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    David Allan Cates can tell a story, and he can write

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    I really enjoyed this book because of gritty, yet heartwarming story about Jimmy Gates He, Freeman Walker, is a true hero because of everything he endures to find out what it is like to be free.

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    This novel features an interesting character, a child born to a black slave and her owner His seemingly idyllic childhood moves to England when his father enrolls him in a private school where he is comfortable and popular with his peers His only regret is that his father took him precipitously from the plantation without an opportunity to say good bye to his mother The segment of his sheltered life in the English school ends when his father dies aboard a ship that sinks en route to visit him With the loss of his father, the means to support him in school also end and he is subjected to the third and heretofore most dire circumstances of his life What follows is his return to America and a search for his mother, who had been traded to another slave owner.The perspective of someone who is half white, half black and a legally freed slave at the beginning of the Civil War is the most interesting aspect of this book He had one green eye and one brown eye, and wearing a hat seemed to guarantee that he could pass I never felt fully engaged with the man who changed his birth name to Freeman Walker, but could empathize with his increasingly difficult plight and encounters during the Civil War.The concept and meaning of freedom are constantly examined in this book, with the first explanation given to the boy by his father when he left for England What Freeman Walker discovered about freedom during his journeys is worthy of reflection I am grateful to Library Thing for the opportunity to read this book as an early reviewer.

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    I highly recommend this book A true lesson in human spirit, told in part through one man s life long interpretation of the Declaration of Independence.The author of this novel, Mr Cates, assures us in his author s note, that we ll learn nothing about African American slavery, 19th century London, the Civil War, Native Americans, or gold mining on the American west but he was a master at transporting me through time and space to a get a sense of this period of upheaval and brutality I almost could smell the smells none too pleasant , feel the fears and terrors of war and racism, sensing the cold and hunger beyond my realm of knowing.Following the life of Jimmy Freeman Walker from slavery to freedom on paper, to slavery and freedom in his spirit was something I find it hard to put words to A man unclaimed by the white people of his father, nor the black of his mother, nor the land of his country, after a childhood away from it a man forever in search of his enslaved mother he d been separated from, unanchored by a land on fire in war of horror and poverty Following him through out, the life lines from his father we are not in control we do not live for ourselves we are free we all suffer We are all going to die oh, the mystery and portions of the Declaration of independence change their meaning again and again for Freeman and the reader It s simply a beautiful story.

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    This is another one of those books that cause us to look at our humanness and our society How do we know what we would do in some of the situations that Freeman Walker faced I can relate to his cowardice in some situations and fear that I would be the same or worse in the situations he faced This book shows mans inhumanity to other men that is accepted in the current society This always makes me sick to my stomach to think about what has been done to those people who society presents as less than , Native Americans, African Americans, and immigrants throughout the history of the US Yet, unfortunately this is human nature.This is a good story and a good read.

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    It was a bit of a let down, after a while waiting for it, in anticipation It was interesting though, to see how a slave boy reacts to freedom, after his father sets him free.As he grows older and advances through different stages of his life, he changes a bit, to reflect the situation After a series of coincidences, he also fancies himself to being a faery, or a gifted man, with the ability to make things happen His transformations were definitely the most interesting bits in the story, however Other than that, I wasn t as thoroughly impressed with it as I had hoped it would be.

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    A novel about a seven year old slave boy in America, freed from slavery by his own father, sent to England to be educated Consequences sends him into a life of travels you will have to readI enjoyed it for it s deep personal touch and feelings.

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Freeman Walker download Freeman Walker, read online Freeman Walker, kindle ebook Freeman Walker, Freeman Walker d1a4a3c105dd Freeman Walker Is A Story Told By A Mulatto Slave, Jimmy Gates, Freed By His Owner Father When He Is Years Old, Separated From His Mother And Everything He Holds Dear After Receiving An Unforgettable Talk By His Father About The Rules Of Life He Will No Doubt Discover On His Journeys, And A Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence, He Is Sent To England To Get An Education Jimmy, In The First Of The Novel S Great Ironies, Has Had A Blissful, Loving Childhood And Never Understood He Wasn T Free Until His New Freedom Enslaves Him Miserably Despite His Loneliness For Home, He Learns Fast And Well And Makes Himself A Good And Popular Student Four Years Pass, And While He Is Waiting For His Father To Visit For The First Time, He Learns That His Father S Ship Has Sunk And His Father Has Drowned At Sea Bereft Of Financial Support, Mourning Still His Long Lost Mother And Now His Father S Death, Jimmy Is Sent To A London Workhouse Where He Spends Six Years Making Saddles, Reading Heroic Novels To His Companions, Being Sexually Abused By The Proprietor, Finding The Comfort Of Prostitutes, And Discovering The Inspirational Speeches Of An Irish Revolutionary Named Cornelius O Keefe, Or O Keefe Of The SwordWhen He Is , Dreaming Himself A Warrior And A Hero, He Returns To The States To Rescue His Mother While Looking For His Mother In Northern Virginia He Discovers That If He Wears A Hat He Can Pass For White He Gets Caught In A Major Battle Jimmy Is Overjoyed To Be Able To Take Part, But Is Soon Overwhelmed By Its Horror Untrained, And Unattached To Any Unit, He Nevertheless Has A Chance Meeting With O Keefe Of The Sword, Who Is Now A Union General Leading A Brigade Of Irishmen Jimmy Saves O Keefe On The Battlefield, But Later Is Captured Himself By Confederate Forces, And Again Made A Slave, Spending The Next Two Years Attached To A Confederate Regiment Digging Graves When His Unit Is Overrun And He Is Found Shackled In A Root Cellar With His Friend, A Yankee Officer Presents To Him A Terrible Choice, Stay Locked Up, Or Commit An Atrocity And Go Free He Chooses To Walk FreeHe Changes His Name To Freeman Walker And As He Reinvents Himself Once Again And Makes His Way Into The Mythic Territory Of The Great American West, The Novel Begins To Change He Hopes To Live Peacefully By Getting Rich, And He Does Live Peacefully And Get Rich, For A While But His Race Catches Up Again, And He Is Lynched, And He Loses His Treasure, And He Surrenders To The Mud On The Side Of The Road, And Looks Forward To The Coming Winter And His Own DemiseBut Into The Territory That Winter Rides The New Territorial Governor, None Other Than His Childhood Hero, Cornelius O Keefe, Who The War Has Turned Into A Pacifist Freeman S Life Changes Once As He Becomes O Keefe S Secretary, And The Two Of Them, Joined By A Half Breed Captain Named Felix Belly Three Outcasts Form The Only Government In The Territory, A Wild And Savage Place Run By Vigilantes Their Quixotic Attempt To Stop The Vigilantes From A Campaign Of Terror Against The Natives Spurs A Terrible But Noble Adventure And Brings Freeman A Kind Of Rebirth In Which He Finally Comes To Understand The Meaning Of Moral Freedom