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Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe quotes Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe , litcharts Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe , symbolism Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe , summary shmoop Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe , Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe 138a6a2c So You Want To Go Into Space WHY No, Really It S Sort Of A Terrible Idea We Humans Are Perfectly Designed For Life On Earth We Can Walk Around, Breathe, Drink Water, Eat Vegetables, Read Books, Not Get Poisoned Or Crushed To Death When We Go Outside It S Lovely Right Where We Are Not Convinced GOOD People Have Been Dreaming About Space Travel For Centuries There S Something Amazing About The Idea Of Leaving Our Planet Behind And Setting Out To Explore The Universe There S So Much We Still Don T Know UK And Ireland S Best Loved Comedian Dara O Briain Takes You On A Journey From The Safety Of Your Comfiest Chair To The Furthest Reaches Of Space And Beyond

10 thoughts on “Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe

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    Whether child or adult this book really makes understanding space easy It is a valuable addition for the beginners in astronomy It s also full of scientific facts, and written in a easy to read and funny way I can t wait for Dara s next book.

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    This is a great book for learning about space and the solar system I enjoyed it so much i finished it in a day I skipped the part about the universe ending because it sounded too scary I loved the part that tells you how astronauts go to the toilet it made me giggle a lot I am seven.

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    Dara O Briain could write anything and I d love it I m sure.A funny, lighthearted and interesting way to explore those big questions about our planet, our universe and how the hell we re all here.

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    This is a fantastic book for anyone interested in learning about space and the ISS.It is written for children, and narrated in a free flowing and chatty style that makes it instantly accessible for everyone I loved it.

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    I literally read the whole book with his voice in my head very clearly his style and sense of humour Starts basic but goes VERY hardcore but explains things in as simple a way as possible I learnt plenty

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    My son read this twice before insisting we read it together Dara O Briein s humour really comes through He has written a very engaging book I loved it and so did my son.

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    A good refresh and update of my secondary school astronomy, told in an interesting way

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    Extremely funny and very informativeI loved it

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    I wish we Indians could have such writers who can take science to the public, especially young minds Really very good book for age groups 7 to 15.

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