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    I was raised a Catholic I went to a Catholic middle school, and currently attend a Jesuit college In high school, I went to religion class on Sundays and made my Confirmation.But try as I might prepare for some blasphemy here , I could not bring myself to care about Jesus.Okay Not care may not be the right way to describe it I couldn t relate, is what I m trying to say I knew teachers who got teary eyed during the Stations of the Cross every year, but to me that particular Mass was just another obligation And reading the Bible just made Jesus seem even less approachable He always seemed divine than human to me and, let s face it, his Father s rules always seemed a little sexist.The Passion of Mary Magdalen changed all that for me Cunningham creates a brilliant, imperfect Jesus who makes honest mistakes, who can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but who seems human than he does in any official Gospel I genuinely cried in scenes that, otherwise, made me say big deal when we reenacted them at Mass in middle school.But this book and its predecessor, Magdalen Rising The Beginning also did one thing for me, one thing for which I will be forever grateful It made me love my body It helped me discover divinity in women, in myself.We Catholic girls are taught to bear Eve s shame We re taught that our bodies are unclean and that our sexual agency is a sin We re an other Maeve, Mary Magdalen, Priestess of Isis, whatever you choose to call her she teaches us not to feel ashamed or dirty when we have our periods, she teaches us to embrace every biological fact that comes with being a woman, she teaches us that men should be held accountable for their own mistakes and stop using women as scapegoats, she teaches us that there is a bit of the God dess in all of us And most importantly, she teaches us sovereignty She teaches us to make decisions about our own lives and our own bodies, not to let men dictate our lives for us.I remember first reading Magdalen Rising, and reaching the scene in which Maeve uses her own menstrual blood to fingerpaint some rocks My reaction was much like the reaction of Viviane, later in the book Disgust I almost put the book down, thinking it was a little too absurd and savage for my tastes But something in me the Goddess, perhaps said, No, keep reading This is great stuff And soon I felt myself lightening up, and even loving that scene I ve reread Magdalen Rising three times already Now, a few months later, when I got to the scene in The Passion of Mary Magdalen where Jesus finally breaks his geis and touches Maeve when she s bleeding, and then asks her to anoint him with her blood, I found myself crying and laughing and cheering for good ol Jesus I feel as though I ve come full circle and really embraced my femininity.I would 100% recommend this book to everyone, but especially to women who always felt a little estranged by the Catholic Church I know not everyone will love it as much as I do, indeed many will bristle at the challenges Maeve Mary Magdalen poses but it s certainly worth the read It has earned a place beside my other favorites on my special bookshelf I cannot wait to accompany Maeve on the next phase of her journey in Bright Dark Madonna, and I m sure that book will be just as great as Cunningham s others Update, 2018 Just finished the audiobook edition on Audible, and I absolutely loved it It s perhaps even emotional listening to it acted out by the fantastic narrator, Heather O Neill 5 5 stars is not enough

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    The title of this book doesn t do justice to just how astonishing it is At turns reverent and irreverent, bawdy, earthy, spiritual, funny, moving, human and divine, it s an incredible journey with wonderfully dimensional characters A massive book, and so involving, I had to put it down periodically and take a breather, but each time I picked it up again I fell right into the narrative, drawn away and drawn in so completely.The narrator, Maeve, aka Mary Magdalen, is a voluptuous Celtic girl who goes from priestess, to Roman slave and common prostitute, to pagan priestess, to beloved wife of Jesus Told in the first person, Maeve s voice is an instant and enduring hook the prose as earthy real and voluptuous as Maeve herself And very modern, which bothered me on the first page, but by the second page I realized that Maeve is telling this two thousand year old story from the present though the mechanism of how that is occurring is never revealed There is a sequel I should add here that there is also a prequel and if you wish to read Magdalen Rising and remain unspoiled as to the major plot points, you should probably read that one first I didn t, so I can t speak as to whether it s the tour de force the second book is, but even though I know the high points of what happened in that story, since finishing Passion, I want to read the first story Which must be some kind of testament as to how much this book affected me Ms Cunningham manages to honor both the pagan and Judeo Christian traditions, to meld them so artfully that it seemed incredible that they d ever been parted If you are a biblical literalist, perhaps this won t work for you But it moved me very deeply, left me thinking about it for days after, marveling in the passion play I had just taken part in.

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    I don t give a lot of five s but this is a book of truly extraordinary delight It is the story of the Jesus mythos last days told through the eyes of his saucy, celtic druid reared, Goddess Isis worshipping sacred whore lover wife Maeve also known as Mary of Magdala The book is at times raucous laugh out loud funny and at other times it will break your heart I loved the humanness as well as the divinity and the rendering of the disciples from thick as a block to plotters, schemers and all the other petty intrigue that goes along with the human conidition The depiction of the women was truly divine I read late and I read early and I was truly sorry to see this book end Enjoy.

