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South of Ordinary summary South of Ordinary , series South of Ordinary , book South of Ordinary , pdf South of Ordinary , South of Ordinary 8efc3d5461 IN THE FALL Of , Judy And Dave Left Their One Room Cabin In The Colorado Rockies And Headed For The Tropics During Their Year And A Half Trip From Acapulco To Argentina, They Visited Ten Countries, Stayed In Rented Adobe Huts, A Tent, And A Night Hotels They Climbed An Active Volcano In Guatemala, Hiked Through The Colombian Jungle In Search Of Wild Indian Tribes, And Climbed Aboard A Rickety River Boat Bound For The Galapagos IslandsEY HAD MARRIED On July In A Mountain Meadow In Fraser, Colorado, With The Plan That Judy Would Join Dave In His Dream To Travel The World As The South America Trip Unfolds, Judy Finds Herself In Dangerous Situations She Must Choose Between Her Desire To Stay By Dave S Side And The Search For Her Own Comfort Zone

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    This was a quintessential hippy book I feel groovier for having read it Judy Liautaud writes openly and bravely about her 1970s adventures with her then husband Dave around the world and knee deep in the reality of places most of us only ever read about As I read, I could FEEL her growing up, finding her voice and strength There was a lot of marijuana, plenty of bugs, scary situations that I read about with one eye closed as if that would help But when you re reading about legit hippies, that s no surprise No judgement, here, just enjoyment of the honesty Fun Goodreads giveaway that I ll pick up again in January when the snow, darkness, and cold threaten to drag me down

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    I loved this book because it had a good mix of adventure, living life to the fullest and taking responsibility for it all The author challenged herself with some of the biggest life questions and talked about them in an open and honest manor You will be amazed at her courage and learn and grow in the process of reading this book It is a must read

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    A very enthralling and entertaining memoir.

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    2.5 stars Full review to come hopefully when back from hiatus.

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    Judy, young and in love and believing love makes all things possible, ignoring little niggling s at the back of her mind about her own needs and desires, fashioned herself into the image of the perfect traveling companion for her husband, wholeheartedly adopting his dreams of exploration as her own willingly embracing his passion to travel throughout the southern Americas without fully comprehending what it would require of her personally when they encountered the actual physical and emotional challenges of this undertaking Naive, she blithely begins her journey anticipating the adventure of her young life with the Love of her life And then reality hits Hardships and challenges besides wonder of new sights, experiences and people came in many forms heat and humidity, exhaustion and pain, primitive accommodations, money problems, language differences, fears of animals, fears of tribesmen, jealousy, insects, drugs, police, and hunger And all the while her subconscious was beginning to question whether this life of freedom with no anchor was what she really wanted In the book South of Ordinary the reader will travel with the author as one The author s honesty lets the reader live through each new experience as if it were their own She holds nothing back You will find yourself caring for her, pulling for her, and wishing you could help guide her while she searches for herself.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading South of Ordinary It was an engaging and honest look at a time period of growth and adventure in the lives of Judy and Dave I would recommend this book to anyone interested in travel and different cultures as well as anyone who is interested in a good story of growing up and experiencing life on life s terms I felt Judy and Dave to be somewhat kindred spirits as I read her memoir and by the end of the book truly wanted nothing than her happiness I was able to relate to both Judy and Dave s views on life but what I learned most from Judy s story was that while life s trials and tribulations will always lead to experience and growth, if it is happiness that you are looking for, you don t have to travel around the world to chase it It is most likely right in front of you the whole time.

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    This is an absorbing memoir of a young woman s experiences in following her risk taking husband on a wild and crazy trek through Central and South America Occurring during the early 70 s, it is an adventure filled with reckless search for the excitement of the experience, additive drug use and dysfunctional relationship issues An interesting story that was worth the read.I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway for this honest review.

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    I won a copy of this book.I wasn t born yet when this book takes place and I m jealous of the adventures that could still be had in the 70s Getting to read about it was a real treat and makes me want to go adventuring.

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