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    Abby Markstein s ex boyfriend has just committed the ultimate act of revenge by hanging himself and making sure that Abby will be the one to find his body Once destined for a plum teaching job at Amherst, Abby now finds herself running the opposite direction in order to come to terms with her nightmares What she finds instead, is a greater horror waiting for her in the heartland of America Landing in a small Midwestern town in Indiana, Abby assumed that her life would be boring However, while running through a tunnel during her morning run, she discovers a car engulfed in flames The only thing worse than the burning cadaver inside, is the horrifying smiling man staring down at her on the other side of the tunnel With her life in danger, Abby soon finds that this small town holds many big secrets and some of those secrets can you get you killed Running in the Dark is a well written, fast paced mystery There are multiple plot lines, perhaps than necessary, which make this book a very quick, can t put it down read However, because of all of the detail to action and plot, the character development gets left by the wayside We know about Abby, who she is and usually what she is feeling What we don t really grasp is why Tidbits about characters are thrown into the story but they aren t fleshed out in a way that make you want to like or even dislike them In the end, it becomes just another story that you ve read This was very disappointing to me I m from Indiana I knew many of the places that were mentioned and I live in a town not unlike Lewisburg I truly wanted to connect to the story and to this author because of my Midwestern roots Sadly that just didn t happen In the end, it s a readable book, an interesting story if you come across it but it s not one that I would rush out to get even if you are from Indiana.

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    Abby Markstein is learning that when you run from troubles, the trouble follows you After a disastrous ending of a relationship, she decides that moving across the country is just the thing From big city Manhattan to a small university in Indiana what can go wrong Abby is settling in, getting to know a few people, teaching mathematics at the university During her nightly run, she finds a car being consumed by fire She can see the body inside the car, but there is nothing she can do except call the police But it s the tattooed stranger standing a few feet away that scares the daylights out of her.While the town buzzes about the death of one its well known citizens, Abby runs into another problem One of her students develops a crush on her which turns into stalking And when she tells him bluntly that she is not in the market for a relationship, he goes a little crazy.And then there s another brutal killing someone Abby has met And then there s the woman driving Abby s car who is shot and killed.Is she being targeted Local law enforcement seems to be looking at the Mexican drug ring that has settled in Indiana but is it Sam Reaves is a new author to me, so I wasn t sure what I d be getting with this book What I got was a fast read, violence, and a terrific who dun it with a fairly large cast of suspects It s fast paced with realistic characters.Many thanks to the author Thomas Mercer Netgalley for the advance digital copy Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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    The first chapter was okay As I kept reading, I started to feel a constant monotony to the story and it bugged me big time Several times, I fell asleep over the story but maybe that s because I was tired Or it could be because it bored me Who knows To me, there was so much black and white and maybe a sprinkle of a lighter shade of red, for the murder part But even for the crime scenes, I could barely see the red It got me wondering if the mystery genre was for me but then I thought, I ve actually read other mystery books and the genre as a whole sounded exciting and makes one think I was ready for a challenge and I was thinking maybe this book would be a good one I thought wrong.I was close to DNF ing but I decided against it because I wanted to know how the murders were set Maybe my expectation was too high or the plot was just too weak but either way, I did not enjoy it It left me with the impression ooookay That s it I felt barely any thrill to the story.Overall, it was an excruciating read, and I don t think it s a book for me, hence the one star rating.However, I think this book would be great if you re a rookie in the mystery genre A bit of some blood spattering but not much that you probably can t handle Just maybe.

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    It was ok, but not great Found it a bit over the top at times but it was an enjoyable read

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    GNab This novel takes place in a small town an hour of so out on the interstate from Chicago, a village called Lewisburg with Tippecanoe College, a small, private, expensive school There is nothing exciting in Lewisburg but plenty just down the road If you happen to have a car Imagine that You need a car to go to the grocery store in Lewisburg And it would help if you happen to have any experience driving a car Of course our protagonist Abigail Markstein, born and raised and educated in New York City NYU, Columbia, MIT has a driver s license everyone has to have photo ID but she has never needed to actually use it And that is just the first of many small niggling problems that normally wouldn t phase her Abby is the new wonder kid in the math department at Tippecanoe Her specialty is Combinatorics, and her thesis was on hyperplane arrangements in finite fields She can handle problems But the tragedy that drove her to this posting in Illinois creates such a big lump in her psyche that every small setback feels like a giant sinkhole Things will get better she knows this She has a support system just a phone call away and with time she will make friends and acquaintances in Lewisburg, and once she gets out on a couple of runs she loves to run things will get better And then on her first run in this new environment she comes upon a murder and the burning of the victim in his car She learns later the victim was a lawyer she met her first night in town And she sees the man who killed him Grinning at her through the smoke and flame just as the sun crests over the hill behind him And then a real estate personality is killed Frederick is the typical sleazy slumlord Abby had also met him on several occasions This novel is peopled with folks you feel like you know and understand There is Ned McLaren, Abby s new landlord who lives in the house and Abby rents the basement which was set up nicely for his aging parents He seems a bit mysterious but sweet and conscientious and the rent is very reasonable, the house just a block or so from the college Some of his friends, not so clean cut Natalia is a clerk in her father s little Mexican grocery store just down the street Natalia is bright and kind and ambitious, wanting college, wanting travel, wanting help with math so she can retake the SAT and qualify for college Her father and brother are in free fall, facing years in prison for various crimes and mom will be moving back to Mexico, where Natalia has never been Lisa Beth Quinton is the hard drinking local press writing most of the stories that actually show up in the local paper She and her husband Jerry Collins, Psychology, take Abby under their wings Phil Herzler in Classics, and his wife Ruth are fellow Jews though probably the only other one s in Lewisburg Ben Larch, the student who falls hard for Abby and won t take no for an answer and reminds her too much of Evan back home And Officer Ruffner is the policeman who steers Abby though the search for the man she saw at the site of the first murder This is a tight, fast read, one that is entertaining and holds your interest I will want to read by Sam Reaves I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Sam Reaves, and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an honest review Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me Pub date Feb 6, 2018Thomas Mercer

