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Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power chapter 1 Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power, meaning Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power, genre Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power, book cover Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power, flies Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power, Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power 1af53d1465e00 O Mundo Todo Foi Pego De Surpresa Com A Nomea O E A Elei O De Donald Trump Presid Ncia Dos Estados Unidos Al M De Ser A Primeira Nomea O De Um Candidato Sem Experi Ncia Pol Tica Pr Via Desde , A Escolha Foi Ainda Mais Questionada Pela Turbulenta Fama Do Empres Rio Celebridade, Famoso Pelas Declara Es Pol Micas E Constantes Mudan As De Opini OMas Quem Donald J Trump De Verdade O Que Move O Homem Mais Poderoso Do Planeta E Suas Pol Micas, Seriam Atos Inconsequentes Ou Resultado De Uma Calculada Constru O De Imagem Escrito Pelo Rep Rter Investigativo Michael Kranish E Pelo Editor Marc Fisher, Com Aux Lio De Premiados Jornalistas Do Washington Post, Revelando Trump O Relato Mais Profundo, Atualizado E Completo Sobre O O Presidente Dos Estados Unidos, Trazendo Toda A Sua Trajet Ria Desde A Inf Ncia Nos Sub Rbios De Nova York, Os Anos De Forma O Em Uma Academia Militar, A Turbulenta Carreira No Ramo Imobili Rio E Na Ind Stria Do Entretenimento E A Ascens O Ao Cargo De Homem Mais Poderoso Do Mundo

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    As a political junkie, I enjoy reading well written biographies of political figures Now, I am not a Trump fan, but I appreciated the clear writing and non sensationalism in Trump Revealed An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power by Washington Post reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher Their book is not a hatchet job by either pro Trump or anti Trump agenda writers The reporters have interviewed both major and minor characters in Donald Trump s rise to wealth and power People who I wouldn t think to be associated with Trump, had indeed been part of his life.Whether Donald Trump wins or loses in November, there will be many, many books written about this presidential election As a life long Democrat and, as I said, political junkie, I will probably read most of them But this book, well written and presenting the facts of Donald Trump, will, I think, be one of the best I also realised that Michael Kranish was the author of an extremely well written book on Mitt Romney in 2012.

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    A must read for the knuckle draggers that are planning on voting for this narcissistic clown Unfortunately, like Orange Grandpa, few of them read.What a douchebag

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    Note I m not hiding this because of spoilers, because it s a biography.how could a biography have spoilers But you ve been forwarned I went into this book thinking it would be a salacious accounting of Donald Trump s life and campaign Far from the truth It s a balanced biography of the man, with detailed reporting on the deals he s made over the years, his personality and his goals There were no comments from the authors on the material it was presented factually with substantial backup documentation and interviews.His deals caused my head to spin His Achilles heel, evidently, is questioning his net worth It sets him off His deals all smack of a hint of corruption His empire what s left after 5 bankruptcies sits on a shaky foundation When something goes wrong with a project, he blames everyone else around him, except himself Most notably, he blamed 3 casino execs who were killed in a helicopter crash one of whom he counted as a friend for the failure of the casinos after they were killed I didn t expect to feel any sympathy for this man, since he brings all manner of bad things to fall on his head by his own doing However, he couldn t think of a single friend, outside of business, that he could just talk to about things That s just plain sad His drive to succeed, to be the best of everything, to wheel and deal, to sell his brand for whatever he can get all of that destroyed two marriages and several businesses If you re serious about voting for Donald Trump, read this book It s an eye opener and shows you the basic personality of a man who is driven to succeed no matter the cost, and a man whose temperament can t allow him to take responsibility for any failure A scary, balanced view of Donald Trump.

