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Windhome pdf Windhome , ebook Windhome , epub Windhome , doc Windhome , e-pub Windhome , Windhome 2268c3b93a9 Earth Has Sent Out Exploratory Expeditions In A Desperate Attempt To Discover The Nature Of The Alien Force That Wiped Out At Least One Extrasolar Civilization And Now Threatens Earth Itself One Of The Exploratory Starships Is Stealth Attacked By The Hostile Aliens The Survivors, Marooned Among The Pre Technological Inhabitants Of The Icy World Of Windhome, Struggle To Survive, To Understand This Harsh World And Its Few, Grim People And, Somehow, To Fulfill Their Mission Thrown Into An Unwilling Alliance With A Windhome Outsider Faction, Exiled Into Wilderness, Two Of The Human Crew Must Live By This World S Bitter Laws, Accept The Ways Of Its People And Eventually Make A Terrifying Choice

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    A novel of first contact in the tradition of Ursula K LeGuin and Eleanor Arnason, Kristin Landon s Windhome is a character focused study of what happens when three humans, last survivors of an expedition find themselves on a cold and very alien planet Landon does an excellent job making the native Anokothu far than rubber headed aliens, with a strong and unique culture, ethos and characters of their own that make for a rich tapestry of a narrative.More of my thoughts at Skiffy and Fantyhttps skiffyandfanty.com 2017 12 06

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    Four stars for roughly the first 2 3 and 3 for the last third, unfortunately There was a lot in here that I was very into the creeping horror of the opening, the trek across the winter, the differing attitudes towards history , but in the end I didn t buy the romantic weight that was given to Vika and Pierre s relationship, which ended up so emotionally central to the closing third, and so my ability to invest in their characters diminished I was also disappointed by how predictably gender and sexuality were depicted for the alien species.

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    A really engrossing yarn.Some humans travel to a distant though, in terms of space, neighbouring planet to find out about a hostile force that threatens humanity and has already destroyed large parts of this planet Only a small part of their exploration force arrives intact, so survival on the new planet becomes the main task The main part of the book is about the humans getting to know and coming to terms with the native culture they encounter I found this a pleasant page turner, told at just the right pace I kept wanting to know what happens next, and that is saying something, since I quickly developed quite a dislike of the human characters Fortunately, some of the natives generally called aliens were very likeable, and those that weren t were quite fascinating.When about a third into the book the story seemed really only just beginning, I started to worry it would be just the first of a series there is no hint anywhere else on the book that it might be and would end on a cliffhanger, but luckily that didn t happen it is a completed story, but there is definitely room for a sequel.

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