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Pay the Devil in Bitcoin chapter 1 Pay the Devil in Bitcoin , meaning Pay the Devil in Bitcoin , genre Pay the Devil in Bitcoin , book cover Pay the Devil in Bitcoin , flies Pay the Devil in Bitcoin , Pay the Devil in Bitcoin 7ab60317f26c7 The Wild True Story Of Cyber Era Commerce, Crime, And Not So Cold Hard Cash Even In Hell, Bitcoin Talks This Modern Take On An Old Japanese Saying Still Holds True The Cryptocurrency Was Supposed To Do For Money What The Internet Did For Information, But It Didn T Work Out That Way Its Virtual Existence Unleashed Real World Chaos Especially In The Homeland Of Its Mysterious Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto Tokyo Was The Center Of The World S Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Mt Gox, Until That Company Collapsed With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars Worth Of Bitcoin Gone Missing It Might Be The Greatest Heist In History If It Was A Heist So What Really Happened Here S The True Story Of The Humble To Hot Commodity, From The Former Geek Website That Launched The Boom To An Inside World Of Absent Minded CEOs, Hucksters, Hackers, Cybercrooks, Drug Dealers, Corrupt Federal Agents, Evangelical Libertarians, And Clueless Techies You Ll Discover Bitcoin S Connection To The Infamous Silk Road, Learn Why Hell Has Nothing On Japan S Criminal Justice System, And Get The Lowdown On The High Cost Of Betting With The Devil S Dollars All Of This For Less Than The Price Of A Single Bitcoin ABOUT THE AUTHORS Jake Adelstein Has Been An Investigative Journalist In Japan Since Considered One Of The Foremost Experts On Organized Crime In That Country, He Works As A Writer And Consultant In Japan And The United States, Writing For The Daily Beast, The Japanese Economic Monthly ZAITEN, And Other Publications He Has Served As A Special Correspondent For The Los Angeles Times And Is The Author Of Tokyo Vice An American Reporter On The Police Beat In Japan Vintage , Which Has Been Translated Into Twelve Languages, And Operation Tropical Storm Kindle Single Nathalie Stucky Is A Freelance Journalist In Tokyo And Europe She Was An Assistant Correspondent For The Japanese News Agency Jiji Press In Geneva And Contributed To The Book Reconstructing She Has Written For The Daily Beast, The Los Angeles Times, And Several French Publications

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    I m biased I wrote it with Nathalie Stucky But if you want to know the history of Bitcoin, the strange lure of it for many, and how a probably innocent man is facing jail time in Japan because half a billon dollars of it went missing this is the book for you.

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    Interesting topic, and, for being about Bitcoin, surprisingly easy to follow Could have benefitted from a focused story on bitcoin and Mt Gox, instead of details about Karpel s sexual life and the Japanese judicial system The latter is something I m interested in, but took away focus from the story.

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    A good first read on Bitcoin The first part of the book gives a nontechnical introduction to Bitcoin while the second recounts the saga of Mt Gox, the now extinct Bitcoin exchange that was once the largest in the world and that imploded when hackers stole most of its coins It is a gripping and fascinating tale of theft and spectacular mismanagement Also present in the book is the entangled relationship between Mt Gox, Silk Road and law enforcement Interesting read except for the details on the sex life of Mark Karpeles the creator of Mt Gox that sounded like too much information.

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    For all the drama in this story, this could have been a gripping read, but it felt awkward instead I learned a bit about the personality of Mark Karpeles, whom the book wants us to sympathize with And I do, now The argument for his innocence was compelling That said, I just was not interested in him as a person I did not need to know how he spent his money, and what that was supposed to say about him Tabloid details, as far as I m concerned Then the last section of the book seemed to focus on the abysmal state of the criminal justice system in Japan This section begins with a lengthy detour into this random other case involving another man who happens to like cats seriously, that was the thread in order to illustrate the problems with the guilty until proven guilty system in Japan I get that this is all relevant to the story of Mt Gox I m not sure why I should care so much about the details of how this all went down In 100 pages, I would have wanted much detail about how bitcoin actually works, algorithmically, and of the history and economic theory behind it, OR a completely separate book about Japan s justice system.

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    It s so hard to write about something you don t understand Adelstein does that and fails predictably His knowledge about money is pretty much limited to the numbers printed on the bank papers And he wings his explanations in a way that might make him look knowledgeable to someone who knows even less than him So what is bitcoin becomes Bitcoin is the name of a digital cryptocurrency created by a volunteer network of computer users It is held electronically.Yea, digital means it is held electronically Cryptocurency won t be explained, the same way Adelstein has no idea who the computer users are.

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    Clear that this book consists of lots of journal entries Interesting subject to explore but it was extremely disorganized I consider myself decently read in Crypto and the Mt Gox hacks but I was having alot of trouble following along Can t imagine how a layperson would get by.

