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    I really enjoyed this book and was a little sad to close the cover and say good bye to Shawna and Kay I found the dual perspective between the grandma and the granddaughter was insightful and showed how the two characters were similar than notbut neither could see it It was their mutual love for horses that helps them bridge their gaps.

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    3.5 STARSShawna is a sixteen year old girl whose mother just split Now she has to live with a grandmother she doesn t know Every moment is far from what she s used to, and she struggles within herself She doesn t talk unless she s yelling She always has a bad attitude And she cuts her ankle to relieve her pain.By the middle of the book, I really got into the characters I got teary eyed and held my breath at certain parts The only thing that disappointed me was the abrupt end I expected 3 4 chapters but all of a sudden there s an epilogue I felt as though the climax and exciting parts were left out spoilers I wanted to be with them when they got the horses back, wanted to hear the conversation between Shawna and Casey, and wanted to feel the happiness when Kay received guardianship of Shawna.Regardless, this is a a great story for teens.Contains trigger topics suicide, cutting, overdose

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    Wow This book took me by surprise because the flawed main character is trying to fight the Monster This is the most proactive book on cutting I ve read in all my time reading YA The book wasn t driven by the cutting either which makes it plausible since the few cutters I ve known have kept their secret while living what appear to be normal lives.Shawna s reluctance to get to know her grandmother in terms of protecting herself from hurt and in light of the stories her mother told her.Although the book is told in two voices I think the voices are separated enough by age and perception that a lower reader could read it I would suggest pointing out prior to the reading that Shawna is the granddaughter and Kay is the grandma.I d love to know what students think.

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    What a timely topic.Teen suicide is hurtling toward epidemic proportions in our society I applaud the author for opening up a conversation about this very tough subject Shawna, the 16 year old, who must deal with this monster in her life is portrayed as a tough, hard edged girl who has had noone who really cared about her in her life Her grandmother, Kay, has guilt she must deal with and no idea how to handle or love a girl like Shawna Ms McKenzie kept these characters true to their character throughout and I loved the development of each one of them I did not like, however, the changes in point of view It jarred me as I moved from one chapter to another Shawna told her story in first person in her chapters and Kay s story was in third person I had a difficult time adjusting to this style of storytelling I wanted the story to go on, but it ended, and I wasn t ready to say good bye to Shawna and Kay Perhaps there is a sequel to this book

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    Sixteen year old, Shawna Stone, is abandoned by her mother, an addicted gambler Her options are to roam the streets of Las Vegas, or find her grandmother, Kay She opts for the latter As she tries to build her life in her grandmother s home, she is haunted by her past and the inner monster that urges her to cut and even end her life.Told in alternating points of view, Sliding on the Edge, gives an inside look on what it is like to be the troubled teenager, and what it is like to live with one Ms McKenzie tackles a very tough topic, but she does it in a way that imparts hope that love, a strong family, and good friends can make a difference A compelling, well written read recommended for teens and adults.

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    The damage we do in the heat of the moment can change lives forever and Sliding on the Edge by C Lee McKenzie is a prime example of that Lie s, half truths, fear, and mistrust all play a role for sixteen year old Shawna, and her grandmother, Kay Stone when they finally meet.A great read for any pre teen or teenager struggling with dysfunction or not Empathy can go a long way when it comes to understanding that we all have secrets and that a person s life, like the cover of a book, cannot be judged by what s seen on the outside.Recommended for all readers.

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    Shawna is a tough sixteen year old, at least on the outside She is capable of surviving the streets of Las Vegas and the abusive boyfriends of her narcissistic mother When her mother flees town with her newest lover, on the day the rent is due, Shawna wakes to a bus ticket, a 100 bill and a note to go to her grandmothers in Central California There, she will be where her mother can find her when she gets her life back together Having never met her grandmother, Shawna reluctantly decides to take the trip Having been disappointed all her life, Shawna has developed a protective facade that pushes others away In a similar way, her grandmother Kay also has a habit of pushing people away The two leading characters in the story have sad memories that each must deal with But Shawna issues are deeper Having pushed everyone away, she deals with her deep pain by giving into the Monster and cutting herself with a razor blade Shawna and Kay need the other Kay, by taking care of Shawna, is able to finally put aside the tragedies of her past as Shawna, with the help of her grandmother and an old horse, learns to trust The book is told from the point of view of both characters Kay and Shawna I found myself deeply pained by the events of Shawna s past No child should ever have to deal with a mother who used her daughter in her schemes to obtain what she wanted in life As we read the stories, we learn the two had worked together as petty criminals on the streets of Vegas Moving to Central California, where she surprises her grandmother, Shawna finds herself in a strange new world This is the world of horse farms and high schools where girls have sleep overs It takes a lot of patience but by the end of the book, after she realizes she doesn t want to go back to her mother, things are looking up for Shawna I have often enjoyed the young adult works, especially the works of Gary Paulsen and Gary Schmidt However, they write stories about teenage boys Reading about a teenage girl, in a book written for girls is a little different I was curious to learn what goes on in someone s mind that causes them to cut themselves As a book of fiction, this is not a handbook about the practice and how to stop it But I can see how one can come so jaded about life that they resort to such drastic measures to battle the pain Ironically, I read two books about teenage girls last month The other, which was also very good, was Anthony Doerr s All the Light We Cannot See, which is about a French girl who is blind during the Nazi occupation along with a young soldier in Hitler s army It, too, was a good read and I would recommend them both.

