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Best African American Fiction: 2009 summary Best African American Fiction: 2009, series Best African American Fiction: 2009, book Best African American Fiction: 2009, pdf Best African American Fiction: 2009, Best African American Fiction: 2009 530b62f960 Introducing The First Volume In An Exciting New Annual Anthology Featuring The Year S Most Outstanding Fiction By Some Of Today S Finest African American WritersFrom Stories That Depict Black Life In Times Gone By To Those That Address Contemporary Issues, This Inaugural Volume Gathers The Very Best Recent African American Fiction Created During A Period Of Electrifying Political Dialogue And Cultural, Social, And Economic Change That Is Sure To Captivate The Imaginations Of Writers And Readers For Years To Come, These Short Stories And Novel Excerpts Explore A Rich Variety Of Subjects But Most Of All, They Represent Exceptional ArtistryHere You Ll Find Work By Both Established Names And Up And Comers, Ranging From Walter Dean Myers To Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Mat Johnson, And Junot D Az They Write About Subjects As Diverse As The Complexities Of Black Middle Class Life And The Challenges Of Interracial Relationships, A Modern Day Lynching In The South And A Young Musician S Coming Of Age During The Harlem Renaissance What Unites These Stories, Whether Set In Suburbia, In Eighteenth Century New York City, Or On A Caribbean Island That Is Supposed To Be Brown Skin Paradise, Is Their Creators Passionate Engagement With Matters Of The Human HeartMasterful And Engaging, This First Volume Of Best African American Fiction Features Stories You Ll Want To Savor, Share, And Return To Again And Again Please Click The Behind The Book Link For Contributor S Bios

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    I have been reading short stories these days Not a genre I have ever really been drawn to However, I have been trying to read deeply Meaning, appreciating and understanding writing on other levels This all comes from my Narrative Medicine work ANYWAY, I have been referred to things I ve never read before and here I am This has been a very interesting book I I fell in love with 2 excerpts from novels, Dark Reflections by Samuel R Delany and The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz Both are so subtle Dark Reflections seems so quiet and simple, a poet who barely scrapes by in his day to day living.He has what appears to be a very small life but, like most lives, it isn t I am interested in this man and love the man who wrote this book Beautifully done The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao starts out all snap crackle and pop.then, if there was ever a complete description of a loser in the outside world, it is Oscar Yet, I love him I love his story I don t know how it ends because it is a lengthy excerpt but I need to get the novel Great writing.

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    A decent collection as with all of these it is hit and miss I am really not a fan of novel excerpts, but I think I will check out Samuel R Delany and Elijah of Buxton Short stories I liked Helen Elaine Lee and Amina Gautier the most, while Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie s Cell One was also enjoyable Boo on the editors for not including the author bios you have to go to a website Of course the editor s biographies are printed, they are important than the authors It is an honor just to be included so don t complain

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    This is a great collection of short stories and excerpts that I believe should not be segregated as African American but as great examples of contemporary American literature Obviously, I know that the editors did not have that in mind when putting together this collection somehow the first of its status , but I hope that readers don t box in the stories as has been done countless times in survey courses How often has there been a strange break in a literature course where, suddenly, there is a chunk of African American lit which is not integrated into the rest of the curriculum Of especial notice in this collection is Abani s Albino Crow , Yanique s The Saving Work , Raboteau s Orb Weaver and Jones In the Blink of God s Eye As for the excerpts, I ran right out and picked up Thomas Man Gone Down just from the opening line, while I m intrigued in Junot Diaz Oscar Wao I am also pleased to see the inclusion of young adult fiction, which has long been neglected from scholarly interest, but has just as much to say as any adult work.Overall, I am excited to continue this series and have already picked up the 2010 edition.

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    I really enjoyed this collection of contemporary fiction It has some amazing short stories, especially Albino Crow and Orb Weaver It led me to purchase one of my all time favorite novels, Man Gone Down, because of the excerpt I ended up finishing the beautiful piece of young adult fiction Feathers And I would have my first introduction to a writer who would soon become one of my idols Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.I read this all the way back in 2010, not too long after it was published, and it s really interesting what only five years has done Many of the authors in here have become staples in my library, some consciously and some by accident By revisiting this collection now, I can really see what Early was able to accomplish by editing this series together.

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    If they are not playing for intellectual doggy treats, black authors when they are black authors have this non committal way about fictionthat really must be in the old slave tradition of disguising escape plans within gospel lyrics They play both sides, so everyone is content to think we re still singing about glory.

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    I read all the short fiction and one novel excerpt Excellent stories every one I think the one that will linger the longest is This Kind of Red by Helen Elaine Lee I ll have to look for her other writings.

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    David Nicholson s A Few Good Men is worth getting the book He understands and recognizes the cadence in movement, voice, and employment I hope to read a lot from Nicholson

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    Seriously enjoyed it I learned about authors I had not previously been exposed to including Tiphanie Yanique, Chris Abani, Amina Gautier, and Michael Thomas.

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    I m flipping through it Read ZZ Packer and Chris Abani.

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    Good way to learn about some new authors.

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