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Tough Mothers summary Tough Mothers , series Tough Mothers , book Tough Mothers , pdf Tough Mothers , Tough Mothers b34ddf3d20 The Author Of Rejected Princesses Returns With An Inspiring, Fully Illustrated Guide That Brings Together The Fiercest Mothers In History Real Life Matriarchs Who Gave Everything To Protect All They LovedMothers Possess The Maternal Instinct An Innate Fierceness That Drives Them To Nurture, Safeguard, Fight, And Sacrifice For The Most Important Things That Matter To Them For Some Mothers, It S Their Children For Others, It S Artistic Expression, Invention, Social Cause, Or Even A Nation That They Helped To Birth In Tough Mothers, Jason Porath Brings His Wisdom And Wit To Bear On Fifty Fascinating MatriarchsIn Concise, Deeply Researched Vignettes, Accompanied By Charming Illustrations, Porath Illuminates These Fearsome Women, Explores Their Lives, And Pays Tribute To Their Accomplishments Here Are Famous Women As Well As Lesser Known Figures From Around The Globe Who Have Left Their Indelible Mark As They Changed The Course Of History, Including The Mother Who Sued To Save Her Children From Slavery Sojourner TruthThe Mother Of Rock N Roll Sister Rosetta TharpeThe Mother Of Holocaust Children Irena SendlerThe Mothers Of The Dominican Republic The Mirabal SistersThe Mother Of Yemen S Golden Age Arwa Al SulayhiA Celebration Of Motherhood And Female Achievement, Tough Mothers Reminds Us Of The Power Of Women To Transform Our Lives And Our World

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    Found serendipity I thought the title rather intriguing I read it in total Although after page 102 I did so in a much quickened style Almost to a speed read level but slowing down for certain points of classification etc and also to view the artwork Also noting the sub title introduction to each Mother And the ratings given to each woman introduced Kinky warning categories.This book is weird Very difficult for me to describe I ve spent a day in travel yesterday and it came to my mind several times on what adjectives this book could be said to encompass Strange affect fare, weird, kooky, social warrior modern sensibility murky judgments of right wrong to various moral codes And most of all a truly ridiculous kind of coding system used and put on the opening page to each character So you are warned Abuse, rape, child loss, abandonment, etc You get the idea As if the reader of every age was a 7 year old and needs to be told what to view or allow their poor psyches to experience Self anointed judge decrees by the sanctimonious Regardless, the copy itself was not thorough or horrific enough for each or any life event to make the system of warning at all necessary, IMHO And the tone of the author within the life tale s was intrusive Often putting his own asides into inappropriate context to the woman s era, life A type of reacting too, so you know how his superior intellect and fair judgments are going to now stick to the essence And this is reflected in the footnotes too It s absolutely beyond weird It nearly perverts the biography aspect He even states he is skipping a coup or some such major action in the woman s life because it doesn t pertain to the final onus of her mightiest faction HUH I wouldn t let a 10 year old near this book, if that s why the rating system The relative morality alone and tone of speaking to some atrocity feature of heroism or another outlier crime for the era after another was beyond off putting And at times appalled me Nasty and other highly aggressive words being used as positive trait descriptions Anger and revenge as prominent goods One rolls the last khan s head out to his subjects and makes everyone laugh GOOD JOKE Some of these women were heroines Some were not A few might be far better off forgotten, IMHO.Even the word mightiest in the title Mighty must have a connotation surrounding qualities quite different to Jason Porath than it does to me This book is eccentric in tone and in form, and holds not just outlier definitions, but also a ADHD length of style The drawings and art were absolutely the best parts of the book I wouldn t have picked it up without those whole page entries for each introduced woman Those were 3 or 4 star for the pictorial symbols and styles of their lives.

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    For me the history felt dumbed down and the attempt at humor was very humorless.

