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Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) summary Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) , series Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) , book Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) , pdf Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) , Prophecy of Darkness (Legends of the Tri-Gard, #1) 2b9c33dd4e Only Magic Can Save Them From What Is Coming, But First, It Must Be Reclaimed Twenty Years Ago, War Devastated Dreach Bloody And Cruel, It Ravaged The Realm And Stripped Magic From Dreach Sciene Without Magic, There Is No Hope No Life For Prince Trystan Renauld, There Is No Choice As His People Starve, His Enemy Prepares For A Final Showdown That Will Decide The Fate Of The Realm Without Magical Power, He And His People Will Lose Everything Even With It, They May Fail Against A Backdrop Of Prophecy, Curses, And Forbidden Love, Trystan Must Reunite The Legendary Tri Gard, Keepers Of The Magic, And Find The Power He S Always Believed Was A Fairy Tale Magic, The Very Foundation Of Life With Both Sides Preparing For Battle, It S A Race Against Time And Against The Kind Of Darkness That Can Destroy Them All

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    Prophecies, curses, forbidden love, dying lands and stolen magic Two authors come together to give us a dark fantasy romance and have doubled their WOW Power Michelle Bryan and Michelle Lynn s PROPHECY OF DARKNESS is a tale of survival for a dying realm and the quest for one young prince to give his all for one last chance at restoring the magic that was stolen twenty years before To do so he must learn to believe in the magic he never saw, and reunite the Tri Gard, the keepers of magic who hold the power to return prosperity and life to his world before they are finally decimated by an ancient and evil enemy.What Trystan never expected was to lose his heart to a beautiful stranger who could very well be the weapon that brings him down.Travel on a perilous journey, battle the unknown forces that block their way, discover the trials of finding the Tri Gard and feel the well timed moments of humor and heart color this tale in vivid shades of fantasy as a prince and a princess find new inner strengths and love in a world where magic means life and traitors hide in plain sight.Two authors, engaging story, seamlessly mesmerizing from start to an ending that will leave you breathless.I received a complimentary copy of Fire and Fantasy from C.K Dawn This book is part of that anthology Series Legends of The Tri Gard Book 1Paperback 262 pagesPublisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform August 13, 2017 Language EnglishISBN 10 1974549372ISBN 13 978 1974549375Genre FantasyAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    Having read both Michelle Bryan s and Michelle Lynn s previous works, and enjoyed all of them immensely, I was tantalized by the prospect of having them team up to write a fantasy series I played a game with myself, trying to determine if a certain passage was written by one Michelle or the other.Honestly I lost that game Both writers are so good, and their styles flow together so seamlessly, that I couldn t tell where one Michelle left off and the other began The characters, as expected, had depth and relatability, the world they inhabited was well fleshed out, and I especially loved the way the tension continued to build, making me turn page after page until I hit the last one.The worst part about this book is now I have to wait for Part Two Well done, Michelles This book is truly a big ol feather in both your caps

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    I couldn t not put this book down The authors pull you into the fantasy world of Dreach from page one There s a diverse cast of characters each with a unique voice and intriguing backstory The Prince and Princess along with their friends are on a journey to save their magic devoid kingdom but with traitorous dukes, an evil king and treachery everywhere, it proves to be quite a daunting task I loved the back and forth between Davi and Rissa and I totally ship them Which leads me to the shocking ending what I won t give it away but it left me totally slack jawed I greatly recommend this to fans of Game of Thrones and I can t wait for the next one

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    Blissfully lost in this epic journey from the first page

