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Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) quotes Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) , litcharts Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) , symbolism Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) , summary shmoop Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) , Banishing (A Silent Cove Book 3) 0553e8d4 Ships In The Night Carry Deadly DeedsJack Landry Just Wanted To Do His Job Hired As The New Deckhand For Commercial Fishing Boat, The Mist Of The Sea , Jack Works Under Successful And Elusive Captain Oliver Allister, An Unknown Distant Relative Of The Cursed Cambridge Family When He Begins To Hear Noises And See Inexplicable Things, Jack Suspects There S To This Fishing Boat Than Meets The EyeClaire Allister, The Captain S Beautiful Yet Mysterious Daughter, Captivates Jack Like No Other However, Claire Carries With Her The Demons Of Her Dead Brother That Threaten To Push Her And Jack Apart Terrorized By The Ghoulish Memory, The Young Lovers Embark On A Mission To Lay His Soul To RestTheir Journey Leads Them To The Silent Cove Bed Breakfast Just Off The Coast Of Chistine, Maine When Jack And Claire Begin To Unravel The Truth About Oliver S Past And His Connection With Silent Cove, They Soon Find Themselves Fighting For Their Love And Their Very Lives What Will They Sacrifice To Banish The Ghosts Once And For All The Third And Final Installment In The Breathtaking Paranormal Romance Saga, The Silent Cove Trilogy, Silent Cove Banishing Forces Readers Once Into A World Of Mystery, Romance, And One Final Exhilarating Twist That May Just Be FatalSilent Cove Series Reading Order Awakening Book One By Deanndra HallRetribution Book Two By Anne L ParksBanishing Book Three By Jax Jillian

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    I must say that Banishing was the perfect ending to The Silent Cove trilogy and I was sad that it was over Finally all of the secrets circling around Silent Cove are revealed and truths come out that shocked me to say the least We are thrust back to Silent Cove when Oscar is called back to deal with the estate of his family, where we meet back up with Angelo and Carmen, Tucker and Lansing and let us not forget Marjorie, William and Delilah Jack Claire and her father Oliver holds the key to the remaining answers to the undead but I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book to see what was going to happen next I have SO MUCH respect for ALL of the authors in the Silent Cove Trilogy These 3 books were so cohesive with one another if felt like they were all written by the same person and flow of each book was fantastic LOVE THEM ALL

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    My Rating 3.5My Review I was curious as to how this series would wrap up and enjoyed the sweet conclusion that Banishing brought to the Silent Cove Trilogy The premise was interesting although the story evolved ever so slowly much like the lightning pace of a terrapin I enjoyed the thoughtful details and emotive descriptions, but my favorite thing about this installment was the kind and gentle character of Jack.

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    Jack and Claire is the perfect way to end the series This trilogy is an awesome Halloween read.Our three main living characters Jack, Oliver and Claire are stubborn, strong and kind Oliver harbors guilt but also doesn t believe in ghosts Claire, Oliver s daughter feels alone sometimes in the belief of spirits and the danger they can post Jack is the one who captures Claire s heart and helps change the future for Oliver and Claire.The story is one where there are twists and turns and Delilah is faced and comes up against those that are up to the tasks We have secrets galore and romance.In this story we see the conclusion of so many spirits come to fruition but also we see belief rise and love win We see a character with an unexpected twist and forgiveness seen and found Jack is strong and kind He grew up in the foster system but still found a way to not lose himself to despair and anger He is stronger because of his childhood and compassionate He also is willing to give others a chance He gets his dream job on the boat and things begin to happen He hears noises and falls in love The captain shows him understanding and likes him Claire protects him and loves him as well.Claire tries to protect Jack from her brother when on the ship but it doesn t always work Why Her brother is angry He wants revenge and doesn t trust Jack Jack does change this and helps him gain peace but it is a journey and one that is creepy and spooky It is like a Addam s family tale with spirits, danger and love Here Oliver learns and accepts the spirit world while trying to protect his daughter when they have to go to Silent Cove due to his family Jack comes with them for Claire trusts him and they fall in love It is Jack and her brother that protect her the most Oliver learns the truth and makes amends but her brother learns to make peace and helps them all to bring peace to the manor I love how one spirit takes a different route and everyone learns to trust and love one another They become a family once again and accept all that is happening around them.A creepy entertaining end to a really great trilogy that is perfect for Halloween You will love Jack, Claire and Oliver and how they grow and learn How they accept, forgive, fight and find peace but also love and become a family even with a spirit added to the family mix.