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    Voici un roman que j ai lu rapidement, et pourtant le sujet est loin d tre facile puisqu on baigne pendant un peu plus de deux cents pages dans l univers de l argent, num rique ou r el, avec toutes les magouilles qu il peut y avoir Ce roman est une sorte de grand reportage faite par un journaliste qui connait tr s bien son sujet Jake Adelstein est un journaliste am ricain qui s est fait un nom apr s son enqu te sur les yakuzas, il vit au Japon o il est d ailleurs devenu pr tre bouddhiste zen Apr s les yakuzas, il va mener cette fois une longue enqu te sur la monnaie virtuelle qu est le Bitcoin Tout commence par l arrestation de Mark Karpel s Il est le dirigeant de la soci t la plus importante en change de Bitcoins Elle est bas e au Japon Le souci est que pr s de 850 000 bitcoins ont disparu Le dirigeant de la soci t est tout de suite accus et arr t par la police japonaise Jake, aid e de Nathalie Stucky, va mener l enqu te de son c t Mark pr tend qu il est innocent et qu il s est rendu compte de rien, Jake veut croire en son innocence Contrairement la justice japonaise car, pour elle, toute personne est consid r e coupable jusqu ce que la police ait les moyens de le prouver Ce qui fait que Mark va accumuler facilement les jours de garde vue avant d tre jug Jake va ainsi retracer la vie de Mark d s son arriv e au Japon en 2009, ses d buts dans l entreprise qu il cr e, les failles qu il va laisser se creuser dans son syst me qui fait que de l argent va dispara tre sans qu il ne s en rende compte Le journaliste a fouill profond ment dans beaucoup de secteurs, nous expliquant nous, lecteurs, ce qu est le bitcoin, ce qu il repr sente et surtout tous les travers qu il engendre Le bitcoin tant une monnaie virtuelle, il va permettre de financer en toute libert des ventes de drogues, d armes, en passant par l interm diaire du Dark Web Jake va avoir sa connaissance des soci t s qui n existent que dans l ill galit Il va ainsi y trouver m l es des personnes qui se cachent sous des pseudos et qui ne seront jamais identifi es, mais aussi des agents, des gens minents dans leur pays Tout un r seau formant une toile d araign e inextricable Jake nous explique galement le fonctionnement de la justice japonaise, et c est totalement diff rent de ce que l on peut conna tre Entre la culpabilit qui est tout de suite annonc e sans tre prouv e le mot pr sum n existe pas dans leur vocabulaire juridique et la multitude de chefs d accusation que la police trouve et ajoute pour garder l accus le plus longtemps possible en prison, on se rend compte de la difficult pour prouver son innocence Il ne fait pas bon tomber aux mains de la justice au Japon Et surtout, il faut un dossier en b ton, une tr s bonne d fense et bien s r ne pas avoir fait le moindre faux pas dans sa vie car ils d cortiquent tout et ne sont pas regardant pour rajouter de vieux dossiers Au moment o Jake finit ce livre, le 25 d cembre 2018, la justice n est toujours pas rendue, Mark Karpel s risque un nouveau proc s, et les bitcoins ne sont toujours pas retrouv s cC est hallucinant de voir toutes les ramifications que tout cela peut avoir, dans plusieurs pays J ai appr ci cette lecture, j ai surtout beaucoup aim suivre le cheminement et le raisonnement de Jake Adelstein, retracer toute l histoire de cette entreprise, du bitcoin, de sa facilit pour payer et surtout pour frauder J ai appris beaucoup, que ce soit au sujet de la monnaie virtuelle et de tout ce qu elle peut donner, mais aussi sur l enqu te en elle m me, rendue tr s int ressante par le journaliste Il a men ce roman comme un reportage, que je verrais d ailleurs bien t l vis C est en tout cas un sujet passionnant L auteur a rendu cette lecture abordable par tous, il explique tr s bien les diff rents termes, les situations des diff rentes personnes, les enjeux politiques, les dessous des affaires Il a une fa on de raconter assez passionnante, qui m a en tout cas fortement int ress e et intrigu e La lecture de ce roman m a donn envie de d couvrir les autres romans de Jake Adelstein et notamment Le Dernier des Yakuzas Encore un sujet qui doit regorger de dessous bien secrets et noirs..Ce roman est d couvrir, parce qu il parle d un sujet peu connu et pourtant toujours d actualit et aussi pour mieux conna tre les rouages de la justice japonaise.

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    Loved it J ai d vor ce livre de Jake Adelstein une enqu te sur les bitcoin qui commence au Japon avec la chute de la plus grande plateforme d change de bitcoins Mt Gox.J avais d j lu Tokyo Vice du m me auteur, on retrouve ici son style journalistique N anmoins j ai pr f r la traduction de ce livre.

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    Belle lecture, j ai appris pas mal de chose sur la cr ation du bitcoin et la chute de Mt Gox Je ne l ai pas compris tout de suite mais il s agit d un livre enqu te journalistique et non un roman Ce qui ne g che rien la lecture

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