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    3.5 While I don t personally like the cover of this book it did catch my eye and drew my attention to the blurb, so I suppose when you think about it did its job perfectly.Eli Ward is an incredibly successful real estate mogul but after his last three deals have gone south he suspects a mole in his company He needs to get away, to think and work out where to go from here which is how he finds himself in a run down bar in Brooklyn.He walked into Flotsam and Jetsam to use the phone but ended up spending time with the beautiful bartender Brooke.Brooke may be beautiful but she s also no idea who he is and for the first time in so long he knows someone is with him just for him, not his money or status just him and that s intoxicating.Eli decides to hide out in Brooklyn and do some recon on the old candy factory in Sunset Park he wants to buy and turn into luxury condos.The building is currently made up of ageing apartments hanging on without a super to fix the problems Since Eli needs to lay low he rents one of the Sunset apartments and discovers Brooke also lives there Eli spends and time with not only Brooke but the other tenants as well and this changes the man and his plans This is a lovely little romance filled with some interesting characters Chris and David were my favourites which made me smile and even laugh on occasion.It s obvious how this book is going to go, we know when Brooke will discover Eli s deception and what will happen but it doesn t matter this is just a nice sweet easy read.I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC.

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    Rating 4.5 5With both main characters keeping secrets, this just has to be a recipe for misunderstandings and a fun romantic read Eli is undercover, wanting to purchase the block where Brooke and an assortment of other brilliant characters live She s the lynch pin in drawing the residents together into a supportive community who, together, are striving to protect their homes Eli and Brooke have volatile chemistry, leading to an explosive romance However, their secrets could also be a bombshell too far, one to blast their potential HEA out of existence Can love find them a way This is a brilliant, fun read I loved the banter between the residents, including the two main characters they are all such a great supportive group The development of the relationship between Eli and Brooke is great, complete with the help interference encouragement of the other residents, though when their secrets are revealed everything falls apart The ending itself is delightful and I do hope some of the secondary characters will feature in future stories so this becomes a series where readers can keep reconnecting with them all I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.

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    Eli, a real estate mogul, is trying to keep his name, and anything associated with him, low key as he s working on a new project It seems there might be some pushback, he just didn t expect the woman leading the charge The one he spent an incredible night with, the woman that has no idea who he truly is To her, he s just your average guy, and he likes it.Brooke, a graphic designer and bartender as needed, is too focused, and independent, to live her life as her family insists Relationships aren t for now, but sometime in the future She has her real family to take care of, the ones of her heart that care about what she wants for herself, and they re all in danger of losing their homes, thanks to a money hungry real estate rich guy.These two meet when Eli, believing he has a mole within his company, escapes to a Brooklyn bar and meets Brooke, the bartender Eli is enthralled with the sexy woman that honestly wants him for him, unaware of who he is, and how much money he has.As Eli continues hiding out, err visiting, the area, he rents an apartment in a building, discovering Brooke lives there too He and Brooke begin spending time together, and he gets to know the other tenants as well.But we all know Brooke will discover who he really is, and that he wants to tear down there home Can Eli convince Brooke he s changed his mind Has he really Can he save the building before Brooke and the others lose it all Will Eli and Brooke be able to work through their issues and find their HEA One click now and follow along as a man and woman connect, and begin falling for one another, but the truth may change everything I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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    What a great story this is, it hit all the high notes for me First there s Eli and a wild cast of characters, Brooke hotel heiress who has shunned her family business in favor of living in the Bronx, slinging brews a few nights a week while working of her latest book and did I mention Eli Right, Eli.Brooke lives in a old building in the Sunset Park neighborhood of the Bronx She works part time at a local bar, where she meets Eli As soon as he walks in, she knows he doesn t belong there He s dressed to nicely and screams money He also awakens feelings she thought were long past dead.Mentally she counts the days, weeks, stops when she gets to months She flirts a little, he flirts back and he helps her close the bar and they steam up the office in back Brooke lives in an old building that has a laundry list of things that are wrong, the owner disinterested in repairs and there are only a handful of tenants Brooke is determined to keep things together and while parts of the neighborhood are being revitalized, they are worried they ll be out on their backsides when the owner sells the building The cast of characters that live in the building provide the best comic relief in this book, along with Eli and Brooke.Within a few days Eli is moving into the building To be closer to Brooke, also to go off radar to figure out who the mole is in his company that is tipping off another big developer in the city and he fears it is his partner and best friend Meanwhile Brooke, doesn t know who he is, that he s rich think Forbes and that he s a developer They carry on a relationship for several months growing closer, until one night at a required to attend benefit by her parents, she is dumbfounded to see Eli as the host and Spokesperson for the charity Leaving the stage his sister warns him off there is an angry brunette looking for him and she turns and flees and here comes Brooke Angry, hurt and the whole gamut of emotions She half listens to Eli, but doesn t fully hear him out She leaves, telling him to flake off Determined to garner support not just from the tenants but the neighborhood, she plans on holding a meeting and will do everything in her power to keep Eli from booting them out of their homes.Meanwhile, Eli is a bear to be around Brooke holes up in her apartment and doesn t leave, hasn t showered and is living on junk food The neighborhood meeting soon approaching, can Eli present his plan for the building Can he win Brooke back over What about the mole in his company And what will become of Brooke and Eli You have to read this book It has a little bit of everything the banter was hysterical, a little mystery as a small subplot, a crazy group of tenants, some delectable steam and Brooke and Eli You find yourself hoping things will work out for them It isn t often I get invested in the end result of the story, this one roped me right in Great story Regina I loved it arc from NetGalley and Entangled in exchange for an honest review