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    Complete full review here Interview here on the Edge is the emotional, powerful debut novel of author C Lee McKenzie.To say that Shawna is troubled would be a serious understatement She is haunted and struggles daily with the demons inside her caused from a disastrous home life To make matters worse, there is Monster The voice inside her head cutting her down, reminding her of all the bad things in her life, and in turn, making Shawna turn to a razor blade for comfort Shawna is a very genuine and believable character Despite her hard and bitter exterior, I could really feel her grief and pain, and found myself desperately hoping she d have a happy ending.Kay, Shawna s grandmother, has demons of her own to battle, having been through some hard times of her own She is so lonely, that is, until Shawna comes along Kay is somewhat cold and stern but she has definitely met her match in Shawna She is thrust out of her comfort zone and it doesn t take her long to realize that she is in over her head I thought Kay was very realistic and well developed She was exactly how I would have expected a woman in her situation to be.Kenny is Kay s right hand man and is there to help her when she needs him Then there is Casey, the Sunday boy who has taken an interest in Shawna but is having a very hard time getting her to open up I really liked Casey and sure wish he had been in the book .C Lee McKenzie tackles some very difficult topics, such as abandonment, suicide, cutting, and depression, that a lot of authors wouldn t dare write about I think she did a wonderful job writing Sliding on the Edge and everything was very well portrayed I loved the alternating perspectives and how Shawna s was told in first person and Kay s, in third person This made me feel an even closer bond to Shawna but I still got to hear Kay s side of the story I was so glad this book had the ending it did and everything seemed very well tied up I must say, I can easily see this being made into a movie, particularly from Hallmark or Lifetime.Sliding on the Edge is a gripping and genuine novel that will touch your heart I would highly recommend this to not only young adults, but to adults as well I m really glad to have this book in my personal library.

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    The novel switches between Shawna and Kay s POV I really enjoyed reading Shawna s chapters than Kay s I thought Shawna had a genuine voice, even if she did have a bit of an attitude Shawna s thoughts and behavior were completely understandable, though, considering how her life had been and how her mother treated her Her mother was a very selfish woman, putting her own needs ahead of her daughter s every time, and verbally sometimes even physically abusing Shawna I thought the relationship between Shawna and her mother was one of the most interesting aspects of the novel and I would have liked the author to explore Shawna s feelings about her mother than she did There was so much going on there, but it was barely touched on Instead, the novel focuses mainly on the new realtionship between Shawna and her grandmother Kay Kay was such an enigma to me I didn t really have her figured out until I had nearly finished the book, and even then she didn t quite grow on me Kay had a lot of problems herself and I believe she may have been even messed up than Shawna But even though I could understand Kay s reasons for her withdrawal and depression and could tell that she did truly care about Shawna when I was reading from her POV, I didn t like how Kay remained so cold and distant on the outside She didn t ever show any love or concern for Shawna for months after Shawna moved in, yet she was confused as to why Shawna never warmed up to her or the ranch I thought the novel ended too abruptly and I would have liked closure I still had a lot of questions about Shawna, and I was disappointed that the book ended right when Shawna and Kay started to actually get along and open up to one another Honestly, with how complicated both Shawna and Kay s lives were, this book could have been twice as long I thought it was a good read though Well written and thought provoking I won this book from Goodreads giveaways

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    Sliding on the Edge is an emotional and edgy story of one girl s journey to recovery Shawna is a tough girl, she has to be to survive some of America s roughest cities When her mom leaves her alone in Las Vegas with only a hundred bucks to buy a bus ticket and a phone number, Shawna soon finds herself on a Californian horse ranch living with a grandmother she never knew existed Besides her problematic anger issues and rough exterior, Shawna turns to cutting herself when a she can t handle the pressure any longer.With the help of a mistreated horse, the truth, and a some friends, Shawna learns that hurting herself will not make the anger and pain she feels go away.Sliding on the Edge s characters are very real and you get to read two different perspectives Shawna s and Kay s I believe teens can relate and learn from Shawna and her grandmother as they discover how to accept and face their problems.Overall, Sliding on the Edge is a touching and vivid message of pain, sadness, and hope by debut author C Lee McKenzie Wether you re looking for something edgy or experiencing problems like Shawna, this book is great for teens and would be a great addition to any YA library collection Hope to see from McKenzie C Lee McKenzie is a native of California and has been a university lecturer and administrator She has written and published various non fiction articles, edited university newspapers, and short stories Sliding on the Edge is her first novel for Young Adults Age Group YA, ages 14 Content Language, sensuality, and cutting Recommend Yes Courtesy of booksandliteratureforteens.blogspot.com

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Sliding on the Edge download Sliding on the Edge, read online Sliding on the Edge, kindle ebook Sliding on the Edge, Sliding on the Edge 976ba1058d61 Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BDNJXCC Shawna Stone Can Handle Anything From A Las Vegas Hustle To Skipping Out On The Rent Scarred Inside And Out, She S Survived With A Tough, Hardened Attitude Yet She S Thrown When Her Mother Abandons Her In Vegas With Only A Bus Ticket And The Name And Number Of A Stranger To Call Now This Troubled, Desperate Teen Finds Herself On A Northern California Horse Ranch With Kay Stone, Her Steely, Youngish, Disillusioned Grandmother, Who Overwhelms Shawna With Rules And Daily Barn Chores Shawna Will Baffle Kay With Her Foul Mouthed Anger And Shrugging Indifference To Everything Except The Maltreated Horse On The Ranch Next Door But It S Worse Than Even Kay Suspects Shawna S Driven To Cut Herself By That Strange Voice Inside Her Head, Which At Times Has Been Her Only Steady Companion As This Unlikely Pair Struggle To Co Exist, Will They Overcome Their Inner Suffering To Build A Bridge To Each Other, And Together Find The Strength To Transcend The Past