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    That s My Best FriendThis teaser was so good Sasha and Mecca were two opposite which sometimes could turn violate That Sasha was a piece of character can t wait to hear of her shenaighans I also wondering what s going to happen with Mecca and Jay I know the soundtrack will be good too This preview has potential of a great read full of twists and turns and I can t wait for the rest.

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    Controlling FriendsThis is a story about what can happen when one of a pair of best friends tries to control the other Sasha and Mecca have been friends for years, but Sasha secretly wants Mecca for herself, and is out to sabotage any other friendship that Mecca might try to cultivate A very enjoyable read, in spite of being a cliffhanger

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    An explosive start to what is shaping to be an AMAZING story This is the first book that I have read from Dyphia Blount and will not be the last This short snippet is filled with heat, drama, and the beginnings of romance I am DYING to know what comes next for this crazy cast of characters I recommend this book if you like messy drama filled storiesThat s My Best Friend will not disappoint

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    DramaSo far this little snippet was quite interesting I don t see how Mecca don t realize that her and Sasha friendship is unhealthy Sasha is jealous, conniving, and selfish Mecca is meek, laid back, and humble I can t wait to be able to read the full story.

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    That s my best friendVery interesting book can t wait until the whole book come Sasha was something else.When do the book come out, can t wait to read.

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    Omg It s good can t wait for the second one I like different then the rest On to the next one

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    Great ReadWow is all I can say Smoking right from the start It s already a 5 star in my book Can t wait to read the entire book.

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    It s on.This sneak peek was good Can t wait till the release Sasha is about to raise he ll behind Mecca Mecca is in for a world of trouble.

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    Can t wait for the release That s My Best Friend shows how two people depend on one another so much that they start to lose themselves.

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    GreatNice book It s different I like how the author uses the words like poetry The metaphors It was beautiful and I could tell it s going to be one hell of a ride I can t wait to read the next one deserves a five and imma have my sister read it

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