that s the problem I have with the book the appearance of demons in flesh and body Maybe I had just overlooked the part of the book s description that said the real demons show up and change everything or maybe I hadn t taken it literally and I should have Because demons do appear, take over the mind and body of Charlie, talk to him, talk to his victims and so on I m not sure what it was exactly that clashed for me at that point maybe it was the fact that the demons looked exactly what we imagine the Devil to look like, with horns, and a tail, and yellow eyes, or maybe the fact that Charlie became almost immortal right then and there, with wounds healing immediately and so on but the book changed into a B movie for me at that point, almost all feelings of sympathy or support I had had for the main characters before just going away, leaving me totally indifferent And it could have been so much interesting if the demons existed only in the minds of Charlie s and Fletcher s, if it was their internal battle to win or lose So generally it s a 4 star plot with 1 star deducted for the cartoony demons unnecessarily thrown into the middle of an otherwise really interesting crime plot.As for the narration by Mr Halligan, I liked it although it could have been a little faster at times Generally it s a good interpretation of all the characters, very well conveying their emotions, with some acting added to the pot There were moments when Mr Halligan kind of slowed down, especially in the descriptive parts, with the effect of sounding a little too monotonous, but it didn t disturb me in any way nor made me lose focus, so that s OK On the whole t s a steady, good performance.DISCLAIMER I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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    Twenty years ago, 12 yo Sophie Fields jumped off the roof of her home She and several other kids accused a prominent church member of molestation The church elders paid off most of the families The two families that took the church to court were belittled and ostracizedand lost the case Sophie s mother collapsed and died and her father committed suicide 15 yo Charlie was left an orphan and placed in foster care Present dayCharlie Fields is back and seeking revenge on the men who destroyed his family As the bodies pile up, homicide detective Fletcher, whom, coincidentally was a church member that leftand had also arrested the pedophileis racing against the clock to stop Charlie s reign of terror Just when you think you have a handle on this storyenter demonic entitieswho kidnap Fletcher s ex wife and daughter This book is chocked full of drama and suspensewith Fletcher s partner trying to explain why evil exists and why we shouldn t blame God when bad things happen The ending thoughwowwww Great book I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    I enjoyed this book even though it was a little darker and grotesque than i had expected Trauma, demons, revenge and redemption are a part of all our lives and this book through many characters perspectives deals with these very issues In this well written, very descriptive first novel by Chris Miller, the reader is taken on a wild ride of death at the hands of a very tormented and saddened individual The lead character and detective, Harry, is someone you can feel for and root for all the way to the end His own battles with love, lose and religion mirror that of the bad guy and keep the story moving along.

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    I am not a horror fan and this book at the edge of horror for me There are some gruesome scenes as well as demons which are not my favorite However, the story is strong and the characters are pretty well developed The main character, Detective Harry Fletcher is haunted by an old case and the one that got away With a new partner, a strong Christian who does not hesitate to show his beliefs, Harry deals with a killer trying to right a wrong as well as Harry s own questioning and loss of his faith The book can lead to some really good discussions on right and wrong and while this might not have been my cup of tea, I would recommend this book.

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    5 Stars Monsters are created And they re created by monsters A fast paced suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat Chris Miller made an unforgettable tale with his spine chilling suspense combined with hatred, revenge, and faith Then the ending just blindsided me You will never see that coming I look forward to spine chilling tales from Chris Miller killing was fast becoming his most favorite past time When he took control of another human being and ended their life, he felt empowered than ever before.

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    I thought the premise of the book was better than the execution unfortunately I think a large part of it was that the narration was not to my liking The other part of the problem was at around 5 hours left in the book It took a hard left which in and of itself was not bad if the book had started out with hints of this change I could have dealt with it, but it was a tale of two books and it didn t come together for me Yeah I know that reads weird but I don t know how else to state it.This book was given to me for free at my request for my voluntary and unbiased review.

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A Murder of Saints summary pdf A Murder of Saints , summary chapter 2 A Murder of Saints , sparknotes A Murder of Saints , A Murder of Saints 9f8712a Sophie Fields Is A Little Girl Tortured By Her Memories Of Damien Smith, A Much Loved And Respected Church Elder With A Secret Lust For The Unmentionable After His Misdeeds Are Covered Up By Church Leaders, She Climbs To The Roof Of Her House And Jumps To Her Death, Right In Front Of Her Shocked Brother, CharlieTwenty Years Later, Detective Harry Fletcher Is Still Haunted By The Personal Demons Associated With The Church Cover Up After Losing His Faith, His Wife, And Now His Partner, Fletcher Learns That Charlie Fields Has Come Back To Town With One Mission To Kill Everyone Responsible For His Sister S Death It Is Fletcher S Job To Track And Stop The Crazed Killer But As It Becomes Clear Who The Main Targets Are, Fletcher Finds Himself In The Midst Of A Moral Quagmire Although He Sees Justice In Charlie S Crusade, The Killer Seems To Be Taking Out Others Not Responsible For His Family S Destruction As Fletcher And His New Partner Battle Each Other In A Test Of Ideology And Limits Of The Law, The Real Demons Show Up And Change Everything

  • Paperback
  • 370 pages
  • A Murder of Saints
  • Chris Miller
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9781532031335

About the Author: Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a native Texan who has been writing from an early age but only started publishing in 2017 Since the release of his first novel, A MURDER OF SAINTS, he has released a novella TRESPASS two other novels THE HARD GOODBYE and THE DAMNED PLACE a single short story FLUSHED and has been inducted into multiple anthologies, including the acclaimed AND HELL FOLLOWED from Death s Head P