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    Silent Innocence is the second book in the Fitz series by Theresa Sederholt It is suspense novel filled with drama, crime, mystery and love I could not put Silent Innocence down, I read it in one sitting I was holding on tight with a wide range of emotions It also deals with the difficult topic of human trafficking which was handled in a very well written way.Fitz is a great person, especially in the way he treats the people in his life MJ is an amazing wife to Fitz, she is a great support to Fitz and is always by his side Fitz is on vacation when he is called by his boss to help out on a tough case Being Fitz, he does not say no There are many twists and turns that Fitz finds Which will make him have to be very careful with his trust.This Is the first book I have by Theresa Sederholt and all I can say is wow, she has me hooked The characters she created were very real It was nice to read the different perspectives and made it easy for her writing to flow I am really looking forward to reading by Theresa Sederholt.

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    5 StarsSilent Innocence is the second book in the Fitz Series by the wonderfully talented Theresa Sederholt It is a thrilling suspense that has some drama, mystery and a whole lot of fantastic police detective work to sink your teeth into This story is a standalone, but I do recommend reading the first book before embarking on this one, as the first book introduces all the characters and lays down some of the framework for the series The story is quite complex, it s like five stories in one, where we get multiple points of view, as well as a lot of twists surprises all of which Ms Sederholt deftly orchestrates into a smooth and seamless read After reading the first book and loving it as much as I did, I had quite high expectations for this story and I am really happy to say that Ms Sederholt didn t let me down She upped the ante with this book, it has a bit of a different feel to it than the first book but is still an emotionally charged and gipping read and another superb instalment in this top notch series Fitzgerald S Rodriguez Fitz is a Detective with the New York Police Department who is meant to be on vacation, spending time with his pregnant wife Makenna MJ in the leadup to the birth of their first child But his plans get put on hold when he s called into the station to give his unique perspective on a perturbing case When a little girl is brought into the station, Fitz is the only one able to help her He quickly realises that there is to this young girl s story than anyone could have fathomed and in his effort to help her he is thrust into the dark and dangerous investigation, where a great many lives will be on the line and reliant on his detective skills to save the day Will Fitz manage to be the hero once again and get everyone involved through the ordeal Pitting his mind against a diabolical criminal organisation in an effort to find some answers sees Fitz pushed to the limits and has him questioning his career choices Will this be the case that finally breaks Fitz Will he be able to put all the pieces of this complicated and multilayered puzzle together You really need to read the book to find out what happens, you are bound to love it just as much as I did Once again Ms Sederholt kept me completely spellbound with this gripping tale I loved following along with Fitz on this investigation and trying to figure out what was going on I also loved catching up with all the characters from the first book his loving, close knit and supportive family although somewhat quirky and work colleagues, are really wonderful characters, I loved their connection and the way they all rallied around whenever needed I really can t wait to get my hands on the next Fitz novel It can t come soon enough Thank you, Ms Sederholt

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    I really don t know where to start Theresa always manages to keep you on the edge of your seat with her books This particular book not only are you on the edge of your seat, but your emotions are toyed with as well You have to love Fitz and MJ Their family is who they make it They bring in total strangers, keep them safe and next thing you know, they are at family dinners, holidays.I really don t know how she does it How she puts this thrilling, romance book together It seems like right when Fitz had the answers another mystery showed up Gave me chills really All I know is just get ready to ride a roller coaster that is full of mystery, love, hope, and family

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    Fitz is BACK This story has so much There were so many twists and turns to keep you going It was emotional and riveting.Fitz has his hands full when he stops at the station while on vacation and meets a little girl Stella will steal part of your soul As Fitz races to help find her Mom this story unfolds with so much intensity Stella s mother Effy is kidnapped and she is the only witness Fitz finds himself completely drawn to this little girl and of course swoops in to help He uncovers than just a kidnapper.The plot thickens during the search for Effy, and dangers are uncovered Putting MJ in danger, Can Fitz save them in time

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    This is the second book in the Fitz Series, I couldn t put it down The book has everything from drama, mystery, and love The author takes the topic of human trafficking and handles it with care My emotions were all over the place while reading this book This is a series worth reading.

