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Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) pdf Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) , ebook Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) , epub Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) , doc Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) , e-pub Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) , Awakening (Silent Cove Book 1) 7ff3fd51438 Be Careful What You Wish For It Just Might Kill You Carmen And Angelo D Agostino Want A New Life And That S Precisely What They Get After A Cross Country Move From Bustling Los Angeles To The Remote Coastal Village Of Chistine, Maine, Allows Them To Start A New Business Together Upon Their Arrival, However, The Couple Discovers They Ve Been Scammed Stranded And Desperate To Turn Their Luck, The D Agostinos Take A Gamble On The Haunted And Abandoned McGillicuddy InnThey Have No Way Of Knowing That The Rebranded Silent Cove Bed Breakfast Includes An Elderly Housekeeper Who Shows Up At The Most Opportune Times, A Mysterious, Vanishing Gardener, And Countless Spine Chilling Encounters They Could Ve Never Imagined Even Worse, Something Or Someone Who Is Out For Carmen S BloodTrying To Make Sense Of These Frightful Events, The Stress And Unforeseen Horrors Of Their New Life Take A Toll On Angelo And Carmen S Relationship They Ve Awakened The Spirits In Their Haunted Mansion And There S No Possibility Of Escape Will Their Love Survive The Terrors Of Silent Cove Before Its Grand Opening Step Inside The Surreal New World Of The D Agostinos In The First Book Of The Silent Cove Trilogy, A Paranormal Romance Saga, As They Fight For Their Lives On The Coast Of MaineBuy This Book To Awaken The Electrifying Spirit Of Silent Cove Today Silent Cove Series Reading Order Awakening Book One By Deanndra HallRetribution Book Two By Anne L ParksBanishing Book Three By Jax Jillian

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    My Rating 4.5Favorite Quote Her death certificate should ve been stamped does not play well with others My Review I enjoyed this easy to follow and compelling paranormal mystery from beginning to end Carmen and Angelo D Agostino were a young couple who had left their meddlesome family and friends thousands of miles across the country to strike out on their own adventure, only to find they had been scammed Their money was gone with nothing to show for it, no hope of recovery, and no home or business to run as well as limited possibilities in the small town they had moved to, although that old BB looked promising and seemed fortuitously cheap Oops, it came with something extra, like restless and bitter spirits The storyline was intriguing, creative, and well paced and packed with alluring and odd characters and also gives new meaning to the phrase of getting the dirt on someone While this story can stand alone, I look forward to diving into the other two books of this trilogy.

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    I didn t know what to expect when I first started reading Awakening I was Intrigued from the very first page and knew what the general idea of the book was about but I was NOT expecting all of the shocking surprises that were revealed throughout the story I have read the majority of Deanndra Halls books and I have loved every one of them Awakening was no different, even though the content wasn t something I expected I was hooked and couldn t put it down until the very end This story has angst and I have to admit that I was jumping at every little noise while reading I also want to take a visit to Chistine to visit Silent Cove BB to be involved in the shenanigans that Carmen and Angelo find themselves in The trials and tribulations that they endure while trying to renovate the Inn test their patience and their marriage until things start to reveal themselves and they find themselves battling not only rumors of the town but a past they had no control over I can t wait to read the rest of the Silent Cove trilogy to see everything get revealed

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    Holy what a story Loved it and I am not one for paranormal books at all Can t wait to jump into the next books I keep trying to figure out what s going to happen next and it s not very predictable at all, which makes for a great book.

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    Who doesn t love a good ghost story Deanndra delivers a great story that keeps you on your toes wondering what s going to happen next Who is going to win The living or the dearly departed I can t wait for the rest of the series.