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    This is a biography of Donald Trump written by two Washington Post writers covering Trump s life through the Republican nomination Otherwise a well written 4 star biography I downgraded it to 3 stars because the capable authors rushed the book to press prior to the election presumably to capitalize on Trump s candidacy.The origin portion of the biography that covers Donald Trump through the mid 1980s was superbly done You get a sense where Trump came from and that his father played a big role in the business sense but that their personalities differed significantly After the 1980 s the authors decided to cover the various projects of Trump s manic career in separate chapters rather than chronologically This drove me than a little crazy Each chapter was well written in isolation but the disjointedness did not provide any progression in the story The evidence for rushing to print is the sparse number of pages, only about 175 pages, covering the last 20 years of Trump s life including the campaign Whether you despise him or love him there is a lot relevant material for a biography than this I would recommend this biography because the portion that covered the first half of Trump s life is quite good There were many revealing anecdotes about Trump as a bullying little boy punching little kids, throwing rocks at a younger neighbor and so on that eventually led an exasperated Fred Trump to send Donald to military school in 8th grade There are also some sympathetic stories of Trump evolving to become a popular and hard working leader, effectively the go to guy for his classmates and someone that they looked up to and as supply officer he helped them with his influence.

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    Before each presidential election cycle the staff at the Washington Post engages in extensive research of the candidates to determine what can be expected should they take up residence at the White House 2016 was no exception as they dove deep into the background of Donald J Trump and the result is a deeply informative book entitled TRUMP REVEALED AN AMERICAN JOURNEY OF AMBITION, EGO, MONEY, AND POWER by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher The narrative joins the plethora of books on Trump ranging from THE MAKING OF DONALD TRUMP by David Cay Johnston, THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP by Michael D Antonio to the recent ones since he assumed the presidency that focus on the role Russia played in the last election including COLLUSION SECRET MEETINGS, DIRTY MONEY, AND HOW RUSSIA HELPED DONALD TRUMP WIN by Luke Harding, RUSSIAN ROULETTE THE INSIDE STORY OF PUTIN S WAR ON AMERICA AND THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP by Michael Isikoff and David Corn, THE APPRENTICE TRUMP, RUSSIA AND THEW SUBVERSION OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY by Greg Miller, and HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN THE UNTOLD STORY OF DONALD TRUMP AND THE RUSSIAN MAFIA by Craig Unger Others deal with the Trump White House like FEAR TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE by Bob Woodward and FIRE AND FURY INSIDE THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE by Michael Wolff Recently, the Trump children have been the subjects of new books, BORN TRUMP INSIDE AMERICA S FIRST FAMILY by Emily Jane Fox, KUSHNER, INC GREED AMBITION CORRUPTION, THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY PF JARED KUSHNER AND IVANKA TRUMP by Vicky Ward, and lastly the focus shifts to Trump s relationship with women in GOLDEN HANDCUFFS THE SECRET HISTORY OF TRUMP S WOMEN by Nina Burleigh What is clear in all these narratives is that Trump possesses a flawed personality that dates to his dysfunctional upbringing that has created character traits that have pushed him toward actions and policies that are all to familiar with people who have paid attention the last two years.As you read Kranish and Fisher s work William Jennings Bryan s Cross of Gold speech comes to mind as Trump comes across as obsessed with money, wealth in general, his self created brand, and gold The authors present a detailed account of Trump s life and career beginning with a discussion of the immigration of his paternal German grandparents and Scottish mother, through his childhood, ending with the 2016 Republican National Convention His early years are catalogued tracing his family s immigrant background reaffirming Trump s refusal to give credit to his grandmother, Elizabeth Christ who inherited a significant sum from her husband, who died at 49, and eventually would set up the Trump Organization Donald gave full credit for the ensuing financial success to his father Fred Trump and down played the role of his grandmother This would be a pattern in his life as his attitude toward women seemed set at an early age as is argued by Nina Burleigh in her recent book GOLDEN HANDCUFFS THE SECRET HISTORY OF TRUMP S WOMEN As the authors recount his life, we come across few close friends or humane interests Apart from reading about himself, he opens few books and is unconcerned about literature, history, or the arts He will exhibit little interest in foreign cultures or travel abroad, unless of course it can enhance his business interests The result is a man who exhibits little empathy for others, except perhaps for immigrants who were the proper white European ethnic stock as his grandparents were.Fred Trump receives a great deal of attention because of his impact on his son s life emotionally and financially