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    5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars Fitz is back And he s unstoppable even when he s on supposed vacation I started reading this yesterday afternoon and was immediately drawn into the story I had a hard time putting it down to drive my kiddos around to after school activities and dr appts Then I go and forget to bring my kindle along with me so I was forced to read on my phone Thank the app gods for the kindle app At one point, I was wishing I had someone to read it to me while I was driving because I didn t want to stop I wasn t able to pick it back up until bedtime I ended up finishing it last night Yup, I was up late night early morning reading this because I just could not let that annoying thing called sleep get in the way of me and Fitz Zombie like activity brought to you by Theresa Sederholt Stella clutched my heart strings right from her first introduction I wanted to jump into my kindle to help keep her safe.I am not sure what I expected before I started reading this Honestly, I quickly read the blurb at a book signing I met up with Theresa at I knew I wanted to read it I just didn t not expect this though Theresa has outdone herself once again From the writing to the details to the depth of the characters to the multiple POVs, I love being witness to the growth of her as an author.

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    Silent Innocence A Fitz Series book 2 By Theresa SederholtWhat an awesome read, I couldn t put this book down, a five star read I feel each character in this book as depth which makes this book enjoyable This book deals with human trafficking and touches on what the victims may go through.Stella is a beautiful deaf six hear old deaf girl, she also has been witness to her mother being kidnapped, little Stella was also drugged by the kidnapper, the kidnapper was so sure Stella was dead because of the amount of drugs she was given However, Stella is found wandering the streets and taken to the police station The police don t realize that Stella is deaf, that is until Fitz arrives the police station.Effy is surprised when she realizes that someone has been hiding in her home Her immediate panic goes to her beautiful daughter Stella She does not know what this man wants and picks up knife and slashes his arm Stella is in the shower and Effy signs to her to go back and stay there but Stella worried runs back out to be with her mom To Effy s horror her baby girl is drugged and she is kidnapped All Effy is worried about is if Stella is alive and safe.Fitz although on holidays is called into the police station to view files for the police chief When he arrives, he sees Stella sitting there and is told by other officers she is not responding Fitz, then makes a loud noise which startles everyone but Stella Realizing she is deaf Fitz starts signing with her and finds out that a nasty man has not only taken her mommy but he gave her something and she went to sleep Before Fitz realizes Effy s, kidnap is like other young females who have been disappearing lately.MJ Fitz s heavily pregnant wife is asked to come to the diner by Fitz to meet Stella and he tells MJ he wants to take her home explaining that her grandfather is at the police station and Stella seems to be afraid of him MJ doesn t need to think twice and before long her and Stella are happily signing Stella becomes attached to both MJ and Fitz and signs them both she wants her mommy.Effy realizes she is locked up in a dark cellar in a cage and although she is worried for herself she worries about the young girls that are around her Effy and they young girls are moved, but to Effy s horror the young girls have been put on a plane and she is escorted to a car What Effy doesn t yet know is that the kidnappers had found out her father is the next Vice President after the last one has died or was it murder Once in the car she finds out that her daughter is at a police officer s house and fears when she hears the kidnappers say that this will make it hard to get the kid.Will Effy be rescued in time Will Stella remain safe with MJ and Fitz

