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Elementals pdf Elementals, ebook Elementals, epub Elementals, doc Elementals, e-pub Elementals, Elementals 64f708f8032 Elemental Magic Has Never Been So Terrifying What Do You Get When Kick Ass Urban Fantasy Elementals Are Set To Face A Horde Of Bad Ass Villains With Enough Magic To End Life As They Know It Spell Binding, Earth Shattering, Electrifying Tales Of Magical Mayhem And Destructive Power From Today S New York Times, USA Today, And Internationally Bestselling Authors Each One Of The Brand New, Exclusive Stories In This Anthology Transforms The Elements Into Something Magical And Than A Little Frightening This Explosive Anthology Is On Fire

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    Elementals a Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection is an excellent collection of stories I have read about 2 3 of them and I have to write a reviewalthough I haven t finished them all What I have finished it all 5 stars My favorite so far is Deadlines and Dryads by Rebecca Chastain If you have read her Gargoyle series you may know some of her characters Quinn is going out to find out why the mild Dryads are attacking anyone and everything She is taking a gargoyle named Kylie with her It is a great story you gargoyle fans will not want to miss I love her gargoyle books I love all these authors gathered in this book, a great find I couldn t be happier

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    I haven t read the entire anthology although I do plan to in the future so I m not marking this as read or giving it a rating yet but I ll review the stories as I read them.Deadlines and Dryads Rebecca ChastainRead September 2017, 5 StarsDeadlines and Dryads is the first story in a new series set in the same world as Rebecca Chastain s Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles You don t have to read the original series first although I d highly recommend it because it s one of my favourites but if you are familiar with the previous stories then you ll recognise a few of the characters in this spin off Reporter Kylie was one of my favourite side characters in the other books so I was really excited when I found out she was getting her own series, she s such a fun character and this story really gives her a chance to shine.A once in a lifetime event is about to happen and the Terra Haven newspaper has given all of it s reporters 48 hours to come up with the most impressive story they can find The winner will be sent on the trip of a lifetime and given the chance to report exclusively on an event that occurs only once every few hundred years Kylie may be a junior reporter but she is absolutely determined to win, she even has her eye on what could be the perfect scoop Well it was until her sneaky coworker started following her around so he could write the prize winning story on the back of her hard work The only chance Kylie has is to make sure she gets her story written faster than Nathan can but she s going to need all the help she can get to achieve that goal.I love how determined Kylie is and the way she is able to keep fighting for what she wants no matter how many knocks she gets along the way Nathan is despicable but I think pretty much all of us will have come across someone like him at some point in time, the kind of person who isn t willing to put the effort in but will cut any corner he can to make sure it looks like he did It would have been so easy for Kylie to give up and let Nathan get the better of her but she s stronger than that and I couldn t have been happy every time she outmanoeuvred him Luckily Kylie has a few allies in her corner to help, starting with adorable gargoyle and reporter in training Quinn You might remember Quinn as one of the gargoyles rescued my Mika in the original series but he s become rather attached to Kylie and the two of them make a great team He is ridiculously cute but also a steadfast and powerful companion and I loved seeing how curious he was about everything Kylie was doing Her less reluctant ally is Grant, member of the FPD Federal Pentagon Defence who also appeared in the previous books Grant is the leader of his FPD unit but he s investigating his current job alone while the rest of his team are tied up with another case He would rather keep Kylie out of harm s way and well away from the action but once he realises how determined she is to see things through he realises they might as well work together and ends up accepting her help.This is a brilliant start to Kylie s series, the story is fun and fast paced and I found it an incredibly quick read It s also full of interesting supernatural creatures that you don t come across very often in young adult urban fantasy While the story works as a complete stand alone you get a few hints about where the series is going and I m definitely very interested to see what happens on Kylie s next assignment.Source Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Switch by Lindsey Loucks and Rebecca Hamilton Fae and witches are nothing new to this world But when a prophecy about 5 years old Fae child drives a clan of witches into a fraantic attempt to exterminate whole city, something must be done And the only one capable of stopping the attack is Myla, with her unstable elemental magic called Benny and brave, desperate heart Short, action packed story lined with suspense and full of twists despite its length definitely has the potential to steal the reader s heart Fearless heroine driven by despair, determination, and protective instincts is sometimes all you can focus on Myla is the shining star here, fighting with her head high up, facing whatever threat is coming her way, and even entertaining the reader with the funny, awkward situations she lands in although that s Benny s domain I loved this opening story and would definitely find time to read the rest.