A distant father he ran a tight ship at home, and was absent making money in the Queens, NY real estate market during the depression and post World War II period His business techniques relied on bombast, publicity, beautiful women, and government programs would be copied by his son whose quality time with his father was spent at his Coney Island office A womanizer and at times distant man, Fred Trump would always be there for his son even though he disagreed with in his approach toward the real estate market in Manhattan, and the development of casinos in Atlantic City Despite their philosophical divergence, Fred would always co sign loans, guarantee payments, and have his son s back Despite Donald s denials his father provided him with a 1 million trust fund, as he did with all his children, which allowed him to begin his career.The Donald Trump that is portrayed in the book emerges as the person we see in the White House each day It begins with his education from elementary school onward with early signs of attention deficit and behavioral issues that are attendant to the malady Donald disliked reading and listening to teachers and counselors His attitude towards classmates was one of a bully for which the authors provide evidence from his teachers Fred decided to send Donald to the New York Military Academy where after a nasty beginning, he learned the ropes and did well He would go on to Fordham University for two years, then transfer to the University of Pennsylvania s Wharton School for business for his junior and senior year Trump constantly points to his Ivy league education to promote his brand and assuage his ego but comments like perhaps the most important thing I learned at Wharton was not to be overly impressed by academic credentials.the other important thing I got from Wharton was a Wharton degree In my opinion, that degree doesn t prove much, but a lot of people I do business with take it very seriously is evidence of what type of person he is.The authors do a good job integrating Trump s own statements and those of others who impacted his life throughout the book in deriving an accurate picture of his personality, approach to business and people, and events surrounding his career Donald s relationship with his father is key as in 1971, Trump is made president of Trump Management and his father remained as Chairman A major turning point is developed in a chapter that deals with Fred Trump s unscrupulous approach to government housing programs and racial bias in his properties Though Fred would escape any prosecution after Senate and New York State investigations, the Justice Department filed one of the most significant racial cases of the era against the Trumps in October 1973 with United States of America v Fred C Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc This came at a bad time for Donald as he was about to enter the Manhattan real estate market, but the result is important as the family decided to fight the federal government and not give in even though the Justice Department offered an extremely lenient settlement The key in the process was the beginning of the relationship between Roy Cohn and Donald Trump Cohn, a notorious figure who earned his spurs chasing after Alger Hiss, serving as counsel for Joseph McCarthy and escaping numerous federal charges dealing with tax evasion and other unscrupulous activities would become Donald s surrogate father, a mentor who he would learn from and mirror during his career Cohn preached, never settle, always threatened lawsuits, never settle a lawsuit, and employ the art of the counter attack The authors take the reader through a detailed analysis of the case and its importance in Donald s development a mirror into his tactics on the news each night.A second prominent individual who influenced Trump was Norman Vincent Peale, the Protestant minister who in 1977 officiated at his first wedding Peale was the author of the 1952 bestseller THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING and predicted that Trump would become the greatest builder of our time Trump saw Peale as another mentor, who taught him to win by thinking only of the best outcomes As one engages the narrative, no matter what difficulty Trump found himself in, particularly in business he would always spin any outcome in a positive fashion, and to his credit in the end he would emerge on top, usually employing unethical tactics that I do not believe Peale would approve of.Trump makes much of his wealth and the authors point out his ability to manipulate the media and develop his own brand As early as 1973 the New York Times put out a description of Trump which was a publicist s dream, but it also stated that Trump s net worth was 200 million at a time when his income was reported to be 24,594 paying taxes of 10,832 Despite the lies told about his income and wealth, Trump s bombast and manipulation of the media which was in the midst of tabloid wars in New York, the Donald was able to feed the public any information he desired, even acting as his own publicist, John Barron a totally fictitious character that Trump mimicked in phone calls to reporters I find it fascinating that he named his son, Baron Trump is addicted to publicity and name recognition, his focus has always been to get his name on products, buildings, and news stories His obsession with his wealth is well documented whether it is 200 million or the 3 through 9 billion that Trump has reported depending on his mood, and other factors For decades he would begin his day reviewing stories about himself that appeared