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Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) chapter 1 Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) , meaning Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) , genre Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) , book cover Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) , flies Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) , Quest For Magic (The Leira Chronicles, #0.5) f9a40ab358835 There Are Some On Our Planet Who Believe You Can T Handle The Truth, So The Truth Has Been Hidden For Millennia The Only Problem Is The Truth Is Coming Back EarlySome Of The Crazy History Shows On Cable TV Might Not Have The Answers, But At Least They Ask The Right QuestionsDetective Leira Berens Idea Of Fun Is Hunting Down A Killer Her Closest Friends Hang Out At The Bar Right Across The Patio From Her Front DoorIt S A Little Weird For An Austin Police Detective, But At Least It Is PredictableThat S About To ChangeLeira S New Definition For Weird Some Have Called Crazy But She Ends Up Being The Right Human For The JobAn Elven Prince Has Been Murdered In The Magical World Of Oriceran And Leira Is Asked To Capture The Killer And Reclaim The Powerful Magical Artifact Before Everything Goes BoomSomewhere In This Mess, She Acquires A Six Inch Troll And A Whole New Understanding Of HistoryBut That S Just The Beginning Of The Story Well, The Beginning Of An Entire UniverseWelcome To The Revelations Of OriceranBecause Some Believe You Can T Handle The Truth

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    Good premise for a story in an interesting universe, though it could have benefitted from a little tighter editing It s interesting and quirky, with engaging, no nonsense characters I was a little disappointed to find it wasn t a full story arc, and cut off before the third act I hope this storyline is resolved in the next book

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    Well written I really enjoyed the first book in this series Held my attention The characters are believable and kept me engaged Not only did I feel like I knew the characters but I felt like I was a part of the book Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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    Homicide Detective from Austin and Elves from OriceranYour mom s locked up as crazy, your grandma vanished Leira is a homicide detective in Austin TX, a good one She s started to see warping, sparkling gold things around her First, as small as her watch, then a nurse s station, now her living room This time, 2 tall Light Elves step out They want her to solve a murder, that happened there, but had some interesting twists Both in the case, and for her This book is short, it is book 0, cute, and Leira curses A lot But, I can see why She s keeping Austin weird all by herself today.

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    The story started well and it looked like Leira might be quite an interesting heroine I wasn t so sure about the Elves and the Troll, but the story had promise, then it just stopped It wasn t a cliff hanger ending, it wasn t an ending at all It s as if the author was half way through writing the story, got up to make a coffee and just never came back I realised this was written as an introduction to the series, but it is sold as a short story, it s not, it s really just a Trailer.

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    Wanna relax Some folks replay the couch potato scenario with appropriate remote to relax Some really enjoy reading their favorite authors It may be considered raseees but disappointing new books do color that inclusiveness I m not a friggin doctor but I will say that you ll not come to any mental anguish Who knows, you might come upon a 5 green haired troll in its pages Idk if it has had requisite shots for good behavior Rotsa ruc to ya grasshopper.

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    This isn t a complete book or even a complete short story It also has grammatical errors than I am willing to tolerate It needed a competent editor, not a co author whose focus is on making a significant amount of money on Neither of them is going to be making any money from me It s really sad, because somebody else could have turned this idea into a really good book.

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    I m Not Crazy That s the Truth Detective Leira wonders if she is going crazy like her mother, but when she is asked to solve the murder of an elven Prince she knows that she is not crazy I like Leira s character She is strong both in mind and body What is Leira She seems different from both humans and elves The Quest for Magic is a brief introduction to the Leira Chronicles in the Oriceran series I look forward to the next book Waking Magic.

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    That is an awesome introductions, I bought all the books in one go because of how everything was portrayed I want explanation on the magic system and lores, surely it s better explained in the other books.

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    The book was ok, just not really my cup of tea I like the magic in the other Kurtherian books, but this one is just to different for me I am not really into this type of book Have the next book and can t get interested It will probably ok for those who like elves and things like in the Hobbit

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    Fantastic Oriceran is an interesting change from the Age of Magic series and much enjoyable The characters of Liera and Bert and even Micky are amusing The next book should be just as interesting I would hope.

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