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The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) summary The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) , series The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) , book The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) , pdf The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) , The Deepest Sigh (Echoes of the Heart Book 1) a1c0fe87ee Seventeen Year Old Marilla Eckert Is In Love With Langdon Lang Prescott, Her Family S Hired Farm Hand, Unaware Of His Passionate Feelings Toward Her Older Sister Delia When Delia Weds A Longtime Beau, Lang Settles For Marilla Instead, Despite His Continued Longing And Intent To Someday Win Delia Away From Her Husband Marilla Soon Realizes Where Lang S Devotion Truly Lies, Yet She Presses On, Giving Everything She Has To Offer, Convinced She Can Still Gain His LoveThen America Steps Into The Great War The Men Are Sent A World Away To Fight, And Marilla S Cares, Coupled With The Lack Of Her Husband S Favor, Finally Wear Her Thin When Heartache And Disaster Strikes On Every Front, And Marilla S Hour Of Need Leads Her Elsewhere For Comfort, Will Each Of Them Wind Up Too Broken To Ever Find Their Hearts True Homes

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    With her exemplary unique voice, Naomi Musch has crafted a hauntingly beautiful novel that immediately sent my emotions in a tailspin They were literally all over the page as I drank in the heartbreaking details of Marilla Eckert s life, whose only sin was to fall in love with the handsome, charming man of her dreams A man who just so happens to be totally enad with her sister I wanted to throttle Langston Prescott, who came to work on Marilla s father s farm and immediately fell in love with the beautiful, spunky Delia Eckert I know people can t help who they fall in love with, but why did he have to propose to the tall and skinny Marilla whose only attribute is her lovely sea green eyes , just because her exquisite sister marries another Lang doesn t mistreat her and he really tries to be a good husband I have to give him credit for that , and I almost felt sorry for him but not too much We definitely had a love hate relationship going on and I ll be the 1st to admit he was pretty hunky I love how Marilla evolves throughout the storyfrom a young, naive victim to a strong, independent wife and loving mother When America steps into the Great War and Delia s husband enlists, Lang finally gets the chance to win her favor But when tragedy and disaster strikes, will Marilla and Lang wind up too broken to ever find their way back home again What a powerful story I stayed glued to the pages til way past bedtime so great was my desire to see how everything played out The characters were so realistically written that I actually found myself wanting to pray for them, weep with them, laugh with them This was an unusually different historical read, but one that will keep you madly flipping the pages until you take that last satisfying deep sigh at the superb conclusion.

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    I should not have liked this story as much as I did Marilla is a sweet, innocent young lady infatuated with a man that doesn t deserve her Lang wants who he wants and it s not poor Marilla, He comes across as caring and loving, but is nothing but deceitful And yet, strangely it works.There s an historical error in the book that I found frustrating, the flu pandemic in 1918 was the Spanish influenza not the Asian that was in 1957.

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    Wow I don t know what I expected in this book, but I was engrossed from start to finish The characters didn t let me go even after I d shut the book They are deep, complex, and achingly human with their hopes, dreams, faults, and foibles Sometimes you don t know who to root for Sometimes you want to slap one of them Sometimes you want to weep for them Beautifully written in a style that will appeal to any who enjoy historicals and historical romance Set during WWI at a very pivotal time in our history, a very satisfying story of people who did their best in a world that was shifting and changing before their very eyes I highly recommend this one.

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    This was a huge no for me.I don t mind cheating books if the emphasis is on reconciliation not actively cheating.In this book, the male lead character, I cannot call him a Hero, emotionally cheats for at least 70% of the book.He misses out on getting the girl to someone else so he marries the sister, who adores him, to sate his needs, while waiting for the sister, who he thinks he loves to get fed up of her now husband and run off with him.I m not sure what sort of man thinks that it s okay for a sister to do that and what he thinks that would do to the while family dynamic.He is manipulative and connives ways to spend time with the sister, who doesnt notice and is not interested in him and is all about her husband.He fantasizes about what their life together would be like and imagines her in the place of his wife.His wife bears him 3 children who he doesn t really seem to make much effort with.The real kicker is he originally changed his mind about woman who became his wife because another man showed interest.I really wish she d ended up with Jacob but he had morals than her husband so he wouldn t have gone there.It is closed door sex scenes.Emotional cheating but nothing physical actually happens.HEA, if you believe he can be redeemed.

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    The beginning of this book had me believing the story was about loving the wrong person But about half way through, I realized it went so much deeper than that It showed me how much we are capable of forgiveness and trusting someone after a broken heart This book ended up capturing my attention in such a way that I never expected Love doesn t happen all on it s own It happens with time and effort from both people What an excellent book I ve read 2 of Naomi s books now, and each one taught me something profound Lovely writing

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    I d enjoyed the author s Mist O er the Voyageur, but this is so much different yet oh so well nuanced, her characters so real, their reactions, their glances The story wraps around two Wisconsin sisters and their compelling entanglements during the years of the Great War and the Spanish flu There are fewer than a dozen characters, one of whom never wrote his wife while fighting in France, although he did write her sister A well woven story.

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    I loved it but I didn tI ask sure I will read this again The plot was solid and the characters were even better The part that I didn t love was central to the plot and was done amazingly well But I struggled with the beginning.

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    Naomi Musch is a new author to me, one that I discovered on Twitter It s difficult for me to review The Deepest Sigh because I didn t read it like a normal human being should, and yet I truly loved reading it So let s start at the beginning The Deepest Sigh starts strong I was enticed from the beginning scene I would call it of an unconventional romance in that the girl gets the boy she wants, but the boy doesn t want her He wants her sister, who doesn t want him because she s married too But the boy decides he can bide his time until he finds an opportunity as the home wrecker he longs to be The perfect storyline for a dramatic movie I was hooked.Then around page 100, I started getting frustrated I found myself not caring as much about the characters Langdon was the world s biggest jerk and I constantly yelled at Marilla for not seeing it enough I didn t see any happy endings on the horizon So I skipped ahead another hundred pages and read everything involving World War I Immediately, I was drawn back into the story, and the characters actions made sense I finished the next hundred pages by reading some, then skipping back and reading a part I missed, then skipping forward and so on And by reading in this nonsensical way, I completely adored this unconventional romance.So read this novel But maybe try reading it in order Or don t Either way, give it a chance I think it will surprise you.

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