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Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) txt Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) , text ebook Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) , adobe reader Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) , chapter 2 Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) , Retribution (Silent Cove Book 2) 59038d Not Even Death Can Calm A Vengeful Soul Lansing Abbott Wants To Find The Perfect Place To Spend Her Sabbatical From Teaching History At A Private University In Rhode Island After Reading About The Ethereal Guests That Still Inhabit The Silent Cove Bed Breakfast, She Packs Her Bags For Chistine, Maine While Exploring The Grounds Of The Inn, She Stumbles Upon An Unmarked Grave, And Uncovers A Secret Many Residents Want To Remain Buried The Last Thing Tucker Kingsley Wants Is To Go To Chistine And Handle His Dead Uncle S Estate He Knows Next To Nothing About His Father S Only Brother, And Even Less About The Mysterious Deaths That Plague Their Family Until A Chance Encounter Brings Him Face To Face With His Great, Great Grandfather Who S Been Dead For Nearly A Century When Lansing Offers To Help Tucker Clear Out His Uncle S Home, Things Begin To Heat Up Between The Couple Little By Little They Begin To Piece Together A Family Secret One That May End Both Of Their Lives Can They Survive The Horrors That Await Them At Silent Cove Silent Cove Retribution Is The Second Heart Stopping Book In The Silent Cove Trilogy, A Paranormal Romance, By Bestseller Anne L Parks Get Your Copy And Join Lansing And Tucker As They Enter A World Of Vengeful Spirits, Haunted Estates, And One Final Chilling Twist That Will Leave Readers On The Edge Of Their Seat Silent Cove Series Reading Order Awakening Book One By Deanndra Hall Retribution Book Two By Anne L Parks Banishing Book Three By Jax Jillian

About the Author: Anne L. Parks

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Anne L Parks has spent the last 28 years moving all over the United States Married to the Navy well a Commander in the Navy Parks has lived in various locales throughout the United States She currently resides in the Washington D.C area When not writing, she spends her time reading, doing yoga, mountain biking, and keeping track of four kids and a ve

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    Favorite Quotes People could be cruel in their Christian values, and often found guilt through association with those they perceived as less than godly individuals Those were the same people who would come to parties at the mansion Maurice had spent millions to build and then given to his mistress They were all two faced Saturday night sinners who would beg for forgiveness in church on Sunday morning It wasn t a question, which wasn t all that surprising in a small town like Chistine Some of these families had been among the first settlers in the area New people stuck out like a pimple on picture day.Holy mother of lust My Review Carmen and Angelo seem to have found the secret to transforming Silent Cove BB into a successful enterprise by marketing themselves as having something extra special and outside the norm of the typical BB on their lovely grounds, and thankfully, it is working Yet even with protections in place, additional somethings or someones have slipped through to find and bedevil one of the new guests with a family connection These sly writers have added an additional level of intrigue, tragedy, and drama to the series with a totally new specter, as well as several additional mysteries to cause distress to the living and stir the ire of the restless spirits The plot was twisty and a bit complicated by a long slate of family members characters past and present to track and make sense of, although my addled pea brain managed just fine, which proves the task doable.

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    Retribution by Anne L Parks is book 2 in the Silent Cove series and follows on the heals of Awakening It is a wonderful story of the blurred lines between the present, the past and the afterlife It continues the somewhat sordid and very tragic tale of the Cambridge Kingsley family and its impact on all who visit The Silent Cove Bed and Breakfast This installment has history professor Lansing and Kingsley family heir Tucker unraveling the complicated mystery and tragedy that surrounds Eliza, the Cambridge siblings and a boy who was a friend from their youth It also thrusts the couple out of the safety of a mutually beneficial alliance and into the turbulent world of love and commitment It would help to have read Awakenings first, but in no way impeded understanding and enjoyment I plan on doing that now and on following the rest of the series.I wholeheartedly recommend this book and series to anyone who counts paranormal romance and suspense as one of their favorites I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I don t know where to even begin with this story. Usually not my choice in genre, The Silent Cove trilogy has kept me glued to every single page and left me wanting I personally haven t read a trilogy that was written by 3 different authors and the stories interconnect like it was written by one author We get the characters that we already know living And NOT. The storyline flow flawlessly and mysteries are uncovered and we follow Lansing and Tucker as they experience ALL that is Silent Cove and the secrets that the slowly being revealed as we get to the bottom of that horrid New Years Eve night I hate to admit it, but I am going to be saddened when this trilogy is over because The Authors make you feel like you re a part of the Silent Cove Inn with ALL of inhabitants I absolutely love it and am on pins and needles to see how this story is wrapped up in Banishing

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    I never thought I would love a ghost story but I was so wrong This series is full of twists and turns Loaded with family secrets and tragedy that will keep you wondering what on earth will happen next.