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    Wow I knew of a few of the women in this volume, but many I had never heard of in my life This is fascinating reading The author wisely took the wind out of censors sails by organizing the short biographies by maturity level I m definitely holding onto this copy since it is very personally autographed to me The author drew a cartoon of Joan of Arc once he learned my name I can see hesitating over handing this to all high school students the Level 5 as well as the Level 4 biographies are pretty tough emotionally reading However, I think this would be excellent material for a college class on Women Studies Highly recommended for history buffs, Women Studies students, or just about anyone who wants to see the stories of histories evenly balanced between men and women Warning you likely do not want to read the last few chapters level 5 while eating

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    Another nice addition to the author s body of works Do note that being a mother was incidental to most of the heroines they were all badass for the sake of their own self family nation beliefs.

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    I was excited to read Tough Mothers the follow up to Jason Porath s successful first book, Rejected Princess, detailing the unknown lives badass women in history I enjoyed this book overall too, but I felt it was somewhat lacking in information and cohesion compared to the first one Porath includes lots of interesting women in this book as well, leaders and diplomats and outlaws, which is all well and good but he seemed to insert himself into the book a lot than in the previous book, which I wasn t thrilled by That was a criticism I had of Rejected Princesses too, that Porath had too many snarky comments and opinions that didn t fit, but in Tough Mothers it got even annoying I enjoyed learning about new women I hadn t heard of before, and I still have lots of research to do, but I ll admit this book wasn t as interesting to me as the first one I still love the concept, and I appreciate the variety of the women included in Tough Mothers, but at times it seemed like Porath was grasping at straws for what to say about women who he disagreed with Not sure if it was the mere content of the women covered in it, or if Porath s writing seemed different, but something was missing this time around.

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    Gorgeous artwork, fun and interesting entries, and a nice level of honesty in what can and can t be known, as well as the things we might rather not know but are still true I appreciate all of these things Technically, I probably did like Rejected Princesses better, but I liked this a lot.I was also touched at the inclusion of Marsha P Johnson It may have seemed like a no brainer for Porath, but a lot of people wouldn t have done it, and she nonetheless fits.

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    I consider myself extremely lucky for stumbling over this book I was staying with a friend for a few nights and noticed it on her coffee table She had loved it and invited me to read while I was visiting.Through Porath I met many new, fascinating women Now I MUST visit his book about Rejected Princesses This book celebrates the impact we make on the world.

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    This book was eccentric and not in a good way The illustrations reminded me of the ValueTales books I had as a kid, stories that introduced children to important historical figures Louis Pasteur, Nellie Bly, etc which made it feel like a children s book These pictures however were accompanied by two to four page summaries of the person profiled, which felt like research notes lightly polished for a screenplay treatment for millennials This book does introduce the reader to 50 historic figures some of whom are lesser known who wouldn t get an animated princess movie, with a rough outline of what they should be known for and contains a bibliography for further reading if you are so inclined I would rate this book 2.5 stars if Goodreads allowed half stars I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaways.

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    Just as amazing and eye opening as I d hoped Please, Porath, continue this tremendous series These stories take a global perspective, finding women from across the globe and throughout history and illuminating their lives and actions Porath also brings a healthy amount of skepticism to the way these women have often been portrayed, refreshing when compared to so many people who would believe the worst of a ludicrous rumor about a woman, rather than a horrible truth about a man.

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    Looking for a Mother s Day gift idea Jason Porath s Tough Mothers Amazing Stories of History s Mightiest Matriarchs April 3, 2018 from Day Street Harper Collins partner is an inspiring, fully illustrated guide that brings together the fiercest mothers in history real life matriarchs who gave everything to protect all they loved This fully illustrated anthology features fifty fascinating matriarchs from all corners of the globe and span from ancient times to modern day The Mother Who Invented Rice A Roni, The Mother of Rock n Roll, and The Mothers Who Toppled a Dictatorship, are just a few tough mothers featured I loved Porath s previous release, Rejected Princesses, and am looking forward to many biographical collections from him in the future.

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