in the previous days news cycle and if he was not satisfied with what he read he would threaten to sue the offending newspaper, magazine, or author All told in over thirty years, Trump and his companies filed than 1900 lawsuits The author s follow Trump s acquisitions of real estate thoroughly from his purchase of the Commodore Hotel, Bonwitt Teller s building in Manhattan, developing casinos in Atlantic City, raising the Trump logo on all his properties, i.e Trump Tower etc They delve into how he financed his real estate empire in detail and what emerges is New York City sleaze as a lack of enforcement and corruption falls easy prey to bullying, disingenuous tactics, being in bed with organized crime, all facilitating Trump s rise Trump has an insatiable appetite for loans with little collateral and the accumulation of debt, but banks continually support him even as it reaches a point when he is nearing bankruptcy over his three Atlantic City casinos in 1990.Perhaps the author s best work is reported in the chapters dealing with Trump s entrance into the Atlantic City casino market which says all we need to know about the president s approach to business, negotiations, and the accumulation of wealth to maintain his image and brand Seen as a savior by the Atlantic City political establishment and bureaucracy that approves casino licensing through tax relief and funding, Trump was able to cajole, bully, bullshit, coerce, blackmail his way into building three casinos, one larger than the next in a market that could not support his financing Trump had Atlantic City leaders believing the mirage of bait and switch compounded by fabrication and outright lies and deception The use of junk bonds, and threats against the Casino Control Commission were effective in getting approval of his next projects It was clear, despite his self created image based on his version of publicity that he was in deep trouble by the late 1980s His need to feed his ego by controlling all gambling on the east coast meshed with Atlantic City politician s belief that he was the economic savior of their downtrodden city helped created this catastrophe By 1990 he was unable to pay his debts which amounted to 3.2 billion, most of which was owed to seven major banks They would restructure the loans and allowances for Trump because he was worth to them alive, rather, than dead There were others that Trump stiffed, contractors who either did not get paid or were paid very little as compared to what was agreed to a number of which were family businesses that eventually had to declare bankruptcy.Of the many components of Trump s life and career presented his attitude towards women is fully played out from his three marriages, purchase of beauty pageants, his affairs, and in general treatment of the opposite sex What emerges is a carefully crafted image designed to enhance his brand as he will become, in his own mind, the arbiter of what is beautiful in a woman For him as long as you ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass that was all that was needed to maintain your celebrity and brand Trump wrote the script and he protected it with prenuptial and non disclosure agreements that maintained the silence of any female who had a relationship with him For Trump women are nothing but pawns to his ego and his brand His wives, girlfriends, mistresses etc had to measure up to a certain image or they were not worth his time and interest.According to the authors a major turning point that led to Trump s run for the presidency was the reality television program, The Apprentice Trump s character would become his bridge to Middle America as his popularity with average citizens was enhanced He was a person who turned from a blowhard Richie Rich who had just gone through the most difficult decade into an unlikely symbol of straight talk, an evangelist for the American gospel of success, a decider who insisted on standards in a country that somehow slipped into handing out trophies for just showing up The program sold an image of the host boss as supremely competent and confident who quickly achieved results The transition to politics was easy and it served as a stepping stone to the White House.The authors venture into Trump s repeated dabbling with politics until he finally goes down the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 The primary campaign is covered in detail until he gains the Republican nomination There is a great deal of information in the book, much of which is now known by the public But at the time it was written it should have been an eye opener for those people who read it The Donald J Trump that is presented is the mirror image of the occupant of the White House One must ask the question, based on the last two years and the background presented by the authors is what will become of the American political system if he is reelected, because it is obvious that he will not change as his personality and attitudes originated in his childhood But what is clear is that Trump s real estate career evolved into what can only be described as the huckster in chief as he figured out how to profit from branding, whether or not projects succeeded as long as he made a profit, even to the extreme detriment of others.Kanish and Fisher s work is remarkable due to the three month time table they were working under Relying on numerous interviews representing a cross section of Trump s life the authors have prepared an insightful and at times scary portrayal of a man who holds the destiny of the American people for the foreseeable future in his hands.

