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    I recently found Cassie Cross and pretty much downloaded everything I could by her in one go because I just couldn t resist after the first book I read This one is amazing no joke Callie is attending her best friend s wedding but ends up having a one night stand at the airport on the way there It just so happens his name is Nate Wright and he might just be her very own Mr Right, except drama drama she s given up on love after catching her ex cheating on her.They part ways well she almost literally runs away when she leaves before he wakes the next day but like every good love story they meet again It just so happens he s not the only Mr Wright in her life His brother just so happens to be the guy her best friend is marrying Question is, can she open her heart I couldn t put it down until the very last word and even then it was in my dreams This book had me invested I just wish I could find my Mr Wright Nate is the perfect gent He s amazing Incredible Romantic Sweet HOT Thoughtful And the sexual tension is to die for Meeting Mr Wright is well written and beautiful It s deep and meaningful and heartfelt It all happens so fast but it s no less real It s amazing how one weekend can change your life I ve found a new author to add to my top 10 list.

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    3.5 stars

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    3.5 stars

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    It was cute, quite funny and expectantly cliche as the title would suggest , though I think the cliche factor worked well with this book While I had a fairly decent idea of what would happen, it didn t prevent the enjoyment of reading this book The characters were entertaining, especially the snarky comments between the main two There were several times where I laughed out loud, often than just a giggle The dialogue was quite cleverly written.My main two qualms with this book are that one, it s too short, and two, it s written in first person The first person is obviously a personal choice, some people like it, some people don t, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t For this, it took me quite a while to get into the story because it was first person I m fairly picky with first person and unless it s done extremely well, I usually don t like it Often times I found myself jumping out of the story as I m reminded again and again that I m only seeing one point of view and it just feels awkward It broke the mood several times for me which is a shame.This book was definitely too short, not in a I want omg so good sense but in a wow things are moving way too fast sense I felt like this book could ve been MUCH better if it was longer with details and descriptions added Some scenes were I could tell they were supposed to be important and groundbreaking for the characters ie the ocean scene with Nate and Callie discussing difference making fell quite short I felt like those moments could have been a lot deeper and meaningful to drive that character development I think it would ve made the ending that much powerful.Combining the two problems above, you get the opening scene at the airport It was a rough start but when things started moving, it got better I just wish time was spent on certain scenes and character moments.Nevertheless, the scenes with Nate and Callie together were done quite well and I loved seeing the two of them interact Not going to lie, that scene near the end at the cliff was quite adorable Overall, I d give it a strong 4 5 stars It was good, and to those looking to read some cliche romance with some sex thrown in , I d recommend it.

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    You know the saying When you make plans, God laughs Well that seems to be the thought here Callie has been burned, her boyfriend, ahem EX boyfriend cheated on her Now that is awful for sure but he did it in their bed and she still has to see him at her best friends wedding Ex is friends with the groom She s not looking forward to it but it ll work out, she ll make sure of it so her best friend can have a great wedding without drama On the way to nuptials she s stranded in the airport because of the weather She has a room but decides that she needs a drink That s where she meets Nate, hot guy and a one night stand is just what she needs She ll never see him again anyway.Not only does she see Nate again but she s got to deal with him the whole time shes at the wedding He s the groom s BROTHER What she thought was a one night stand has now come back to bite her She has sworn off having a relationship again, she doesn t want to be hurt but Nate is having other ideas He wants to have but there is only so much of her neurotic thoughts he ll take She has to want to have He can t make her want a relationship with him.I really enjoyed this book It was a sweet romance with very little angst I really loved the family and how they treated Callie She was so lost at times, Ethan cheating on her really killed a lot of her self confidence Nate helped build her back up It s such a great story If you read it and love it leave the author love in the form of a review.

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    Good, solid bookCallie has been hurt many times in her life The latest incident is when she comes home early to find her boyfriend in bead with another woman This breaks her heart and trust To top it off, he is going to be at her best friend s wedding, and he s bringing a date In the airport on the way to visit her friend, Callie meets Nate, and is instantly attracted to him, so she decides to have a one night stand with him But to her surprise, who shows up at the pre weddinng festivities Nate Because he is the groom s brother He wants her, but she doesn t want her heart broken.This book was ok It was well written, and sweet Nate was very sweet and understanding, but I wish we could have gotten some scenes from his POV The book was somewhat predictable And at times Callie s attitude on relationships was annoying, though somewhat understandable There wasn t anything too special about this book, it was just a nice, sweets story.