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    Part two of this book is just as good as the first, can t wait for the third and final book in this series In part two we find out it s not just silent cove that is haunted but seems there is a mystery to be solved at another house involving the Kingsley family This book Introduces new characters and diving into the past, and past mistakes.

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    Received in exchange for a honest review.For the sopho book in the series it packs quite a wallop delilah is getting nastier and the story is getting teeth and depth.Here Turcker is going to Chistine to deal with his uncle s estate an uncle he didn t really know and as he reads the papers sees some guilt and a mystery coming about Their are secrets in his family Secrets that have affected so many and have spirits darkening the door of the Bed and Breakfast that Angelo and Carmen own.One woman though wants those ghosts around She wants to learn about the hauntings and history of this town and inn Lansing takes a sabbactical so she can learn And where better to start than the inn Only she learns a little about the family involved And in comes Tucker Tucker who doesn t know what to believe and knows next to nothing about the mystery of his family that is until he meets the ghost of his great great grandfather this is a game changer for him As is meeting Lansing She helps him face the family secrets and uncover what is tethering some of them here At the same time they are in danger of retribution due to the past and ghosts wanting revenge, the two are falling in love.Lansing is really a interesting character She wants to learn about ghosts and hauntings and is not freaked by them She also wants to help the family heal She wants Tucker to find out the history of his family and what really happened and at the same time help him help the ghosts stop the revenge and be able to move on tucker is one that is hard to explain He s a great guy but was sheltered about his family He didn t know much about them so when he came to Chistine he didn t expect the twists and darkness that was there He didn t expect death, destruction and scandal in the past and he sure didn t expect to have ghosts wanting retribution for deeds done by relatives But the biggest thing he didn t expect was Lansing.The story was equal parts creepy, full of secrets being revealed and scandal from the past being opened up, and love We get sweet likable characters, a great plot with many twists and turns and forgiveness A wonderful second story in the trilogy that gives us all the elements of a great haunting story.

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    Retribution by Anne L Parks is book 2 in the Silent Cove series Each book in this trilogy is written by a different author, but this does not affect the story It is well written and I have not noticed any incongruities or mistakes regarding Awakening the book 1 of the trilogy , the known characters are as I remembered them and they have not suffered a change of personality, as in other multi author series.Being a trilogy I recommend that you read it in order and not as a standalone.I love Lansing and Tucker Tucker is lovely and Lansing is a strong, intelligent and funny woman In the second part of this trilogy we discover details about the history of the former inhabitants of Silent Cove Retribution is an intense and mysterious story The author delights us with a romance that begins to build unexpectedly, little by little, to end up being very passionate Tucker and Lansing are a couple that I really like.I can not wait to read the next book, and discover all the mysteries of Silent Cove.I voluntarily chose to review an ARC of this book.

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    This book is about a woman named Lansing who s a history professor who is on sabbatical and visiting the Silent Cove bed and breakfast There she meets Tucker a descendant of the original owners Together their research new ghosts that have appeared at the inn and old ghost that were encountered in Awakening Together they must solve a mystery and survive to talk about in the process This book was lots of fun I m glad we learned about the ghostly inhabitants of the inn and that we get to meet a new couple I liked Lansing and Tucker they were a cute couple and seemed to work really well The whole story about the boy was sad though and I m glad several ghosties found peace Can t wait to read the final book

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    The bridge between the books of this trilogy is seamless, a true feat when you have three different authors Lansing and Tucker are my favorite characters of the series The Inn is a character in it s own right and each author s vision adds to the setting without taking away from the previous story The characters are intriguing and the intertwined mysteries are full of suspense and twists My favorite aspect of this trilogy is all of the familial connections and the way they flow from book to book This trilogy is truly well developed and executed I would love to see these authors team up for great tales

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    This is my first time reading this author This is also another great addition to this series that has a great ghost story to it When Lansing goes to that inn in Maine she is soon uncovering a grand mystery that has many secrets and danger attached to it When Tucker comes to settle things since his father is away with his brother s estate he also meets with danger The things they meet and the secrets that come out get you to the edge with this story The two also help each other and build a good relationship I found this so fascinating with all its twists and turns By the time I reached the end of this one I am ready for the next one.

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