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  • 08 June 2019

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    Warning Spoilers below.The good news is that this was a very quick read, one in which I managed to finish in a single sitting The bad news, however, was that I didn t care for this book at all Sweet Little Lies picked up where the previous book left off, with Beulah reeling after lies were exposed and truths were revealed Revelations that not only had the potential to threaten her guardianship of her sister, but also put an abrupt end to her relationship with Jasper A man, who, come to find out, was actually her cousin The pacing was problematic, in that it over focused on details that didn t matter There wasn t a whole lot happening in the book with respect to central conflict and in depth storytelling Sweet Little Lies is supposed to be part of a trilogy, but these books are written in such a way that they read like separate stories with interconnected storylines The major conflict from the first book wasn t enough to drive this one, which, unfortunately, made for a clumsy, disjointed mess This book could ve easily been written into the first one had the author shaved all the redundant, repetitive inner monologues that did nothing to progress the story.I wasn t a fan of the bed hopping Obviously, with Jasper being related to the heroine, it would ve been difficult to see him as the romantic lead going forward But, suddenly, out of nowhere, the narrative tried, and failed, to convince the reader that Stone was the man for Beulah all along Even when they became than just roommates, because they were never considered friends, the transition wasn t believable I didn t like the way Jasper was removed from the picture, as if his feelings didn t matter The way he was cast aside and ignored, as if he were somehow to blame, didn t sit well with me After all, Beulah wasn t the only one hurt by the actions of others With Jasper all but gone, Stone stepped in, apropos of nothing, to save the day This, coming from the same man who never let Beulah forget her place as the lowly housekeeper An hour after Beulah ran off, Stone popped up out of the woodwork and offered her a place to live with him, of course He was overly helpful in a way that Beulah didn t even think to question, like paying ten years in advance for the cost of Heidi s care, which amounted to nearly three quarters of a million dollars Not only that, but, within days of her staying with him, he also got Beulah a well paying job Because if Abbi Glines is good at anything, it s writing weak, pathetic heroines all looks and no brains, who, for reasons that rarely make any sense, are incapable of taking care of themselves.The dark knight suddenly turned into Price Charming Except, not exactly He was still closed off and rude to those around him But before long, Stone, who was supposed to be Jasper s best friend, did his damnedest to convince Beulah that Jasper never loved her And Beulah, being the na ve twit that she is, agreed with that sentiment wholeheartedly and even wondered if she, herself, had ever loved him When it came down to it, Stone and Beulah had an empty relationship, one built on the destruction of her equally empty relationship with Jasper.A sexual relationship based on sex alone does not a romance make The thinly drawn romantic relationship between Stone and Beulah was presented for convenience purposes only She went from having sex with Jasper, with all the shyness of a virgin, to that of a trashy porn star with Stone It was vastly different and totally strange I couldn t reconcile the person she was with Jasper and the person she became with Stone Even her sister seemed to take a backseat to her newfound relationship, purely sexual though it was.Further, what is with this author and her aversion to condoms, and, well, safe sex in general The last thing this girl needs is a baby Beulah went from having unprotected sex with Jasper, who only employed the pull out method, to having unprotected sex with Stone, encouraging him to come inside her Which he did and than once Love meant never leaving, never running It meant you could never be too far away Funny Beulah should say that, considering that s all she seemed to be good at And now that yet another truth was laid bare allegedly exposing Stone as a deadbeat dad who fathered a son when he was 16, and with whom he placed in the care of his own abusive father who will Beulah run to now Because, let s face it, not once has she tried to make it on her own At this point, I wouldn t be surprised if yet another man stepped in as the white knight to rescue the helpless heroine.Once again, the characters were one dimensional, flat, forgettable, and highly immature The plot was unimaginative, predictable even It was a bit formulaic, with random conflicts arising in between the characters getting their rocks off, usually in the form of an interloper or secrets coming to light The dialogue, again, was unrealistic and forced The writing style didn t resonate with me It was pedestrian, bland, and unpolished Everything from plot, to character development, to pacing needed work And that s to say nothing about the lack of editing As a consumer, I don t think it s too much to ask that a book be properly edited prior to publication Pretty much everything in this book was in need of an overhaul Also, to consider this a love triangle would be inaccurate, as this book had a very shallow outlook on love And beyond that, it wasn t organically structured Beulah and Stone had nothing in common Near as I could tell, she was only with him because he was the first one to come to her rescue immediately after she ended things with Jasper And in the most cowardly way, no less Before then, based on his behavior toward her, she never actually liked Stone a feeling she assumed was mutual Unfortunately, Beulah s respective relationships with both Stone and Jasper were skin deep, based on little than physical attraction I wasn t invested in the story, characters, or the plot The romance was not altogether convincing, considering that, within the span of just two weeks, the characters went from being nothing than roommates two people who barely knew each other and rarely interacted to having sex And the cheap porn dialogue certainly didn t help maters And then, suddenly, they were in love Sorry, but I couldn t buy into that nonsense Overall, I wasn t impressed with this effort, or lack thereof I found it somewhat disappointing, though not entirely surprising, that the author chose to sacrifice plot for smut, of which there was too much in this case I found the sex scenes both tacky and off putting, what with the all caps dialogue and excessive amount of exclamation points Which, when you think about it, is something one would expect to come from a novice, someone with a lack of know how, no less If this had been my first book by this author, it probably would ve been my last.

