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Facing West chapter 1 Facing West, meaning Facing West, genre Facing West, book cover Facing West, flies Facing West, Facing West c455578c77996 The First Book In A New Series By Lucy Lennox Nico I Left My Family And Tiny Texas Hometown Fifteen Years Ago To Escape Small Town Gossips And To Give My Mom And Sister The Chance At A Better Life But When A Phone Call From An Attorney Back Home Informs Me That My Sister Passed Away, Leaving Me Custody Of Her Newborn Baby, I M Shocked Out Of The Steady Life I Ve Built For Myself Running A Tattoo Shop In San Francisco The Thing Is I Don T Do Babies And I Don T Do Small Towns Or Commitment And I Especially Don T Do Family My Plan Is To Go Back To Hobie Just Long Enough To Sign Adoption Papers, Giving My Niece The Kind Of Stable, Loving Family I Could Never Provide But The Moment I Meet My Niece In The Arms Of Weston Wilde, My Sister S Best Friend And The Town S Handsome Doctor, My Plans Begin To Change Because Suddenly, I See A Different Future One With The Very Thing I Thought I Never Deserved A Family If Only I Can Convince West That I M Not The Same Good For Nothing Kid Ready To Bolt When Things Get Tough Weston There S One Thing I Know For Sure About Nico Salerno He Was A Good For Nothing As A Kid And Judging By The Purple Haired, Tattoo D Punk Who Shows Up At His Sister S Funeral, He Hasn T Changed There S No Way I M Letting Him Take Custody Of My Best Friend S Baby But The Time I Spend Around Him, The I Realize That His Rough Exterior Is Just A Shell And That Beneath All The Tattoos Is A Scared, Insecure Man Searching For A Place To Belong And Pretty Soon I Know Exactly Where He Belongs In My Bed And By My Side The Problem Is, He Abandoned His Family Once Before, How Do I Know That If We Become A Family He Won T Do It Again Facing West Is The First In The New Forever Wilde Series About The Huge Wilde Family From Hobie, Texas, Whose Patriarchs Aren T Above A Little Meddling If That S What It Takes To Help Their Grandkids Find True Love

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    STOP THE PRESSES I Liked This Book Which, seriously, is like WHOA, baby Because I did not have good things to say about Lennox s Made Marian series But Facing West was really cute And sexy Also, sexy Did I mention SEXY I even liked the baby, and I m not usually one for kids in books The pervy old ladies in the Made Marian series were grossly inappropriate But the grandpas in this book were just funny yes, they threw out TMI about their sex life, but they didn t cross the sexual harassment line It didn t hurt that Doc and Grandpa were so freakin ADORBS together.Nico was skittish and impulsive He didn t trust easily, and when things got tough he ran But West made him want to stay And once West got over his completely unfair antipathy toward Nico, he was very supportive Having a dual first person POV helped me understand both men and where they were coming from There were definitely a few eye roll moments, like the baby being miraculously cured of RSV overnight, but they didn t hinder my enjoyment of the story This series has so much potential I liked all the secondary characters, including the entire crazy Wilde family, and can t wait to read their stories The cattle cattle castle is next And Nicopotamous is totally a thing.

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    Loved Nico Loved West Loved Grandpa, Doc and the entire Wilde family.But this 328 pager felt way longer than it needed to be By like 100 pages.One of my favorite things about stories like this, where someone overcomes great adversity and builds a new life all their own like Nico did after running away from home at age 15 , are the details of the challenges they faced along the way and how they ended up thriving.In this story, we got only a few paragraphs, instead of many actual details, which left me wanting much, much .The sexy bits were both plentiful and steamy The bedroom was not the area where Nico and West floundered Not even a little bit.So while not perfect, I still enjoyed it and would rate it at around 3.75 stars This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membership.See All My Latest Reads Review Quick Links

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    Lucy Lennox, the author that gave us the Marian brothers, has a new set of brothers for us This is the Wilde family and the first book focuses on hot doctor Weston Wilde If you ve read the books in the Made Marian series, you know that they are all basically the same book with different character names and different professions Not to take anything away with how soothing that can be for a reader that knows and gets EXACTLY what they want I do recommend this book West and Nico are great together and little Pippa was a cherry on the whip creamed topped sundae The sex was fucking hot too

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    3.5 StarsWhat I like about Lennox and in extension, narrator Michael Pauley, is their ability to bring the fun and funny interspersed with over the top lust and horniness but then really grounding it in some angsty feels and always with some great familial love and dynamics I had thoroughly enjoyed myself with Borrowing Blue and Taming Teddy from the Made Marian series but for me it had gradually veered from its expected formula which I ve said is not necessarily a bad thing however, I felt this spinoff brought back the components that I enjoyed originally.Nico Griffin s bff must return home to settle the affairs of his deceased sister, mainly a baby niece that he s almost pretty sure he sorta doesn t want Nonetheless, Nico s closed off heart slowly opens as he gets to know the sweet Pippa and the other man in her life, surrogate dad uncle Weston Wilde These two clash immediately due to preconceived notions and assumptions, but what they can t deny of course, is their insanely combustible attraction that they don t resist for very long at all Ha Can they get over themselves to make a new family with each other Well, duh.This was chock full of claiming growling sexy shenanigans that wasn t lacking in the drama and a new family that can t mind their own beeswax I know better than to take this book too seriously, and I definitely know where to look next if I need a big dose of Lennox Pauley Wilde romance I hope that this series keeps on delivering