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    Book Review For The Billionaire in Her Bed by Regina Kyle The Billionaire in Her Bed by Regina Kyle is the story of Eli Ward and Brooke Worthington Brooke is a Graphic Novelist, a Bar Tender and she overseas the Candy Court Tenants Association for her apartment building Brooke also has a soft heart and helps other along the way Eli is interested in buying the building that now houses the Candy Court Apartments and flipping in to Luxury Condos In addition he is trying to find Momentum Mole so he goes undercover of sorts and doesn t let anyone know who he really is Eli and Brooke had a one night stand when he came into her bar Brooke thought never to see him again until he showed up and the Candy Court Tenants Association reporting that he will be living in the building for a while Eli doesn t let Brooke know who he really is or what he is doing there..he kind of likes not being known Brooke is taken back by seeing her one night stand again and tries to fight her attraction to him but its not working out to well for her I enjoyed this book My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

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    This is the first book I have read by the author and I have to say I definitely enjoyed it Neither Eli nor Brooke were looking for a relationship when they met one another in a die bar in Brooklyn but neither could deny the attraction although it was supposed to only be a one night stand But when circumstances brought them together again, Eli wasn t about to miss a chance to get to know about Brooke without ever revealing his secret While of course it was obvious that Eli s secret was going to be revealed and even when, it still was a fun read It had a fun storyline with likeable secondary characters, which makes me want to read by this author.I voluntarily read an ARC of this novel.

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    Graphic designer and part time bartender Brooke Worthington has a torrid one night stand with a mysterious stranger who walks into her seedy bar in Sunset Park one night She never expects to see him again so imagine her surprise when he turns out to be her new neighbour.Eli Ward is a real estate mogul from Manhattan but his last few projects have all been snatched from under his nose by a competitor, convinced he has a mole in his organisation her decides to let no one know about his new projects, something that he thought of when his hot one night stand let slip about Fairway Supermarkets sniffing around the neighbourhood Eli decides to go undercover to acquire an apartment building which he will develop into luxury apartments in what looks like an up and coming area He first attempts at going incognito fail spectacularly when he turns up wearing his designer label clothes but gradually he gains the trust of his neighbours, all whilst planning to move them into alternate accommodation But the longer he spends with his neighbours the he comes to question his business model.This felt like a mash up between the character played by Sandra Bullock in the film Two Weeks Notice and an episode of Undercover Millionaire Brooke has a heart of gold, she s surrounded by cliches of rom com the gay couple and the single mom she actually comes from a wealthy family but has rejected their cold snobbish attitudes, she s confident and kind and sexy and talented Eli, on the other hand, appears to be a kind hearted man with blinkered vision about his business until he learns to see the other tenants as real people.I liked this but it was a little too on the saccharine side for me, a bit too nice In my opinion it slipped from a romance into an unrealistic, idealised fantasy I like a bit grit and real life in my romance Recommended if you need to read about nice people getting their rewards.I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Bumped for release.

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Plot 3 5Characterisation 3 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 4 5Both Eli and Brooke are laying low Eli from having betrayed by someone in his company after a competitor got the best of him Brooke from trying to live her own life away for her high society family.So what happens when you put two people who insists on keeping things light but slowly grew attached despite the subterfuge Yup, you get oodles of guilt, denial and feeling like you get your heart ripped out.The hidden identity trope is a pretty common one especially when it involves the royalty wealthy protagonists hiding their identity because they want to be love for themselves Apart from that, there s isn t anything interesting about the main characters love life I was interested in the neighbours and how they bond living in the complex.

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    The Billionaire in Her Bed by Regina Kyle The heart is a tricky vessel It s a central organ of the body that controls lives It can be fragile, it can be strong, can feel with emotions that overpower Can lift one up, tear down and be easily broken, but it s capacity for love is endless Regina Kyle gives this multifaceted treasure free reign in The Billionaire in Her Bed One women s quest to follow her heart leads her on a trek of self discovery She finds herself, but at what cost Caught between the people she loves and the man she wants is not the best place to be Eli is a man with secrets and his biggest one is surely going to break her heart The Billionaire in Her Bed takes soul stirring temptation to a whole new level.

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The Billionaire in Her Bed download The Billionaire in Her Bed , read online The Billionaire in Her Bed , kindle ebook The Billionaire in Her Bed , The Billionaire in Her Bed 530a00dbb9ca Real Estate Mogul Eli Ward Needs To Keep A Low Profile On His New Project He S Expecting A Fight From The Somewhat Eclectic Folks Currently Living There What Doesn T Expect Is For That Fight To Be Led By Brooke Worthington, The Woman Who Rocked His World One Unforgettable Night The One Woman Who Doesn T Know Who He Is, Which Is A Good Thing She Just Sees Him As A Regular Guy It S RefreshingGraphic Designer And Part Time Bartender Brooke Worthington Refuses To Follow Her Family S Plan For Her She S Too Busy Building Her Artistic Career She Doesn T Have Time For Relationships, Either, Especially With The Super Hot Eli, Because She Has To Save The Building She Lives In With People She Thinks Of As Her Real Family From Some Greedy Real Estate BillionaireThese Two Have Secrets And Chemistry That Is Nothing Short Of Explosive