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The Innkeeper summary The Innkeeper , series The Innkeeper , book The Innkeeper , pdf The Innkeeper , The Innkeeper ef74abf7d0 I Am The Innkeeper, And My Stories Are Both True And Unique Thumb Through The Pages You Will Find Over A Hundred Images To Accompany Some Teenage Exploits, A Stint As An Air Force Bomber Pilot, Some Romantic Encounters, A Dive For Treasure Off A Ship That Sank In , And Years As Owner And Innkeeper Of A Small, Seaside Inn On A Tropical Beach In MexicoManzanillo, In The Tiny State Of Colima, Is The Major Setting For These Adventures, And You Will Take Away A Singular View Of The Mexican People You Won T Find In Papers And Magazines Intermix Spaniards With Indians And The Result Is Quite Something You Ll SeeInnkeeper Is A Journey Along The Way You Will Meet Ken Kesey, Bing Crosby, Lee Marvin, Lyndon Johnson S Brother I Didn T Know He Had One, Either , Jack Ruby And Many Others I Expound A Few Times About Things Better Presented By Wiser Persons, But That S Part Of The Fun In My Book My Wife Is German And Calls Me Herr Besserwisser Which Translates Into Mr Know It All I Can Explain ThatOther Than Mexico, You Ll Spend Time With Me In North Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Iceland, Costa Rica, And Underwater Off The Coast Of Guam And There Will Be Sea Snakes, Alligators, Sharks And Their Human Equivalents To Hold Your AttentionEnjoy My Tale

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    Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read and review a digital copy of this book I am the Innkeeper, and my stories are both true and unique Thumb through the pages You will find over a hundred images to accompany some teenage exploits, a stint as an Air Force bomber pilot, some romantic encounters, a dive for treasure off a ship that sank in 1862, and 43 years as owner and Innkeeper of a small, seaside inn on a tropical beach in Mexico.

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    I received Innkeeper from Netgalley in return for providing a review of the book While the story of an American opening and operating a small inn in Mexico sounded promsing, the sroty became soemwhat hard to follow as the author seemed intent on providing a detaled accounting of his sexual exploita over the years He provided many photos of many of these various women, pointing out some of their best assets It s hard to imagine he recived permission or encouragement from these women to publish their photosw along with accountings of how he easily he was able to score ith them as he recounted tales where he was seldom turned down once he moved beyond his akward teen years My rating was quickly dropping from a 4 as I did enjoy his amusing tales of life in Mexicoas I tried to wade through his arrogant, self centered tales Iset the book aside a the point where he marries, hoping that now he could return to recounting stories about adventures as a gringo running an inn in Mexico But alas, after recointing random encounters with famous people, he returned to his womanizing ways He claimed that the demise of the marriage was due to being together 24 7, rather than taking responsiiblity for the affairs he somehow stumbled into on his many trips from the inn to deal with business matters necessitated by the new condo project he himself started He becme increasingly concerned with recounting what each woman did for him, rather thna displayimg much concern over in turn meeting their desires and needs, to the point of showing little remorse when he dumped a girl to pursue someone else.Why even rate this self congratulatory book a 2 instead of a 1 A interesting tale of another time in Mexico before it became overgrown with big resorts would remain if the author had been able to cut back on the detailing of his sexual exploits and focus on that tale he seemed to have promised us.

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    Bart Varelmann is a born story teller He s led a adventurous life than most and has the ability to entertain the reader with his account , both as a memoir and also as the owner of a small motel in Manzanillo A book worth reading I rate it at 3 1 2 stars so will round up to 4.My thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    This was a book I found I had to concentrate fully otherwise I would read the same paragraph over and over I found the jumping around from present to past confusing and not as smoothly as I would have liked The first half was better than the last half To me the last part felt so long with little to keep my interest I did make it to the end and was relieved I had finished it So much potential but came across flat Not for me.

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    I could not finish this book as it was so boring I really thought I was going to get stories about the people who stayed in the Inn in Mexico but as I am at about 57% done the book there is very little about stories of who stayed there Also as of where I am now the book is still in the 60s and it keeps going backwards So you start some where then Bart back tracks, it is very annoying I really really tried finishing this book but I just can t do it.

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