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An Uncommon Murder summary An Uncommon Murder , series An Uncommon Murder , book An Uncommon Murder , pdf An Uncommon Murder , An Uncommon Murder 8766fca0d3 A TV Producer Asks Alex Tanner To Investigate The Famous Society Murder Of The S, The Shooting Of Lord Sherwin Although Suspicion Quickly Fell On His Beautiful Wife Laura, The Case Was Unsolved But Miss Potter, Once The Sherwin Governess, Is Now Ready To Tell Her Story

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    First published in 1992, this is the first in the Notting Hill Mysteries featuring freelance television researcher Alex Tanner Alex is a product of the foster care system and has learned to stand on her own two feet Prickly, independent and only willing to hide her own opinions when looking for work, she is an interesting and sympathetic character Having deduced that writer, and documentary maker, Barty O Neill is interested in the Sherwin Murder, when Lord Sherwin was shot and killed during a Hunt Ball in the 1950 s Alex manages to rescue the family governess, Miss Sarah Potter, from being mugged and then offers to write the story for Barty in return for a cut and a co credit.Miss Potter claims that she knows what happened that fateful night, but, in return for her story, asks that Alex helps her track down Lord Sherwin s missing granddaughter rather unkindly nicknamed Toad Alex has to overcome her prejudices, while delving into the story of a group of people she dismisses as spoilt and privileged and discovers that unhappy families are unhappy no matter how wealthy they are This is rather a traditional mystery, but none the worse for that I enjoyed the bantering and mind games between the elderly Miss Potter and Alex Some of the characters did come across as a little stereotypical, but I was enjoying the story so much that I was happy to forgive any minor flaws as I found the novel so enjoyable.The author deftly entwined the storylines of the investigation into a murder in 1958 and that of a missing girl at the time this novel was set I enjoyed the various characters including Barty and his glamorous deb assistant and Alex s neighbour In fact, I enjoyed this so much that I downloaded the next in the series If you are interested in reading on, the next book is In at the Deep End, followed by The Glass Ceiling, The Loop and Destroy Unopened Lastly, I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, for review.

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    A really well written modern detective mystery with a great heroine, an engaging story, and an exciting if horrifying twist ending Very enjoyable and definitely one to add to the must read pile

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    This book was first published in 1992, and I may have read it back then, if so I don t remember it but Alex Tanner s, the main character, name back story seemed familiar The novel hasn t dated, though nobody uses the internet or mobile phones, the characters and plot are intriguing, and Annabel Donald writes well I ll look for the rest of the series to re read.

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    Anabel Donald s An Uncommon Murder is an unusual murder mystery, that elegantly subverts many of the clich s of the classic British mystery while respecting form and structure.Donald s cynical, disaffected Alex Tanner is a pleasantly tough but brittle main character, and her investigation in what looks like a decades old cold case soon turns into a highly satisfying crime thriller.Set at the bitter end of the Thatcher years, the atmosphere perfectly suits the story of murder, lost innocence and betrayal.Excellent read, crisply written, with some excellent dialogues and a great protagonist.Recommended.

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    First in the series The Notting Hill Mysteries originally published in 1992, An Uncommon Murder introduces Alex Tanner is another entrant in a long tradition of accidental investigators, although working, as she does, as a freelance researcher this time for a possible magazine article she s got some good reasons to get herself into the situations she finds herself in.An interesting character, An Uncommon Murder was a good investigation character based story with a well carried out complication at the end.

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