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    That ending..The best way I could describe this book would be, a spin off or a retelling of Merlin.This book reminded me of Merlin, one of my all time favorite TV shows, except it wasn t exactly that A lot of the main plots that make up the show Merlin are reversed and used in this book In Merlin, magic was banned and thought to be almost instinct Although a few of the main characters believed that the return of magic would be a good thing, the King would kill anyone who attempts to do anything related to magic In Prophecy of Darkness, the return of magic to the king is something that is vital for the Kingdom to flourish, fixing all of the problems.Both stories carry the prophecy of having a commoner being by the side of the Princes as they attempt to save their kingdoms and return magic back to the lands Even the clique of characters had a lot of personal trait similarities but it is all jumbled up and given to different characters And although I would have been satisfied with reading this as a Merlin Retelling, this story is so much than that.The magical world is simple, yet fascinating From backstories to things that are happening in the present, the world building kept me hooked But what I loved the most was the characters The emotional struggles were so real, that sometimes I forgot I was reading a fictional book The character I loved the most is Davi, and the character that I sympathized with the most is Lorelai.What amazed me was how this book was written by two authors, yet there weren t any conflicting writing styles Their voices blended as one, leading for the book to be perfectly executed.I am not going to lie, that ending broke my heart I can t wait to read the sequel, and hopefully, things get better in that book I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    When Trystan is named Toha, he becomes the protector of the realm instead of the ordinary prince Because of this responsibility, Trystan realizes that he has to be the one to save the realm from war and starvation Without magic, the crops aren t growing like they should and war is raging The solution to their problems is to restore the Tri Gard.Trystan sets off with his sister Rissa and his best friend Davion On their journey, they discover Lady Alixa who has escaped from her treacherous father With her insistence, Alixa accompanies them as they continue on with their quest.I absolutely loved the fantasy element that both Michelle Lynn and Michelle Bryan deliver I loved the romance between Trystan and Alixa and then, Rissa and Davion Davion has to be my favorite character because of his wit and charm, but a princess has to marry a prince, which leaves a hole between Rissa and Davion.All I have to say is that these two authors did an excellent job at developing characters that you fall in love with and want to route for They also create a world that you hope to see pull through This story has a Game of Thrones feel and I am eagerly awaiting the second one

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    Prophecy of Darkness by M Lynn and Michelle Bryan is a captivating, entertaining, and exciting adventure The authors have created a riveting tale with interesting, complicated, and sympathetic characters that take the reader on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns Trystan, son of the King, is determined to reunite the magical Tri gard in order to restore magic to his realm and provide for his people Joining him on his quest are his best friend Davi, his sister Rissa, and the daughter of a traitor who keeps Trystan on his toes While this band of misfits encounters many perils, they also manage to maintain their humor, form friendships, and fall in love Just when success seems possible, a capture occurs leading to the biggest and most unexpected plot twist of all I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next book As someone who does not often read fantasy, Prophecy of Darkness surpassed all of my expectations and kept me glued to my chair, devouring the pages well into the night I feel so invested in these characters and can t wait to see what book 2 has in store for them.

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    As a fan of their previous works, when I heard Michelle Bryan and Michelle Lynn had teamed up to write a fantasy series I couldn t wait to get my hands on it It didn t disappoint In a kingdom without magic, Prince Trystan s people are devastated by famine and extreme weather and he fears that the whispers of a dark force brewing could be the beginning of the end of his kingdom That is, if he can t revive magic.Although he s unsure if magic is even real, he knows finding it is his only chance to save his people Prophecy of Darkness introduces us to the world of Dreach Sciene in great detail while revealing the history of magic, how it was lost, and what must be done to recover it With an array of interesting characters, light humour, strong females, seamless storytelling and a dash of magic, I highly recommend you pick up the first book in the Legends of the Tri Guard series.

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    This was a great book and a strong start to a series I loved the characters, the storyline, and the imagery I did remove a star because there was some dialogue that wasn t authentic to the scene or the characters I particularly disliked the special snowflake dialogue It pulled me right out if the story but thankfully it s good enough that I was able continue reading and only wasted a couple minutes steaming over it I will absolutely be continuing this series asap I volunteered to read and honestly review an ARC of this book

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    Firstly, if you hate cliffhangers, wait for .I found this story easy to get into and, once it dragged you in, you were hooked until the end.Sort of good kingdom and bad kingdom but wee twists and turns keep you guessing AND the ending..WOW, was so not expecting that A few laughs and some serious parts, even sad I really liked this and can t wait for

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