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April Fools in Love summary April Fools in Love , series April Fools in Love , book April Fools in Love , pdf April Fools in Love , April Fools in Love 46aa3ec84b High School Students, Zeke And Esther, Have Been Best Friends For As Long As They Can Remember When Valentine S Day Pressures Of Finding A Significant Other Reaches The Breaking Point, Esther Hatches A Crazy Plan That She Promises Will Guarantee Them Dates, The Only Problem Fooling Everyone In Town Can Their Friendship Survive This Dangerous Gambit Of Love, Or Will The Only People Fooled Be The Two Of Them

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    The concept I heard about an April Fools themed Romance collection and had this thought pop into my head We re a couple April fools And from that the story formed I modeled Zeke after in some fashions an actor I like named Josh Hartnett Then thought about all those cheesy high school romances you saw on tv and in movies and wanted this to be a tribute to them in many ways I wanted it to have the cute high school feel, but not be completely shallow Dealing with some real life junk we have to encounter I feel this book captured the essence I was looking for even if I wasn t able to dig as deep as I desired.A little background Amanda the co author and I were presented with the opportunity of writing a novella as part of collection with Lena Nelson Dooley I m not a romance writer, but since it was a good opportunity and I had a cute idea for their themed book selection, I was tempted to give it a go However it was my co author Amanda who really brought the book to life We mostly trade off every chapter, most odds are mine and evens hers I wrote from Zeke s perspective and she wrote from Star s It was at Thanksgiving we were given the opportunity, and we didn t start till January thanks to family time, traveling and some health issues along with conflict of scheduling With a mid to early March deadline we were hard pressed to finish on time We worked very hard and had beta readers look it over then edited it again We both wanted to do , but the deadline and life responsibilities prohibited us from going further Maybe one day we can write a longer Novel sized portion or even throw in a few of those unwritten chapters we wanted to explore to give it depth and character development.That in mind a lot of hard work and careful thought went into the book, and those I plan to move on to my passions of Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Crime novels to name a few This will always have a special place in my heart and Lord willing one day we can either add to this book to re write it with a relaxed deadline and the mindset for a novel.Even though my co author said that the rights for this book can go to me, any further development would feel wrong without at least her input if not her writing again for Esther My Honest Review I ve actually read this book several times, but the last time I went through to edit it again was the finished date above It s a short read, my first book A novella Please be aware I m a debut author and know that since it s a novella originally released with a 10 book collection April Fools Love It sadly is much shorter and less explored than I wanted it to be.I hope others enjoy it and that when I release my full novel Fantasy, not Romance genre That it will show of what I wanted to do with a larger book that doesn t have a word limit.I choose not to rate my book as it seems oddly self serving to put a 5, foolish to put a 1 and makes me sound unconfident to put a 3 Hopefully those that read it will write reviews and rate it that ensures my review isn t then only one on here Enjoy my first go at a romance novella

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    Review to come

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