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Mechanic txt Mechanic , text ebook Mechanic , adobe reader Mechanic , chapter 2 Mechanic , Mechanic 7aaf9d There Was One Girl Michael Knew Like No OtherHer Good Side And Her WickedGabriella Ran From Her Past And Her Shame She Turned From The Part Of Herself That Got The Person She Loved Most Into Terrible TroubleIt S Been So Long Now, It S Like That Past No Longer ExistsWhen Michael Sees Gabriella After A Decade, The One Thing He Doesn T Expect Is That She D Have No Idea Who He IsBut Gabriella Always Liked To Play DirtySo What If He Has To Use His Skills As A Mechanic To Tamper With Her Engine He Ll Use Every Tool In His Toolbox To Remind Her Who He Is And Make Sure She Never Forgets Again

About the Author: Amber A. Bardan

Amber is a 1 Bestselling, award winning, author, and member of Romance Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit She now spends her time in a coffee fuelled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.She lives with her husband and children in semi rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.Find out about Amber by visiting

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    Not a huge fan of the cover for this one That s just personal preference as I don t find the dude particularly attractive AND the hero is this one has a beard, so he isn t a very good representation of the character either a bit of a pet peeve of mine Other than that it has good composition, title, and graphics use With all the book cover in this series being similar it brings a nice unity to the series as well.Lord have mercy was this one HOT So again this review is going to be rather short because the story itself is super short This one is my favorite of the series so far Like is said it was smokin hot No OW OM drama Neither were virgins Both characters were likable, and it was wrapped up in an OK one year later epilogue.The only thing I didn t like about it was that it was way too short I would have loved to have seen this story fleshed out in a longer book But that is not what these books are meant to be, so I can t complain too much Two thumbs up from yours truly.

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    2 stars Mechanic is the final book in the dirty men series and sadly this one was just ok for me This was a second chance story with a bit of BDSM I felt it had the potential to be better or at least with a bit explanation of a few things that happened Everything felt abrupt, the first meeting between the MC, the sex, and the end The epilogue was sweet.

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    She s so soft, that my hardness gets harder So sweet that my hunger gets sharper So desperate that my need swells violently.I could break us both into pieces, and it wouldn t be destructive enough to satisfy this pain.Such a HOT short story

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    3.5 Stars

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    3.5 stars Why is it the dirty gorgeous books are always the shortest Really liked this one and wanted from it Mike was Unf Perfect written hero Just gimme moar

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    MECHANIC is another fantastic standalone novella under the Dirty Men Series This is about Michael, a sexy mechanic, who found his first love again after ten years, Gabriella She seemed to not have recognized him at first But he was there to remind him of the dirty things they did and what they are capable of doing together, and he was never letting her run away again I loved this book I loved that Mike re ignited Gabriella s passion for life And their chemistry together was simply sensational I have read an advanced copy of this book and this is a fair and honest review and recommendation voluntarily shared.

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    MECHANIC is another fantastic standalone short novella in the Dirty Men Series In this read we have Michael, a sexy mechanic, who stumbles upon his first love again after ten years He remembers everything, every feel and touch of Gabriella Now that he s got her back in his sights he s going to make sure she never leaves again Gabriella is going nowhere she s stuck in a job she hates with an awful boss She s just existing not living life When Gabriella see s this brooding man there s something in his eyes that just pulls at her deep down But her past plays heavily on her mind and she try s to push her feelings back down.Even though Gabriella didn t recognise Michael at first he was never going to let that stop him reminding her of all the dirty things they did and what their true feelings were I loved how and that Michael didn t stop till he re ignited Gabriella s passion for life And their chemistry together was simply hot I really could have read so much in this book and could have seen this as a full length novel Hopefully Amber Bardan will give us just that

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    What a quick read full of steamy sex and a hero that is definitely the definition of ALPHA all the way while the heroine is sassy and sweet This is a 2nd chance romance since Michael hero found the only woman he would ever love Gabriella I loved these were two people who never cheated on the other and when they met back up , there wasn t any one else in the picture Just the main characters and the problem s that caused the main breakup to begin with I loved the fast paced of this story and how it was quickly wrapped up which leads me to my small issue with this novella. I would have loved to seen this made into a longer story because everything here screams to see this made into a full length story But as it was there is an epilogue so there is at least that I loved the heat and the chemistry of the MC and the plot I just wish it could be longer, just not so short.My Rating 4.5 stars I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This was definitely a steamy read, but I did have a few problems with this one And I love Bardan, so this kinda stings for me 1 IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT I need 2 I will keep this one brief because of spoilery potential I feel like the book went from the problem, immediately to the end There wasn t an explanation for how the female MC went from point A to point B.That being said, the ending felt a bit rushed I realize this was a novella, but I guess I just wanted I would have loved to see of the character s backstory and the shame that was talked about in the blurb It was touched on a tiny bit, but I m thinking it was maybe like a paragraph or two and that was it There wasn t much said as for their past or anything of the like I would really love for this one to be turned into a longer book Annnnnnd 3 The man on the cover DOES NOT match the character He s definitely a dirty mechanic, but where s the beard swoons over beards here Give me the beards I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy.

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