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    I read Desert Runner What s next Desert Runner 2, of course Or, rather, Desert Born.It was loads of fun Like this Still, not as captivating as the first part of the series I knew the world by now, and now I needed things done with it.Although the writing is good, and narration again awesome, I needed something to justify the 5 score If I went solely with the audio part in the audiobook , since I listened to it and Andrea was super pleasant to my ears, I would have gone with the maximum score.However, the story lacked some kick It wasn t boring, but I felt it dragged out a bit I did enjoy it though and will certainly go for the third part Books are 4 hours long, and at 1.3x listening speed, it compresses into 3 hours Those were well spent 3 hours.As with any of my reviews, take this one with a grain of salt as well I tend to over rate something when I enjoy it But I suppose that s the point of the subjective rating Desert Born Puatera Online 2 by Dawn Chapman Goodreads Author , Andrea Parsneau Narrator Verdict A very good sequel Looking forward to next installment.Overall Performance Story

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    3.5 starsIn book one, the world building was what captured my attention the most In book two, the thing that captured my attention the most were the plot twists I won t go into too many details here so I don t spoil too much, but the thing that surprised interested me was what a character named Riezella forgive me if I spelt the name wrong did to Maddie Technically, the event happened in book one, but we don t find out about it until book two and I think the strongest plot point of this book was finding out all of the details of what that meant for Maddie, our MC who s actually an NPC.That, and Alex As I said in my review of the first book, I hoped we would find out what would become of him and Dawn Chapman did, indeed, deliver His details were revealed a little quickly which surprised me, but not so much as the fact that a certain character whom we were introduced to in the first book ends up coming after Alex Now that, I was not expecting Talk about jealousy.Now, my rating of this book is or less the same as the rating of the first book, but I do feel inclined to knock it down a few points Other than the details I mentioned above, I feel like this book wasslightly less captivating than the first one It s not a lot by any means, however I do prefer the first book overall perhaps because of the world building or perhaps because of something else, like getting to know Maddie This book was nothing but action which is GOOD, considering the length and the genre but I did appreciate how book 1 slowed things down just a little bit and let us and by us I mean me appreciate the characters for who they are, not just the cool intense things they do, if that makes sense Overall though, the amount of detail that Dawn Chapman is able to fit into such a short book is absolutely INSANE and still, by far, the best thing I like about her writing.I know this review is a tad shorter than that of the first book mainly because of all the introduction done in book 1 I don t want to spoil too much of the plot in book 2 , but I think my opinion rating of the two so far is, or less, the same Desert Runner may be my favorite so far, but considering what I ve read up until this point this series seems like a good, strong read for any lover of LitRPG

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    Stuff Got Real In Desert Born Beaten within an inch of his life and left for dead, Alex s life hangs in the balance Maddie must find out about her new powers and her new status within the changing world In the process, they find out that the Tromoal are in trouble and need their help.I will tell you one thing about Chapman she knows how to build a world AND write characters that you believe are completely real The Puatera world is a place that I want to go or play and it s something that isn t always easily attainable in LitRPG type novels And the characters, man, they are incredibly likable and you end up feeling for them even though they aren t real sometimes in two different ways a book and an NPC.I m pretty new to the LitRPG world but I m not new to the gaming world I love the story arcs and the little digs into the real world vs the game world Chapman pulls the curtain back a little in Desert Born and it really gave me the chills when you find out about things outside of the game world from an NPC type players point of view.As I said in my title, stuff I would never use that word in real life, but for Audible, I ll edit it shit got real There was a lot of stuff that happens in this story that tugged at my heartstrings and made me fall for these characters even than I already did.Being a nice switch from my normal doom and gloom post apocalyptic genre this has been a nice change of pace and I ve been really enjoying the series Look forward to my post for book three since that s going to jump pretty high on my list after finishing this one.

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    These are the third to fifth books I ve read listened to by this author and I can t wait to listen to another I first listened to Jessica s Challenge then Dahlia s Shadow All the books in the series are ones I would listen to again Maddie is a self aware NPC Although she has a difficult time going against her programming, it is possible Throughout these books, Maddie learns a lot about the truth about herself one of which I found awkward at first, but then it started to make sense and the world of Puatera These books have a story thread separate from the other Puatera books, until near the end when we gets hints how they will merge Book 1 Desert RunnerMaddie is a Desert Runner She accepts high risk retrieval jobs for pay She s getting paid well for this job, but soon learns why all other desert runners before her declined this job Constantly in pain from an old trauma, she has little choice now but to take her unwanted passenger with her, across dangerous Tromal breeding grounds, to his destination to complete this job Book 2 Desert Storm Maddie and Alex learn the food supply usually given to the Tromal is not enough to get them through the birthing season The local people s lives are now at risk After learning about the Tromal, Maddie gathers the other desert runners in an attempt to gather enough food for them To add to the troubles, they find a stolen Tromal egg and there is a herd of zombie cattle Book 3 Desert BornMaddie finds out that, after she s safely delivered Alex to his destination, he s been beaten up and not completed his quest Feeling compelled to help, she assisted him on his quest They soon learn there is little choice but to go back to the desert and search out the Tromal or everything they know shall be threatened.These are the first to third books I ve listened to by this narrator Andrea Parsneau and I would listen to another She does a great voice for Maddie In fact, she does all the voices really well Her narration brings the characters and story to life The books are great, but her narration is also why I could hardly stop listening until the books were done There are no explicit sex scenes, excessive violence or swearing.I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and voluntarily left this unbiased review Please feel free to comment on whether you found my review helpful Story 5 5Narration 5 5