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    I have always hated the fact that Mary Magdalene has been called a prostitute throughout history when she in fact was not one That being said, if you completely disconnect this book from the bible, Christianity and Judaism, its a great historical novel about women in ancient times It is full of sex, passion, sorrow and drama The relationship between Jesus and Mary is beautiful Elizabeth Cunningham manages to describe an infinite love that is grander than just two people You will love this book if you liked the Red Tent and the Mists of Avalon If you like irreverent tales of Jesus, check out Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal

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    Elizabeth Cunningham s long awaited sequel to _Daughter of the Shining Isles_ now sold under a different name , this book follows Maeve in her days as a slave in the Holy Land Although it s a thick book, I read this in no time at all since I could never put it down Maeve goes through so much in this story.from slavery to harlotry to sacred spiritual harlotryfrom the depths of despair to being the lover of the Christ but never quite his unquestioning follower Being of a Christian background, I don t find much fascination in the recent DaVinci Code biblical questioning If Cunningham s book series had started with Maeve as the Magdalen in the Holy Lands, I likely would have just passed it by But this series is absolutely outstanding, and it s fascinating to follow Maeve and her spiritual beliefs, which never waver from a belief and love of the goddess, even as she acknowledges the truth of her lover s words as well.

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    Against my better judgement 4 stars, because a she did her homework and b was wildly imaginative The tone is romance novel with tongue in cheek or not and her sentences are often clich s I just finished Mary Karr s Lit, which is so beautifully written that I kept reading sentences aloud to anyone who would listen In the first 200 pages of The Passion of Mary Magdalen, I read aloud sentences because they were so bad And yet Her imagined Mary Magdalene is at her best taking on well known Biblical episodes from a different perspective Not one rang false, except perhaps the very last one I had hoped for , of what this means to say that Jesus is Risen and alive in our lives.

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    Earlier this year I read the prequel to this novel and absolutely loved it Something I can t say all together about this part of the series Don t get me wrong, I still like the story and Maeve is still het witty, feisty, funny and dramatic The writing is still amazing and the authors family background with 9 generations of Episcopal priests shows all through the writing So with didn t I like about this book Well the first 60% of the book It took forever before Jesus showed up and we really got going on the whole passion story And that was actually what I was looking for Not that I did not care about Maeves adventures in Rome But it could have been shorter Now you have the main part of the book handling about her whoring days in Rome and then the last part about her being Jesus companion The last part feels like it is rushed We sweep through their time together at a dazzling rate.I actually love some of the ideas that are worked out in this novel The similarities about Mary of Magdala and Jesus and the story of Isis and Osiris It is something a read about in the past and it is worth a further investigation I also like some of the explanations given about certain biblical events And also the relationship development between Maeve and Peter, the rock of the church.There were also few things I had trouble with comprehending I just can t imagine a smart girl like Maeve who was brought op as a free woman, who follows her heart than anything, would put up with so much crape as Jesus puts her thought I just can t see Mary the mother of Jesus as a lack witted woman Basically I loved that she stepped away from the classic tale, cause the biblical version just doesn t bring any justice to Mary Magdalene But sometimes she for me went a step to far.

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    I started this book with mixed feelings, and I m very glad I finished it Considering I loved Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore, which many find blasphemous I was surprised that I found the book jolting, but in the end moving.Maeve Rhuad, who becomes Mary Magdalen, is a Celt warrior goddess I didn t read the first volume of the Chronicles, where she meets Jesus, and then is cast away, where she is captured, becomes a Roman slave In this volume, she is sold to a woman who runs a whore house, becomes a prostitute, then a slave to a spoiled Roman woman, a holy Priestess prostitute of Isis, and finally the wife of Jesus Maeve tells her story to us meaning current audiences in our language, holding nothing back, and with wit I felt unnerved by the raw sexuality and paganism at times, but at others especially as it came to the story leading to Christ s crucifixion incredibly moved in a way that surprised me The author is descended from 9 generations of Episcopilian priests, and is an ordained interfaith minister She has a wicked and I mean that in many different contexts imagination The big thing that made me give this a higher rating at the end of the book, she moved me, and made me curious to learn about Mary of Magdala, and perhaps gave me another way to view what will eventually become of my spiritual journey Nice book to end the year with.

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    The whole Maeve Chronicles series is superlative, highly recommended, one of my favorites I would recommend it for fans of strong women, Celtic fantasy, Biblical reinterpretation, myth and magic, Goddess fiction, the Mists of Avalon In a nutshell, Mary Magdalen is re visioned as a Celtic ex pat and Jesus wife, a magical and strong and sometimes foolish woman, and her tale spans the course of four well researched and well written books Written with cheek and humor and glory and beauty, all at once.In Book Two, The Passion of Mary Magdalen, Maeve journeys to Rome as a slave and whore, makes friends, searches for Jesus, is claimed as a priestess of Isis, winds up in myth and legend, founds a temple of sacred prostitution, and is reunited with her love This book intersects with the stories of the Bible most closely Jesus as he spreads his message and develops followers, his companions, his mother Miriam and the angels that speak to her, breaking bread with all kinds, the last supper, the cross, the morning after but all from Maeve s perspective, how she sees it, where her version contradicts the version that was written down Jesus is a man, a good one, but not perfect, which I think is a great way to think of him.There is some sexual violence in this book, in part memory, in part not.

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    I really liked this book It s one of my favorite readings of the character of Mary Magdalen, aka Maeve, the goddess worshipping Celt She s feisty, tough, omnisexual, and just as magical as Jesus She has serious reservations about Yahweh, but she s crazy about Jesus, so she manages to mostly go along with his agenda I m not a huge fan of retellings of the Jesus story, but this is definitely one of the best of the genre It s well written, with every character distinct and interesting It s a ripping good story, a great beach read but with some serious undertones It s well researched, has a good grip on ancient history It s pro woman, pro earth pro pleasure I do recommend it.

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