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    Really good I felt like the ending was sort of bitter sweet, but I loved this trilogy.

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    The breaking of my heart over the end of this book series might not have been as loud as I had expected, but it was as painful as it could be I love this series so much because I love Peter so much and that s als why I am hurting So let s get straight to the point first I have a very deep love hate relationship with this ending I think it is great and wonderful and I smile to myself and I want At the same time I want to bury my head into the pillows, hide below my blankets and cry my heart out Because why view spoiler Was there any freaking reason for Gwen to NOT take Peter Pan with her He could be a pirate He could play games He coulddo so much Don t leave him in the real world to grow old and die ___ hide spoiler

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    This series was a bit different than I anticipated Being a big Neverland fan and usually loving to read different writers take on the imagination that feeds this fairytale, this series didn t do much for me It was really dry in many parts and in others predictable There are a few truly imaginative, endearing and page turning nuggets However, just as those pages start to turn in a furry the anchor drops and you are thrust back into turning your own pages Reading this didn t make me want to gouge my eyes out, but it didn t keep me wanting to fly to the second star on the right and waiting to return to Neverland.

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    I really wanted to rate this four stars It s a chunky last installment, it s well paced and filled with adventure, and the ending which isn t an ending sat well with me But the ebook I read had so many typos and spelling and grammatical errors that it really impacted my reading pleasure negatively I m not sure why the editing of the last book in the series was so awful I didn t notice it being this bad for the first two A real pity.

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    A good resolution to the series The pacing was different from the other books which have been rooted in wonder and slow moving awe, contrasted with this book that was action packed from beginning to end And curses for making me cry while I read this as I was proctoring a medical histology final Unfortunately, the copy editing was lacking As in, almost non existant But that isn t exactly the author s fault I m happy with where the story went, and I d recommend the series.

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    BummerThe sheer number of typos in this book is incredibly aggravating At least two per page in the first handful of chapters The ending is almost satisfying and yet wildly disappointing She basically abandons Peter which I find deeply selfish Hard to love this one Feeling let down.

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    2.5 Stars

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