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    Lord Somehow I thought this sequel is going to be better but it turned out the opposite The plot is getting ridiculous and I don t know how I ve managed to keep up with all these dramas Here are the things I despise Beulah just broke up with Jasper after the shit storm in the first book then she moved on so fast with Stone face palms WTF Have some self respect woman She s really stupid to be honest She should have think twice I m not convinced with Stone s changed of heart In the first book he was a complete asshole and now he s affectionate and concerned about Beulah all of a sudden I may find his character intriguing but something is wrong about him Presley Stone s stepsister I can t deal with this clingy petty bitch Beulah x Stone 0% love, 100% lust Portia appearing out of nowhere to stir trouble Not now witch WHY CAN T SHE JUST TOLD THE TRUTH IN THE FIRST PLACE I m so furious Who am I rooting for NONE I really don t care who Beulah is going to end up with I m going to read the next one hopefully that s the last book in the series and see where the story leads to More petty dramas ahead eventually.

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    10 19 Just finished and I need someone to hold me That book was PERFECTION The ending had my jaw on the floor and i kept swiping to get to the next chapter yet there wasn t one I need the next book so terribly Pre release 9 15 Calling it now Book 2 in the Sweet Series After facing a truth she never imagined, Beulah has to find a new path Build a life without help and take care of her sister alone Or does she AKA view spoiler Winston steps in to help her and they fall in love and make babies and he smiles all the time and jasper goes away the end hide spoiler

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    I like Abbi Glines, I really like her This book could be 4, even 5 stars The storyline is original, but there is one big contradiction the cheap sex Yeah, you read correct Beulah is real angel sweet, smart,she had offenden nobody in her life, she is shy, sincere and responsible There is a difference between dirty sex and cheap, and gues what You just could not stop yourself You had to do it and crossed the line from dirty and passionate to cheap and sleazy Come on my face FOR REAL

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    The STEAMINESS just kicked up 50 notches from the first book and the Blush is real Oh my Where do I begin First of all, LOVE this second book in this series I was totally unprepared for the overwhelming amount of sexiness contained in these pages Let s just say that after I read this book in one single readingwhich was within 2 3 hours today I had to jump in the shower to cool off It was THAT hot.and DIRTY Drama Check Intrigue Check Shock factor Check Hot sex in every possible way Check, check, check This book was a great read I don t often read smutty and yes in my opinion this book was smutty books with great characters and plots that had significant depth and the ability to move me to tears On several occasions I felt as if my heart was literally breaking for the main character, Beulah And my emotions kept oscillating between pitying her and cheering her on In some ways, Beulah s character seemed to jump from helpless victim to an indomitable force to be reckoned with I am already reading the third book as this is an addicting read Both the first and second book have proven to be fun and quick reads I seriously recommend reading them There are a lot surprises and shocks ahead that will keep you on your toes Happy Reading

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    Ahahah how is it that Abbi Glines books are getting worse and worse every time one comes out and I still read them This one, let me tell you, takes the cake Is it just me who doesn t like to read about a heroine jumping from one guy s bed to another in a few days e somehow she still manages to be described as all innocent and stupid and dahhhhhh like all the girls she writes about, by the way.

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    Me gusto lo suficiente para estar a la espera de la publicaci n del tercero.

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    Review to come

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    I really liked this one than the first in the Sweet Series The last book allowed of the connecting build up between Stone and Beulah which is what I felt was lacking between her and Jasper in the first Their insta love seemed sweet and intense but their quick burn out proved the depth The intensity trippled and the sexual tension was cranked up in this book Not to mention the different sexual relationship Stone brought out in Beaulah because she felt of a confident comfortable connection Up until the perspective switch, I was following along but that turning point really pulled me in and had me wanting to power read to the finish.These cliff hangers are what is killing me marking my calendar for the next book starting a desperate to continue countdown to the next chapter in Beulah s story Stone s hard exterior has cracked and his intentions towards Beulah are coming out Jasper wasn t the right guy for her when he ran away, as predicted whenever the situation was hard, Stone wasn t going to let his opportunity to pass When her eyes finally spaked when she looked at him, he couldn t hold back any longer.

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    Five Amazing StarsSo Many LiesI was just so completely thrilled to receive this second book from the most exceptional series, Sweet Written by the most amazing Author I have even know and read, Abbie Glines I thoroughly enjoyed the most exciting and most emotional first book I could wait to read this most famous new book I simply couldn t put it down even once too Escaping was the only thing Beulah could do now She was upset, terrified She balled her eyes out and cried I still knew I had my sister to care for Learning now, Heidi needs her now Beulah s life was a complete lie now She didn t have anywhere to go now Her life is a complete disaster now Nothing will be the same again Her love for Jasper will never come true.Her aim in life is to never let Heidi, know the whole truth about her Mother Beulah would never want to see her cry again She is so sweet She loves me so much Right now we were learning so many truths now She now still had to keep secrets of my own about Heidi She couldn t break her heart.Beulah could never forget her true anger for Portia After she gave birth to a baby girl suffering with Down syndrome Finding out it was now Heidi She just tossed her away Knowing that it was up to Beulah to care for Heidi now If it wasn t for my mother taking her She would never be my sister Loving Heidi so much now.The home were Heidi resided is just the best for her now They are able to give her a lot of caring independence Beulah was so lucky to have Jasper helping me make payments Now she was now here with her She just had to tell her a truth They couldn t expect any money from Jasper any Even Stone, Jasper s closest friend didn t want to see her crying any It was too dangerous on the road Not being able to see Even Stone knew of the lies as well Stone never hated Beulah after all I thoroughly enjoyed and simply loved this most amazing book Such a tremendous sorrow for both Beulah and Jasper I just adored all it magnificent characters throughout Such a marvellous story and such a wonderful series from Abbi Glines indeed I recommend this book to everyone

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