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    Silent Innocence is the second book in the Fitz Series Although you do not have to, I suggest reading book one, Uniquely Mine, as a lot of the characters are introduced in first book that are also in this book.This book is amazing, and has so many different things going on that you have to keep on your toes It s a book about crime, mystery, love, heartbreak and redemption It s about family who helps each other out.Fitz is like a force to be reckoned with although he is on vacation, when he stops by the station, and sees a scared little girl well that is Fitz, he gives his all to his job There goes the vacation It takes him no time at all to realize the little girl is not talking because she can t talk, and she is scared He starts signing to her and she responds The little girl clings to Fitz, and won t let him put her down He finds out her mother was kidnapped and she was given a shot to knock her out When she woke up she got dressed and went outside to find her mom, and the police brought her in Nobody knew any of this until Fitz showed up Fitz calls in his wife to help with the little girl, as she is terrified of her grandfather who she has only seen 3 times, and she witnessed him slapping her mother With the help of his wife MJ, who is very close to having their first baby, Andy MJ s brother who loves children and their mom and dad Fitz is able to hide Stella and keep her from being kidnapped also This mystery gets deeper and deeper, and the you read it, you just keep wanting to keep reading it until you know what happens Not only do we read what happens, but there are other things happening as well, which have to do with human trafficking and two college students finding out about corruption in the government This is an international crime, and even people in their neighborhood, gets their store burnt up.When I finished this book I just wanted to read about all the characters and see what will happen in the future, especially with Fitz, MJ and her brother Andy, who is going through his own problems in this book I really liked what happens with Stella I love the way this author writes and she just gets better and better, you should check out another series she has written as well I gave this book 5 stars and can t wait for her next book

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    Silent Innocence A Fitz Series Book 2 by Theresa Sederholt5 Amazingly Awesome StarsI couldn t wait to get a hold of this book after reading the first of this series, then I read it and was transported into the lives of these characters and I didn t want it to end, I miss them already Reading this authors books just makes me feel good, I feel like these people are real and I could sit and read about them all day, even if there wasn t suspense and danger to read about Her style is simply perfect and the way she tells these stories is spot on Fitz is awesome, how he treats MJ, and the family that took him in at such a young age, and his friends, and his cases and just everything about him This author has created the ultimate book boyfriend in my opinion He s not all macho alpha all the time and isn t afraid to show his vulnerable side How he took on the case in this story while supposedly on vacation just showed who he really is His respect and love for MJ shines through every time they are together, and his internal thoughts are sometimes hilarious If looks could kill, I know I d be in Hell right now with a flaming pitchfork up my ass MJ is the ultimate wife, she supports him in everything he does and knows him sometimes better than he knows himself Her mama bear tendencies though sometimes put her in situations that keep Fitz on his toes.This story had me crying so hard while reading it, sometimes out of sadness and then sometimes out of happiness, and oh my gosh the picture on the cover of this book fit Stella perfectly Anger played a big part in my feelings while reading this as well, I m still so angry about the case but my anger is ten fold still this minute at Stephen, I can t help but think there is to this story, that or I just don t want to believe it.So my only hope now is that Theresa Sederholt writes really fast because I need Fitz and the gang and can not wait to reread both of these books probably than once.Many thanks to this author for giving me another favorite feel good series to follow TeamFitz all the way

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    Silent Innocence by Theresa Sederholt is the second book in A Fitz Series Fitz is a detective who is currently on vacation preparing for his wife to give birth While the series revolves around Fitz, this novel opens with a hitman targeting a mother with a deaf daughter When Fitz is called in from his vacation to overlook a series of open cases all of which may or may not be related he connects with the daughter, Stella, because he is the only one that can understand her Between Fitz spot on feelings of the cases and the signing between Fitz, his wife, and Stella, will Fitz be able to solve another case Sederholt captures you right off the bat The first chapter sets the pace of the story and you won t be able to put it down Sederholt captures the innocence of such a young girl so well Her descriptive language will allow you to picture Stella so well and the relationships developed between Stella and everyone she meets Sederholt will keep you guessing until the very end Many times throughout the novel, I tried to determine the ending, tried solving the mystery Yet every time I tried, she proved me wrong I think my favorite part of Sederholt s writing is her relationship between characters There s a theme of father daughter relationships in this novel Maybe even to go as far as Parent Child in a broader sense How a parent treats their child speaks volumes not only to the child but to those who witness the relationship and possibly society There s a line in the novel regarding the deaf community They are smarter than the average person, cause they need all their other senses to pick up the slack Don t you know anything about superheroes You know like Hawkeye and Echo, they are deaf superheroes that have special powers because they can t hear I love that even in a serious, dark situation, Sederholt finds a way to make it light and enjoyable You won t be sorry reading Silent Innocence, and it will make you want to keep reading the Fitz series

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