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Sweet Little Thing quotes Sweet Little Thing, litcharts Sweet Little Thing, symbolism Sweet Little Thing, summary shmoop Sweet Little Thing, Sweet Little Thing cd09fab2 The Day Her Mother Passed Away, Beulah Was Only Given A Name That Was It No Other ExplanationPortia Van Allan Was Not Someone Beulah Could Believe Her Mother Ever Knew Wealthy, Self Absorbed And Other Than The Fact Portia Was Supplying Special Care For Beulah S Sister, Portia Was CruelThe Day Portia S Son Returns Home For The Summer, Beulah Discovers That Portia Isn T In Charge This Isn T Her Home At All Her Late Husband Left Her With Nothing It All Belongs To Their Son Who Doesn T Seem To Like His Mother At AllJasper Van Allan Doesn T Know Why His Mother Has Hired A Young Gorgeous Blonde To Take Care Of The House And Almost Lets Her Go Before He Finds Out The TruthRealizing There S To Beulah Than A Stunning Face, He Keeps Finding Reasons To Be Near Her All The Time It S All Falling Into Place, It All Begins To Make Sense Until The Real Lies, The Dark Secrets, And The Skeletons Come Tumbling Out Of The Van Allan Closet Twisted Truths That Will Send Beulah Running

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    Warning spoilers abound.I was skeptical about reading this to start, because, well, the author touted it as a fresh, new idea with a whole new cast of characters Better, even, than Rush and Blaire But upon the release of the first two excerpts, it became obvious at least to me that this wasn t so much a fresh, new idea and was, instead, simply of the same More specifically, a regurgitated version of Fallen Too Far And now that I ve read the book in its entirety, I stand by my original assessment Sweet Little Thing read like it was written in haste, and for the sole purpose of making a quick buck It was unpolished, both in terms of its writing and character development The writing lacked emotion It was choppy, stilted, and far too pedestrian And that s to say nothing about the plot holes and inconsistencies The execution left a lot to be desired The pacing was a little too haphazard stodgy and slow as molasses, only to rush the so called romance portion of the story This just wasn t a well written book The editing if, indeed, there was any at all was also unacceptably poor Sorry, but I expect from a seasoned author Sweet Little Thing tells the story of Beulah Edwards, a 19 year old girl who is doing her best to make the most out of what life has thrown her way, and Jasper Van Allen, a 21 year old entitled, spoiled jerk who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that it s high time he grows up Six months ago, a day before she passed away, Beulah s mother gave her a note with Portia Van Allen s name and address, basically implying that, for some unknown reason, this complete stranger would be than willing to offer aid to both Beulah and her twin sister, Heidi, who has trisomy 21 She was right, as it turns out, because Portia, although not the warmest soul, hires Beulah as the new live in housekeeper As part of the arrangement, Beulah is paid a salary of 50 a week, the rest going to cover the cost of Heidi s new special needs group home care facility, as Portia doesn t want Heidi living in the house All is going as well as can be expected, until Portia s son, Jasper, arrives home for the summer Jasper, expecting to see his beloved Ms Charlotte, the previous housekeeper, is none too pleased to see Beulah in her stead From then on, he goes out of his way to make life difficult for Beulah, expecting her to become a jack of all trades, forcing her to work from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed He throws parties, just for the hell of it, and expects her to serve him and his friends, fulfilling their every demand Because heaven forbid these grown ass men and women do for themselves Even when he hires a catering service, Beulah becomes part of the waitstaff.Beulah spends her days cleaning an already immaculate home, cooking for Jasper and his guests, and grocery shopping At the end of the night, she retires to her assigned living quarters in the laundry room, of all places Because, apparently, they couldn t spare a proper room for her in the mansion to sleep in She s allowed only one day off a week Sunday to visit her sister, and it s not even a full day off When she returns home, she s put back to work, catering to the needs of others And these entitled, inconsiderate assholes don t even have the good grace to say thank you instead, looking down their nose at her, as if her very presence offends them.Unfortunately, the characters weren t much to my liking Beulah tried my patience with respect to her passive, do gooder nature She never stood up for herself, instead taking insults and thinly veiled slurs with nary a protest Her employment as the help seemed to give everyone a reason to treat her as a nonentity, but she allowed herself to be treated that way Being a doormat for others to take advantage of is not an admirable trait.Jasper, who seemed to be suffering from playboy man child syndrome, tried my patience for an entirely different reason He was an entitled, rude, spoiled jerk of the worst character All he did was whine about his lot in life Oh, poor, pitiful Jasper His father passed away some unknown time ago, leaving him to take over Van Allen Industries, a multi million dollar company He also left him a ridiculous amount of money, money that Jasper had no problem using to fund his lavish, over the top lifestyle Yes, his life was oh so terrible.Jasper also had a shaky relationship with his mother, the reasons for which were unknown, but readers got to witness his abysmal treatment of her Which was off putting, to say the least, because we were never clued into the reason behind his animosity Not even when, halfway through the story, the narrative switched from just Beulah s point of view to alternating duel points of view It also didn t help that every time Jasper was mentioned, I pictured him as Jasper Hale from Twilight, unfortunate looking wig and all And as for Woods Stone well, he was practically everywhere, his bad attitude in tow With the way he was always lurking about, warning Beulah away from his supposed best friend, never letting her forget she was the help, I half expected him to confess his love for Jasper, himself All that said, I don t consider this a romance At least, not yet, anyway Not only was there no romance to be found here, but overall, I wasn t even invested in the possibility of a romantic relationship between the main characters Something that took far too long to occur in the first place Jasper and Beulah hardly spent any significant amount of time together, only to turn around and exchange I love yous with little to no build up There was no chemistry between them, no spark Their romantic feelings came out of nowhere There simply wasn t enough of a connection for me to ship them as a couple Unfortunately, on the whole, I found this to be an incredibly boring, predictable read The plot was poorly paced and underdeveloped The characters were one dimensional and didn t seem very authentic The dialogue was cheesy and unnatural Not even the reveal at the end was a surprise Nor was it shocking, seeing as how the author has been skirting the line with themes of pseudo incest for some time now It s as if she can t quite bring herself to go there, so she pulls a just kidding.It was revealed that Jasper and Beulah unwittingly began an incestuous affair, as, according to Portia, they were cousins First cousins, to be exact Portia, who had plenty of time and opportunity to come clean, only decided to tell them her version of the truth after the deed was done It was almost as if she was biding her time I mean, it s not as if she couldn t have predicted that her man whore of a son would make a pass at the young, attractive, live in employee Especially after she left them to their own devices when she decided, out of nowhere, to spend the remainder of the summer in the Hamptons She also saw fit to divulge the particulars surrounding Heidi s parentage, not that it was ever in question at any point in the story You see, she s Heidi s biological mother When she gave birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome, she tracked down her long lost sister, Beulah s mom, and tasked her with the responsibility of taking care of her child I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to turn into a soap opera of a trilogy, one drama after another, because none of these characters seem to have two brain cells to rub together To be honest, I wouldn t be surprised to find out that Jasper isn t Portia s biological son, as that whole scenario was sketchy from the start That way, he and Beulah can continue getting their sexy times on without the worry of having inbred children, since, you know, the author seems to have an aversion to condoms But riddle me this When Portia conceived Heidi, she was still living at home with her strict, religious parents She and Jasper s dad weren t yet married, but they were engaged The unexpected pregnancy resulted in a shotgun wedding, though they kept quiet about their baby news Portia finished out the remainder of her pregnancy in Paris, away from their family and friends However, we know that Jasper is two years older than Heidi, so his whereabouts during the pregnancy, and subsequent honeymoon, remain a mystery We also know that Heidi was a baby when she was placed in the care of her aunt So why, then, were Jasper and Beulah so quick to believe they were blood relatives Math doesn t lie.