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    I don t live in the States, nor do I know a lot about Trump, so my view on this book is sort of neutral Anyway, all politicians have something to hide don t we all People have gotten so swept up in the media storm surrounding Trump, looking at every aspect of his life under a microscope, that sometimes I wonder when it will ever end.

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    The book is good Trump, not so much

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    Donald Trump fascinates me.The businessman, the reality tv personality, to the sweeping outsider who went on to capture the Republican nomination I do not support Trump in fact, I quite loathe the man However, it is his history and his rise that I find entirely fascinating He s the sort of individual who one would find in a fictional story And after having read this book, what leaves me in awe is not that I have a fuller grasp of him and his past, but that even while wielding that knowledge, I remain unsatisfied Because the innate reality is that one can never know the full feelings and thinking process of another human being, but can only guess from body language or what they say I can only imagine why after everything I ve learned about him, Donald Trump is Donald Trump He loves to win He never wants to lose That is obvious But when was the moment, when was the time that Trump became Trump Even while learning of his upbringing, of the various deals and projects that projected him into someone that wasn t known just as Fred Trump s son, after learning about Grand Hyatt and Trump Casino and all his various divorces, why is he That is a piece of knowledge that I ll possibly never know This once in a life time, once in a million chance that this phenomenon would come and grab the Republican party by the horns He spent his whole life making his name mean something, Trump is a brand, a status to him.To get to the heart of it, what this book does is give you all the facts It is not warped, it is the facts and the testimonies as provided by Trump and the people around him But for some reason, it has this effect Who is Donald Trump It is the question in the synopsis and this book alludes to attempting to answer that question And to a point, it does But inevitably, as with the complexity and limitations of a human being, you walk away from the final passage of the book and the various final passages of certain chapters just wondering Wondering at this man At what gave birth to him, at what created him, about the sadness of his existence or the ludicrous nature of it all He switched party affiliations 7 times in the span of 12 years He shed a tear for the death of a friend and then went back to business as usual He was the son of a man he considered his best friend He looks at women as objects and prizes, a Mrs Donald Trump He blames all his failures on the people around him, only accepting his convenient and near miraculous successes Will we ever know who or how Donald Trump is BUY BORROW SKIP BuyFinal Score 8.0 10.0

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    This is an exceptionally well done biography of Donald Trump put together by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, supported by the staff of the Washington Post The Post has traditionally produced biographies of presidential candidates every four years, in an attempt to provide the electorate with timely information prior to the election This biography covers Trump s life up through the Republican Convention in June 2016 As many reviewers have said, this book is not pro or anti Trump It is a clear eyed, thorough, well researched, and extensively annotated biography In the spring of 2016 after he secured sufficient delegates for the Republican nomination, Mr Trump sat for extensive interviews with the authors Although produced in an extremely short amount of time, the book is interesting, well written, and thoughtful I feel it is at least a 4.5 star read.Full disclosure I am not a fan of Donald Trump He scares me And I m afraid the book did not alleviate my concerns Throughout his life, really only one thing has been important to Donald Trump Donald Trump Not family, not friendship, not religion, not country come before Donald Trump Secondly, truth is a concept that eludes him Or maybe what he says becomes the truth to him He has no discernible ideology he s not a fiscal conservative, he s a recent convert to some aspects of social conservatism, he s officially changed his party affiliation at least seven times, and he s evasive about his beliefs We truly don t know who this man really is philosophically or policy wise Finally, he has an extremely steep learning curve in front of him and, to date, has shown very little evidence that he can be bothered with the necessary study work the job requires That bodes extremely ill for the nation and the world.What he is is perhaps the world s greatest showman salesman in the vein of P.T Barnum He s a genius at picking up on the mood and desires of groups and crowds and feeding them what they want He s figured out how to sell his politics to a segment of society a segment which he is not really part of He may have just completed one of the greatest scams in history I guess we ll find out.I highly recommend Trump Revealed by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher.

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    Everything this man s done and said Everyone he s offended and he s still going to get over 40% of the popular vote He s the symptom of a greater illness This is the real issue and uncomfortable fact.

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