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    The book that starts the trilogy gives us the history of Delilah and where all the secrets begin.Carmen and Angelo are tired of just making it and having family and neighbors know all they do so they decide to strike out on their own the first venture didn t work out so well and while in the town they come across a bed and breakfast for sale What isn t understood is why the town is freaked out by the home And it leaves you wondering what is going on Upon moving in Carmen is illuminated to the truth and it isn t pretty So much happened at this place that leaves the hair on end Unfortunately for Carmen at first Angelo doesn t believe her when it comes to the idea of spirits and one attacking Once he does wow do things change.This is a couple who love one another but is caught up in a past that may cost them everything It is a wild ride and one that is great for October I like how they incorporate the history of the house and all the tragedy but also the town and how they feel about it I also enjoyed how Deanndra has this couple work together and learn to make lemonade from lemons Carmen and Angelo are wonderful likable characters who are great inn owners they are hard working and real Once Angelo sees what is really going on and they are working together, you see many twists to the story and you see them take advantage of the unique haunting of their inn for good business A wonderful haunting that awakens us to the spirits in Silent Cove and the tragic past of those Spirits and how they can t move on and what they are after GReat plot and fast paced but also keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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    This is the story of Angelo and Carmen a married couple who decides to put everything on the line and move across the country to get away from their nosy and protective family When they buy a siding business they arrive in the town of Chistine Maine Unfortunately trouble arises and instead they find themselves owning and living at the McGillicudy Inn When strange and supernatural things begin to occur the couple must fight against the ghostly inhabitants as well as keeping their relationship intact can they survive this new life and people of Silent Cove both past and present This book was so much fun and super crazy I felt so bad for Angelo and Carmen when they get to Chistin about their being scammed which made me love them even right from the start of the story This book was so great I never knew what to expect or what was going to happen I totally though Marjorie was a ghost but turns out that s William kinda I love that Angelo and Carmen fought but eventually made up Marjorie was a doll and William was scary I hated Delilah she s was such a witch and so mean for no reason I loved that there s still things unexplained like the bluff even though the path should be at normal sea level This book was just exciting and riveting from beginning to end.

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    Man oh man it has been like ages since I have read a good ghost story This is also a new to me author with the trilogy picking my attention with the ghosts being a big factor As soon as you enter in you are introduced to Carmen and Angelo who want to venture out on their own with you seeing why The way they do it has you going oh no especially since I live in a inter city and see stuff every day But that also leads to what they do get and the real treat begins The foundation of this house with the characters that bring it to life with the story as the blood will have you stuck to it like glue This is one of the best in ghost story I have read in coon ages with it having all the right flow to keep the reader entranced I like Carmen she has some back bone with not giving up too Angelo takes a lesson from her but they do love each other with this also being a plus Fall for the housekeeper who is a mystery in herself but the mysteries that are interwoven in this house and grounds unravel bit by bit by the time you reach the end of this one you want and crave from this series.

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    4.5 starsIn the first chapter, the story develops a little slow, in my opinion, I struggled to connect with it, but only in the first pages As I was reading, I immersed in the story and I could not stop reading Except for the night, the shadows lurk and I did not want to dream of ghosts The story is not predictable and I always found myself wondering what was going to happen next.Overall, I liked the characters, I think they were well developed I m not going to talk about the characters to avoid spoilers.At the end of the story we have unanswered questions, but this book is the first of a trilogy It is normal, but hey, the trilogy is released during the month of October You do not have to wait months and months to get answers to those questions I feel that Awakening is just the beginning of everything and that the best is yet to come I can not wait to read the rest of the Silent Cove trilogy and discover all the secrets about Silent Cove BB and their inhabitants dead and alive.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader of this book.

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    From reading the prologue, a couple is hauling ass to get out of the McGillicudy Inn So the question is what in the world is going on Chapter 1, you meet Carmen Angelo D Agostine, their a young couple that has become dissatisfied with the status quo of their lives meddling Italian in laws They decide that their going to buy a business across the country What could go wrong, right Wellthe business that they sunk a huge chunk of money into, was a scam Instead of admitting defeat, they buy a run down BB, known as the McGillicudy Inn This book put me in mind of the movie, The Money Pit the TV show, Ghost Adventures This was just the right amount of weird creepy for me What I liked which say something about me , every time Carmen Angelo had relations a voice that only Carmen could hear would insinuate that she was a slut This book had a bunch of creepy ghostly people If you looking for a humorously haughting read, check this out The ending is not what you expect

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