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    Callie meets Nate at the airport on the way to her best friend s wedding and they have a one night stand Except, it doesn t end there because they meet again Turns out Nate is the groom s brother.I like the sweet, heartwarming feel that the Wright family brings to the story I also like how patient Nate is with Callie, considering all her insecurities and doubts The plot is fairly simple and easy to get into if you re looking for a light read.What I don t like much is how Nate seems to have the sixth sense to always understand what Callie is feeling Their attraction isn t enough to make me believe it, and I even find myself a bit exasperated whenever Nate gives her a knowing, sad smile.I also wish Nate could have fought harder for Callie near the end He did make a cute gesture to lead the way for their happy ending, but I still think he could have done before all that.

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    Recieved through Goodreads First Reads for honest review This was such a short, easy to read, romance book I was able to read it in just one day.The story is about Callie and Nate and is written from Callie s point of view Callie caught her boyfriend cheating and has promised herself she d never fall in love again Callie is on her way to a wedding that her ex is attending also While waiting for her flight at the airport, she decides that a one night stand is what she needs to help her get through this wedding Little does she know, her one night stand Nate will also be a this wedding Nate and Callie have a great connection, but Callie is determinded to keep her distance while Nate wants to show her that not ever guy is like her ex The novel was well constructed and keep me interested The story was sweet and the characters were fun and witty.

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    I absolutely adore this book The balance between romance, great characters backing up the main stars, unexpected events, sensual sex full of emotion as well as quick relief Nate and Callie a chance encounter, a fortuitous coincidence, from opposite family structures, intense reactions It s such an easy read because Cassie s writing is so fluid and the investment she puts into her story, the love she feels for her characters ensures that the reader becomes involved, intricately ensnared within the story, that you can t possibly not turn the next page to see what happens A superb book Highly recommend

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    If I could give this book all the stars in the world I would sometimes your plans doesn t compare to what the universe has in store for you Callie thought she was going to swear off love forever Then she meets a guys in the airport that she s just drawn too She thinks it will be just a one night stand.then he turns up at her best friend s wedding Nate is just perfect He s trying to get her to break down her defenses He s just there for her.Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and jump.This is a true love story I would have to say it s one of my favorite books this year thus far.

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Meeting Mr. Wright summary pdf Meeting Mr. Wright , summary chapter 2 Meeting Mr. Wright , sparknotes Meeting Mr. Wright , Meeting Mr. Wright c8ce8a1 Callie Kirkpatrick Promised Herself She D Never Fall In Love AgainAfter Catching Her Boyfriend Ethan Cheating On Her, Callie Decides To Retire From The Dating Game At The Ripe Old Age Of Twenty Four Unfortunately For Callie, She S Going To Have To See Ethan At Her Best Friend S Upcoming Wedding Stranded In The Airport During A Weather Delay On Her Way To The Nuptials, Callie Meets Nate Wright He S Sexy And Uncomplicated, And A One Night Stand Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For A Girl With A Broken Heart Callie Thinks She Ll Never See Nate Again Until He Shows Up At The WeddingNate Is Hell Bent On Making Callie Forget About Her Ex, And He Makes Her Question Whether She Was Ever Really In Love With Ethan At All As She Begins To Fall For Nate, Callie Wonders If Promises Were Meant To Be Broken

  • Kindle Edition
  • Meeting Mr. Wright
  • Cassie Cross
  • English
  • 26 January 2019

About the Author: Cassie Cross

Cassie Cross is a Maryland native and a romantic at heart, who lives outside of Balti with her two dogs and a closet full of shoes Cassie s fondness for swoon worthy men and strong women are the inspiration for most of her stories, and when she s not busy writing a book, you ll probably find her eating takeout and indulging in her love of 80 s sitcoms.