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    This review is for Deadlines and DryadsI do remember meeting Kylie in Magic of the Gargoyles In a battle against all of the other journalists at the Terra Haven Chronicle, junior reporter Kylie Grayson is determined to win The prize is a once in a lifetime assignment She has to try to get her story before a slimey co worker, Nathan, steals her story With Quinn s help she joins Grant Monaghan, Captain of the Federal Pentagon Defense warriors, to save the dryads and the city They will meet with a harpy and make a deal with her to try to defeat a spriggan threatening the forest and anything in his way Quinn is there to add his talents to the mix As Kylie and Grant combine their magic to accomplish their task, all sorts of thoughts about Grant begin to infiltrate her thoughts I loved this short story and would LOVE to learn about Grant, a lot I bought this book specifically for Deadlines and Dryads, but have found several new authors to enjoy.

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    Great value for priceThis fantasy collection is great value for your money Like all collections, I liked some stories than others I also confess that I flipped first to Rebecca Chastain s Deadlines and Dryads since I am a devoted fan, and especially of her Gargoyle Guardian series This story is set in the same world and let s just say I was far from disappointed as always, I loved every word Of course, there were a few other writers known to me and I enjoyed experiencing of their talents as well Best of all, I ve found some new writers I liked, and will be tracking down their other work as soon as possible You can t beat this collection, there are fourteen authors and unique stories I m sure anyone can find several to like.

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    I received my money s worth with Elementals this 99c anthology features 14 short stories, although most of them appear to be series prequels, or the first chapters of longer stories Many of the stories were good, but they felt incomplete, therefore, readers may feel unsatisfied by the stories with open incomplete threads It also appears the stories had their own editors or not , one story specifically, was a hot mess of punctuation and spelling errors a darn shame, too, as the premise for the short story was really interesting Thankfully, the good outweighed the bad, so the anthology is a good value with an interesting selection of authors.

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    Fractured Elements by Jen L GreyThis is an amazing book from start to finish with many great Authors A new one to me I really like was Jen L Grey Fractured ElementsThis is the first time I have ever read anything by Jennifer Grey and will not be my last.She created a fast pace magical setting and the start of what I expect to be many great books to come..Brook and Kenna are 2 best friends Sisters that don t take crap from anyone.Throw in a few know it all guys and what you expect happens lol..This is a very short story but with alot of details to suck you in and fast.Can t wait to read book 2 need 2018 to hurry up

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    I received an ARC of Switch by Lindsey Loucks and Rebecca Hamilton and enjoyed it so much I bought the whole collection of stories Switch follows a fae bomb squad detective has she tries to protect the city from a cult trying to stop its own prophecy The threats seem to encompass her own child as she hurries to save the day Though a short story, Switch is addicting, action packed, and feels like a lead in to a new series I sincerely hope so anyway The collection as a whole contains a lot of good writers and something for everyone that enjoys Urban Fantasy.

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    I have only Read Fractured Elements by Jen L Grey.It was a very interesting starter book But I felt like I got too much of the story in these pages I honestly feel even if I were to pick up the next book in Jen s Series I d be reading something that I ve already read Much of the story is told and revealed, even if not all the smaller nuances weren t there It is still extremely well written and a very interesting premise.

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    This review is based on the included edition Fractured Elements by Jen L Grey I received a copy of this story and am sharing an honest review here I really loved this story, and was roped in the instant I started it It includes magical elements in a high school setting, and it s a serious page turner This was a sincerely enjoyable story, and if the other books in this set are similar, I definitely need to check the rest of this collection out

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