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    Audio 5 starsStory 3.75 starsFinally Finally A Lucy Lennox series I can see myself enjoying I m so excited I don t know if I m being oversensitive, but the only thing stopping this book from being 5 stars for me was the way the situation with Pippa was handled The back and forth on what should be done with her made no sense to me I could understand Nico s hesitation, but why the heck West didn t want her from the get go was kind of cold He claimed to love her and was going to miss being in her life everyday, yet he was okay with her getting adopted for most of the story

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    4.5 starsI loved this book a lot.Well Well That was hot, a little heartbreaking and sweet I laughed, I was sad at times, I swooned and awwwwwed at baby Pippa.There is something about Lucy Lennox s books that just sucks me in, I guess maybe it s the way she writes about family.I loved Michael Pauley s narration too These two are a match made in book heaven.West I loved him, he came from a supporting big family, and I enjoyed their interactions He was supportive, patient and loving I loved that when he got mad he spoke his mind and when he decided to let his feeling for Nico show he went all in His was protective of Pippa and that had my stomach do flip flops.Nico Nicopotamus as a drunk Felix called him I adored him, his insecurities made me want to hug him tight and never let him go He ran away from home when he was fifteen due to his shitty family situation and never looked back, until a phone call that informed him his sister was dead and left him the sole custody of his niece forced him to go back his hometown Then he met West and what followed was a beautiful love story Nico had walls and I was happy that West was able to break them one by one.The chemistry between West and Nico was so strong and the sex was hot as usual, and the narrator made them even hotter The sex crazed lunatic fucking Nico on my kitchen table was a stranger to me It was a side of me that had lain dormant and unknown somewhere in the far reaches of myself, but now that Nico had awakened it, my hunger was insatiable.I thrust into Nico s body over and over until we were both crying for release and clutching at each other s hands It was feral and aggressive, sweaty and hot Sex with Nico was unlike anything from even my wildest fantasies Want you to come, Nico, I ground out between tight teeth Fuck, fuck, he panted He tried pulling his hands out of mine so he could grab for his own cock, but I didn t want to let him go I loved that mama Marian and Griff made an appearance Doc and Grandpa were amazing.I loved it I will wait for book 2 to come out on audio, I have come to associate Lucy Lennox s characters with Michael Pauley s voice.The Epilogue

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    Following the authors style it s insta love lust, crazy family, and hot sex Though instead of OTT pervy Granny s we get sweet, slightly subdued OTT pervy Grandpa s Definitely an improvement Slight niggle when the MC s first meet back up West takes one look at Nico s tattoos and piercings and makes snap judgements and assumptions about him because of them He was hurt, angry and grieving but he has a tendency to lash out and say some pretty mean shit They were sweet together though once they actually started to get to know each other and he admits he was wrong for thinking that way All in all.a nice, easy read.

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    I did not like this I severely dislike angry people in my books and in RL And boy, were these guy angry without good reason.I immediately started to dislike this book when West acted like a complete ass to Nico simply because Nico left town when he was 15 As if a 15 year old boy just leaves his family because he feels like it West remained angry about this throughout the book while also developing feelings for Nico I hate that I mean, talk things out before you fall in love Not fall in love despite your negative feelings about someone.This was a pretty rocky relationship These guys kept mentioning over and over and over again that they didn t want a boyfriend and that is was just sex Yeah yeah, I got it.And I don t like books where everything is only solved in the last couple of pages and there is almost only heartbreak and sorrow before that Nico kept thinking he had to go back to his old life and couldn t seem to snap out of those thoughts And West, I m sorry, West was an asshole I had such a hard time liking him So if you re looking for a couple that falls in love while they still dislike each other, and have ALL the drama, read this It wasn t the book for me.If the second book doesn t have this much push and pull, I will read it because it does sound interesting.

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    This was my first foray into the LennoxWorld and maybe I choose the wrong one to start with because I was left disappointed As soon as I started to page flip I knew I was in trouble From the blurb I was expecting some flumadidolery and some snuggery What I got was a flumpery of characters that felt like facing North than West and that just left me cold So snuggles was definitely not on the cards A meh 3 from me.

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    4 Stars This was sweet with just a bit of angst thrown in I really liked both characters and was happy the way their relationship developed.Doc and Grandpa were pretty awesome and I thought how they interacted with each other was super sweet and cute I loved their inappropriateness just as much as I did the older ladies in her other series Though the men a bit tamer than the ladies were West was a bit judgy of Nico in the beginning which threw me off of him a bit I thought with the big family he has and how they are all so different and unique he d be open But he got over himself pretty quick thankfully He was really sweet with Nico in the end and I loved how their relationship developed Nico was pretty prickly and at the beginning was quick to run and keep everyone at a distance But soon West and the older men were able to knock down his walls and show him he wasn t alone and that the family he had always wanted was reachable Great chemistry and a great love story Happy reading dolls xx

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