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    Young sweet thing working as a maid for a rich family Rich family s son whose mother has secrets

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    You might want to get some popcorn and drinks when you re going to read this book It s filled with drama and annoying characters The plot was recycled from Fallen Too Far Rosemary Beach series and Breathe Sea Breeze series It tested my patience especially with Portia Van Allan THAT CRUEL LYING WITCH I don t buy her secrets in the end She s manipulating everyone with her lies I cannot.

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    After stalking Abbi Glines books for years, I finally read one WHOA what a WILD RIDE was Sweet Little Thing The delicious sexual tension, the angst that bled through the book, the taste of forbidden I DEVOURED every bit Oh Jasper Hot Sinfully sexy All alpha The hero is one whom I wanted to smack some sense into at the beginning but wanted to wrap him in a huge hug at the end She was impossible not to love How was I supposed to fight this Beulah Beautiful Sweet Shy Smart A ray of sunshine in Jasper s dark world Both Jasper and Beulah are broken but are whole together You re dancing too close to the flame The hero and heroine are combustible Their connection burns with incredible intensity Jasper and Beulah MELTED ME It was than your beautiful face It was your beautiful soul Abbi Glines writing is ACHINGLY ADDICTIVE where you can t help but be drawn in from the very first page until the end This incredible author s words are so RAW so from the heart that they feel REAL This author writes in such a down to earth way that you can t help but feel as if you re a character in her stories too I was UTTERLY ENAMORED with and lost to the wondrous storytelling of Abbi Glines You I want to love you I think I ve waited my whole life to love you Explosively enticing and sinfully sweet, Sweet Little Thing is a slow burn of a love story with a sharp twist that will leave you ACHING FOR MORE I need NOW Sweet Little Thing is THE SWEETEST TORTURE tantalizingly sweet and taboo to the max I wanted to throw my kindle down many times, as this story bleeds angst that hit me everywhere This romance is one ROLLER COASTER of tantalizing tension, tenderness, and thrills Buckle up, y all You re in for one RIVETING RIDE It was fate It s supposed to be We re supposed to be .5 sinfully sweet kisses Group Twitter

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    2 stars for the love the heroine has for her sister but that s about it.And really that end A cliffy

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    Edit May, 28 2018Ok There are slight but very slight differances but I still see the

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    Can Abbi Glines write any other type of heroines Always the honey sweet, innocent, borderline stupid with no backbone at all The question remains.What a stupid cliffhanger I m sorry but I can t call it anything other than stupid Please tell me if you agree with my way of thinking 1 We learned during the book that the hero is 21 and the heroine is 19 Basic logic says that the hero is older that the heroine 2 It s written that Heidi is also 193 Heidi was the first baby that Portia had.HOW THE FUCK IS IT POSSIBLE FOR THE HERO TO BE PORTIA S SON

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    This author was one of my favorite, however she has disappointed me with her last few books This is just a rewrite of Fallen series with a twist I will not be reading Glines books any BTW please hire a good editor

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    4 StarsIt was a long time since I read a book by Abbi Glines, I was a little bit nervous I really enjoyed Sweet Little Thing It was fast paced you could easily connect with the characters , it has angst and at the beginning until a big part of the book I tried to guess who will keep Beulah s interest There is a twist and it ends with a cliffhanger and it took me by surprise The characters were likable and I can t wait to see what will happen next Overall, it was a great story, not my favorite from Abbi Glines yet it was still good

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