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    running in the Dark by Sam Reeves Abby Markslein accepts a teaching job after a personal Tragedy Abby loves to run but while running she comes across a burning car afterwards she has the sense of someone following her who are they Are they dangerous a very enjoyable read couldn t guess who it could be 4.

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    I want to thank Sam Reaves, author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for the eBook Kindle copy of Running in the Dark that I won in the Giveaway.Dr Abby Markstein, a math professor moves from a personal tragedy to a small town in Indiana to escape her bad memories and teach at a small local college for two years Compared to Manhattan, Lewisburg, Indiana is a cultural shock although the University offers some culture and friendship with fellow professors.One morning after getting settled in a basement apartment that opens onto a large yard with a creek at the back, Abby wakes up early and decides to go Running in the Dark before daylight On this run, she sees a car catch fire with a man inside and that starts a series of events with two murders She lives in fear and moves in with her new friends until her friend borrows her car and is murdered too.A kidnapping and two times that night Abby finds she is Running in the Dark for her life This is an exciting story with several twists and an interesting ending.

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    Stars .5 So as usual, I ll tell 2.5 things I liked about the book and 2.5 thing I didn t like.So what did I think 0.5 The idea is great That and the cover was definitely what drew me into it It is quite a typical thriller regarding to what happens, but since the setting is completely new to the main character, it brought a new layer of mystery 1 Entertainment value It started off really well and I did read it to the end, meaning I definitely wanted to know what happens which is a great sign for me with thrillers and books in general 0.5 I enjoyed the main character, but a lot of characters were introduced in a short span which made me confused heading to the end 1 Like I mentioned in a previous point it started well, but I felt the pace decline 0.5 The writing I enjoyed, but the ending wasn t as shocking as I d hopedRead on lovelies,S

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    Running in the Dark written by author Sam Reaves starts out well but the story fizzles out There is definitely a lot of mystery The characters need development Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for the advance copy.

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    Published on Lovey Dovey BooksThink about the feeling you get when you think someone is behind you or watching you from afar Sam Reaves brings that feeling to life in Running in the Dark as protagonist, Abby Markstein, tries to acclimate to her new surroundings after witnessing a murder.Fleeing to The Middle of Nowhere, Indiana after a traumatic break up, Abby merges into her new life and role as a mathematics teacher at a prestigious college When she witnesses the murder of a local criminal defense lawyer paranoia sinks in because whoever she saw on the other side of that burning car saw her, as well Throughout the story she looks over her shoulder because she might be next When another murder is committed, Abby s friend Lisa Beth believes they were killed over their seedy business practices.While the story is engaging and interesting, the execution of it doesn t inspire me to love it Abby was an interesting character up until the murders were committed and she didn t even attempt to investigate She was worried about being safe and whether or not she could pick the killer from a lineup Even if Abby isn t an amateur sleuth, she was just way too passive about the situation and spent her time worrying over it with no real action The only times she did anything for herself is when her co worker and student both hit on her and she attempted to put them straight The rest of the story, though, things just happened to her, and around her, and she let it slide by.If I ignore the lackluster characters, the story definitely hits the mark as a suspense It s dark and takes some unexpected turns that kept me reading to the conclusion Sam Reaves inspires the need to know why, which will definitely hook readers ARC provided in consideration for review

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Running in the Dark summary pdf Running in the Dark, summary chapter 2 Running in the Dark, sparknotes Running in the Dark, Running in the Dark d8ce94f The Silence Of A Prairie Night Hides Many SecretsNeeding To Get Out Of Manhattan After A Personal Tragedy, Abby Markstein Accepts A Teaching Job In The Heart Of Flyover Country One Night While Jogging Through A Deserted Hollow, She Comes Upon A Car Consumed In Flames The Only Thing Horrifying Than The Dead Man At The Wheel Is The Live One Smiling At Her In The Livid Glow Of The FireWelcome To Lewisburg, IndianaThe Lone Witness To The Gruesome Roadside Slaying, Abby Quickly Learns That The Quiet Town Conceals Many Secrets When Another Brutal Murder Takes Place, She Starts Seeing Signs That Somebody Is Watching Her And This Time, Running Will Not Help Her Hide

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