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    I d read the first book, Desert Runner and absolutely enjoyed it, and so I was looking forward to reading the second one in the series While Desert Born was still enjoyable, it didn t quite live up to my expectations after reading the first book I felt that it lacked some detail that would have helped flesh out the story a bit better, as there were several plot twists which were interesting, but would have been nice to have seen a bit foreshadowed It is possible I was reading too quickly, since it was fast paced, and thus missed something.Though we finally start to have an idea of what s going on with Maddie, and we see the continued story with Alex which is why I really wanted to read the second book , some of the details are still vague and confusing If you go with the flow, the story and world are interesting, and it s really fast paced a short read, which is nice if you re pressed on time , but maybe a bit too fast.This is a light LitRPG story, so if you re looking for a fast paced, science fantasy adventure that eases you into the game mechanics, this might be a good series to start with Just be warned that it sometimes feels like key setting details are left out, leaving you to piece together parts of it on your own Still, it was interesting enough for me to move on to reading the third book in the series, and I did enjoy it.

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    Review originally published at is back in Maddie s world but in real life he is in terrible danger Somehow his life is tied to the Tromoals success, without him knowing Maddie will use her new powers to make them Tromoals succeed and Alex survive.I m loving this series I think one of the things I like the most are the references to the real world and see how they play in Maddie s world Nothing is what it seems, and the game has become alive.The characters are gaining and depth with each book, and despite I found the story in this book a little bit less appealing than the previous one, the series arc and Maddie s world in general have completely amazed me.Andrea Parsneau s narration was just perfect, with a nice cadence and impressive character interpretations The audio production was spotless.I m glad that I gave this series a try, I m looking forward to see how it goes on.I received a copy of this book in audio format from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Audiobook review Desert Born picks up where Desert Runner leaves off Maddie Alex have gone their separate waysuntil Maddie finds a pair of boots In a very short period of time Ms Chapman once again supplies us with a wild ride that contains passion, action, and intensity inside a game s worldor is it Great character, plot, and storyline development along with story progression We see a softer side of Maddie, is it because of the interest that was developed with Alex in book 1or a death In this book her runs across the desert are due to emotional connections and not money related I really like the Tromoal dragon connection in this book Book 2 could be a standalone but I d recommend starting with book 1 The narrator did a great job with providing unique voices for each character, appropriate tone inflections, and speed of reading I received a free copy of this audiobook and have voluntarily left this review.

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    LOVE IT This story picks up right where the book one ends It s full of action from the beginning It does end with the knowledge there is definitely to come I can t wait to read the third book I am new to Ms Chapman s stories as of the first book in this series and I have to admit I m hooked like a bad junkie She writes with such passion, intensity and action, yet not failing to connect with emotion I ll shut up but you MUST READ

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    Kept me on the edge of my seat Although this book may be short, the content inside made up for it This was an amazing sequel Great character development and story progression Can t wait for the next book

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    A great sequel to the first book, I enjoyed reading it

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Desert Born (Puatera Online #2) summary pdf Desert Born (Puatera Online #2) , summary chapter 2 Desert Born (Puatera Online #2) , sparknotes Desert Born (Puatera Online #2) , Desert Born (Puatera Online #2) be05d2b With Her Charge, Alex, Safely Delivered, Maddie Drowns Her Pain In A Local Bar Leaving Later That Night Only To Discover Alex Has Been Beaten And Robbed, His Own Quest Failed Politics And Cash Aside, She Aids Him Once They Cross The Desert, This Time Where Tromoal And Enemies Are Born

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About the Author: Dawn Chapman

Dawn Chapman has been creating sci fi and fantasy stories for thirty years In 2005, her life and attention turned to scripts, and she started work on The Secret King TSK , a 13 episode science fiction television series, with great passion for this medium.In 2010, Dawn returned to her first love of prose She has been working with Coach EJ Runyon, who has encouraged her away from fast paced scrip