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    This is the final book of the Silent Cove Trilogy Jack Landry has grown up in the foster system and now he s on his way to make his own life He s taken a job as a fisherman He ends up on a boat with Captain Oliver and his daughter Claire Oliver is related to Tucker and they are headed to Silent Cove after their time at sea When Jack slowly falls in love with Claire while on the boat he discovers something weird is going on He s encountered the ghost of Claire s brother Billy Jack is about to discover that there are many secrets about the family and things get even serious when they reach Silent Cove Everyone bands together to try and banish the spirit of Delilah but it won t be easy and it will certainly be dangerous but if they can succeed then all the ghostly inhabitants of Silent Cove will be able to rest and the living will be able to enjoy the wonderful place that is the Silent Cove Inn I was excited to final read the last book in the trilogy Almost all the ghosts had continued on in previous books so I couldn t wait to see how the living managed to get Delilah to go into the light I found the story interesting because it s about Oliver who is mentioned in Retribution We get to learn about his family and their lives and the things that happened to them at Silent Cove five years before this story I loved the romance between Claire and Jack and that Jack was willing to believe her even though her story was so crazy He stands by her and follows her to Silent Cove to help her and her father figure things out I was super surprised about Billy and his killer and I didn t like that Delilah was manipulative I would have liked her to have a happy ending but things don t always happen that way At least the living were able to make her cross over and let everyone breath in peace This was a great conclusion to an interesting trilogy.

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    Banishing is the third book in the Silent Cove trilogy, and this contribution is authored by Jillian Jax It concludes the somewhat sordid and very tragic tale of the Cambridge Kingsley family and its impact on all who visit The Silent Cove Bed and Breakfast Captain Oliver Allister and his daughter Claire and son Billy are the latest victims of the horror that has befallen this family and, with the help of Jack, newly hired deckhand on Oliver s boat and lover of Claire, they hope to put an end to the series of devastating misunderstandings that have plagued their family for decades With the help of the other family members and residents of Silent Cove, will they succeed Or are they destined to meet a horrible end as the ghost emerges triumphant Those questions are answered by the end of Banishing and the reader will find herself very satisfied by this engaging book I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Banishing A Silent Cove 3 by Jax JillianThis is a great conclusion to the Silent Cove Trilogy It s a story of fanstasmas and mystery and I do not want to talk about the plot or the end to not give spoilers I enjoyed reading Banishing and I liked the ending The secrets about Silent Cove are revealed and the questions are answered.In Banishing we meet Oliver who is grandson of Delilah The characters are well developed, Jack is man with a lot of charisma.The beginning of the story was a little slow, but after a few chapters I could not stop reading Each book has its own story with a conclusion, it can be read as standalone, but I recommend that you read the trilogy so you will enjoy the exciting and sad story about the Cambridge Kingsley family.I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewing.

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    Ahh the perfect ending to a great trilogy The story starts off giving you an insight and the connection to Silent Cove and is not lacking The action and intrigue begin there and carry thru at a nice pace to the end The story and characters are well done and flow very good with the previous tales Yes they can be read as a standalone but why would you want to miss the action and getting the entire story I love how each one although separate all tie in so well and are so interwoven Each author brings their own touch this one being Jack deep sigh Sweet, supportive, kind, tender, yup he was all that and and the rock the story and characters needed Loved it and this author who I have not had the pleasure of reading before.

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    Since I have read the first two of this series I was already on a high for the conclusion to this I adore really good ghost stories such as this one turned out to be but this also had a bit of romance too I guess like the gothic romance back in the day Jack begins his story with coming across a new job being on a ship with the captain and his daughter Claire is tied into the other two so to speak with who came after her along with her father As the story unravels and the ghosts come out you will be captivated Throw in the romance and you have it all in this with some answers also Lovely ending with a bit of unexpected also.

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    The last in this spooky trilogy has a great ending I enjoyed getting to the bottom of the mystery and finally reaching the end with these characters It felt resolved Not everything was tied into neat little bows, but overall I had a feeling of completion with this book It suffered from being slow pacing wise in the beginning, but it was a great story and if you can get past it being a little slow it s definitely worth it I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily reviewing.

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    Banishing A Silent Cove Book 3 by Jax Jillian A great conclusion to the Silent Cove Trilogy I enjoyed reading banishing with all its twists and turns Claire and Jack were great and I also enjoyed Oliver.If you like Mystery and Ghosts you will enjoy this trilogy each book has its own story that intertwine into an amazing ending.I give Banishing 4 stars for its ghostly mystery.I would recommend this book to mystery and paranormal fans.

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